Digital Donations

3 Tips for Improving Donations Digitally

Digital Donations is a hot-topic at the moment across the arts and heritage sector. The need to drive new fundraising avenues and the need to make giving more accessible to millennials, while retaining the tried and tested methods, has proven to be problematic for many organisations.

Having worked on Digital Donation solutions with museums, galleries and fundraisers, I thought it would be a good idea to share some advice and insider knowledge. Knowing whether implementing a Digital Donation solution is feasible for your organisation could lead to a new avenue of fundraising.

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Innovate with People Power

I live and work in the North East of England, an area gaining attention for its innovative thinking and technical product development. But I’m noticing more and more that the word “innovation” is soon followed by “funding”, “investment” or “venture”. So, is it only large enterprises or those harnessing funding and costly expert advice that are truly able to innovate?

Once the industrial innovation capital of Britain, the North East has somewhat slipped into the false ideology that innovation is only achieved through costly investments and development of new operating techniques.

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Why that bit of tech you’re looking at is already out-dated

So you’re looking at investing in hardware, software or a bit of both for your business – and you’re probably wondering how long it’ll be before something new and improved replaces it?

Well, chances are, it’s already past its sell-by date. And here’s why…

We all know that the rate of new technologies to market is almost hitting critical mass, and that ‘future-proofing’ your business with the latest, multi-functional, intelligent technology investment is the only way forward.

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interactive information kiosk

5 types of kiosk that you should know about

Businesses are moving towards kiosks to provide an improved service

Self Service Kiosks have been out for a while.  However, only recently they started to gain momentum and solve various problems in day to day business activities. Recently there has been many successful deployments in self-service kiosks in various sectors. A successful kiosk deployment needs to replace a current service that is currently being carried out manually, or meets the demand for a service that is not currently happening.

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3 Top Tips for creating a Successful App

Mobile and tablet Apps still remain one of the hottest trends in technology, with over one million available on each major platform.  App downloads have topped the 50 billion mark on both the App Store and Google Play.  The competition is extremely fierce, but if you can create an app that enriches people lives and compels consumers to download it, use it, and tell their friends and family about it, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Do you have an idea for an amazing mobile app?  Are you wondering how you should begin developing it?  These 3 basic top tips can help you lead a successful app development process:

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The Rise of the Beacons

This post has been written to provide general guidance, a better understanding of what’s required and the real costs involved when implementing Bluetooth Beacons for your business.

In the US, Beacon technology – small Bluetooth enabled sensors that connect with nearby mobile devices  – is booming. By the end of 2016, 85% of the top 100 retailers will have deployed beacons in-store. The uses of Beacons span almost every sector, including: hospitality, leisure, education, travel, logistics, healthcare and events/exhibitions, to name just a few.

If you aren’t aware of the power of Beacons (or iBeacons, as Apple call the technology for their own platform), then let me give you a brief overview of this simple, yet fantastically powerful, digital medium.

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Ready, Steady, Blog!

Well, it’s our first blog so I thought I’d tell you a little about me, the company, our other blog writers and what we intend to blog about.  How’s that for starters?

I’m Alison, Business Manager at LamasaTech.  Well, that’s enough about work don’t you think?

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