Modern Workplace Solutions for a Safe and Secure Work Environment

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Build a modern workplace experience to enhance safety and productivity in the physical and remote workspace

Return to the workplace with the right, modern workplace solutions for a Safe and Secure Environment to keep employees and visitors safe, from contactless temperature screening on arrival to communicating key updates with digital signage.

Improve employee communications in the workplace and for those working remotely by broadcasting key messages and metrics with desktop notifications.

  • Reduce risk and improve safety 
  • Keep employees informed and engaged
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity 
  • Enhance visitor experience
  • Minimise business disruption

Modern Workplace Solutions and Technologies: Reshaping your Work Environment 

Temperature Screening Kiosks

The Zentron kiosks provide contactless temperature reading in ~ 1 second with optional employee sign-in using RFID cards or facial recognition.

If you need to identify who has entered your facilities on a certain day, you can easily access and export logs from your device.

Health screening/CDC questionnaires can be integrated into the entry process, with individuals providing answers answer using non-touch gesture recognition. 

Modern Workplace Solutions, Modern Workplace Solutions for a Safe and Secure Environment
Modern Workplace Solutions, Modern Workplace Solutions for a Safe and Secure Environment

Digital Signage Platform

PeakSignage is a comprehensive cloud-based digital signage system for sharing key information and promoting internal communications.

It allows businesses to distribute important messages about safety protocols and helpful reminders to employees and visitors. Messages can be designed quickly and easily with the drag and drop builder. 

Desktop Notification System

Desktop Alerts empowers organisations to broadcast internal messages to onsite and remote users directly on their computer desktop. In this challenging time, organisations need to adapt quickly to keep up with the changing environment.

With this easy-to-use notification system, designed for Windows 10, organisations can keep employees updated with changes easily. 

Modern Workplace Solutions, Modern Workplace Solutions for a Safe and Secure Environment

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