Seamless Video Walls

Best-in-class seamless 1.26 pp video walls

Our beautifully crafted LED video walls create an eye-catching content display in indoor environments, with no black frame between the displays.

  • Seamless imagery when multiple LED panels are tiled together
  • Outstanding image quality at a close viewing distance with super-fine 1.26 pixel pitch
  • Content is easily readable in bright environments with an adjustable brightness of 600-900 nits
  • True-to-life colour accuracy thanks to the high 8000:1 contrast ratio
  • Simple to install 55" LED cabinets, larger than traditional LED cabinets so there's less to configure
  • Easy to maintain and service with access from the front
  • Compatible with VESA mounts, making it easy for you to replace existing LCD video walls without changing your structure
  • 3-year warranty included for your peace of mind
Zero bezel LED video wall with headphone advert in subway station

Seamless LED video wall with zero bezels

Narrow bezel LCD video wall with headphone advert in subway station

LCD video wall with bezels between screens

Bezel-less viewing experience

Zero bezel LED video wall showing bright butterfly imagery

Direct-view LEDs deliver a seamless display in indoor environments including command control rooms, colleges and universities, retail stores and malls, hotels and hospitality venues. These fine-pitch, high-resolution LEDs provide crisp and sharp imagery near to the resolution of an LCD video wall for spaces where the audience will be viewing at a close distance.

Seamless video wall specifications

Our zero-bezel video walls deliver outstanding image quality in indoor environments including control rooms, network operation centres, simulation rooms and training centres, corporate offices, and retail stores and showrooms.

With a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours, these displays are designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with minimal maintenance. 

LamasaTech deliver high-end technology solutions that are designed to work flawlessly. Our design & development team can help plan and visualise your perfect solution.

We supply and support video wall solutions globally. LamasaTech's video walls have a 3-year standard warranty for your peace of mind.

Seamless Video Wall Features


Standard Video Wall Configuration Sizes

Processor Options


High performance video wall processors

LamasaTech Video Wall Example of One Input Across Wall

LED video wall processor

Included with your seamless LED video wall is a standard processor. This allows you to present one input across the entire display. This is a simple solution for presenting one piece of content on the your video wall, such as an advertisement or video.

LamasaTech advaced video wall processor showing multiple dashboards

Advanced video wall processor

Upgrade to our advanced video wall processor to present multiple inputs across your wall. With the processor you can display different content on different sections of your video wall. You can drag, drop and resize your inputs onto sections of your seamless video wall. For example, you could have a different dashboards or performance tracker on each section You can preview the inputs on your control device and use our web version to control the processor, without downloading a software programme on your PC.

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