Online employee vaccine tracking for the workplace

Track employee vaccination status and customise the
employee sign-in process

VisiPoint Cloud is a remote management system which connects to the Zentron sign-in kiosks, to manage the visitor and employee entry process. Keep track of your employee's COVID-19 vaccination status by sorting employees into user groups for vaccinated and unvaccinated users. Customise the sign-in process for each user group, selecting the relevant steps such as a health screening questionnaire or temperature check. 

  • Track employee vaccination status easily by filtering your employees into different user types e.g. vaccinated and unvaccinated employees
  • Update your employee database in one place - add user profiles, import user lists in bulk and change user types
  • Customise the sign-in process for each user type, adding the relevant steps including questionnaires and mask detection
  • Access the reports you need in seconds with quick filtration by user type
User Import Cloud Management System

Manage employee sign-in and vaccine tracking with VisiPoint Cloud

VisiPoint Cloud is a web application and is available on any device with a browser that’s connected to the internet - including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The cloud platform connects to our Zentron kiosks, where users will sign in at your entry or reception. 

Check your live entry logs from the dashboard

The dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your entry logs for the current day, with key statistics including the number of users currently signed in and total sign-ins for the day.

Review the access logs for the current day with key details for each individual including name and user type. 

Cloud Remote Management for Temperature Kiosks
User Import Cloud Management System

Import users in bulk and assign to user groups

Import a list of users, add users individually, edit user details and change user types. Users are grouped into lists via user type so you can access an easy breakdown of your database. 

Create custom user types to make the sign-in process specific to each user group. For example, you could group your employees into vaccinated employees and unvaccinated employees.  

For example, you may want unvaccinated users to answer a health questionnaire on entry, but you may decide it's not necessary for vaccinated users to answer the questionnaire.

Monitor your devices and edit settings remotely

Control and monitor all your kiosks remotely in the cloud management system. Customise your device settings, check the status of all your devices and even reboot or shutdown a device remotely.

Group your devices by sites, and areas within those sites, so you can easily pinpoint the specific location of each device and apply settings in bulk devices in an area.
VisiPoint Cloud Platform for Temperature Kiosk Remote Device Management
Live Reports in Cloud Management Platform on Tablet

Access reports in real-time and export to excel

Access reports and analyse your data real-time with full history of your entry logs. You can export the reports quickly in excel or pdf format.

Reports include key details for each sign-in record including name, photo, temperature reading, entry time and area. You can filter the reports easily to access exact information you require, such as a date range or area.

Contact tracing is fast and simple. Track and trace reports pull a report of the individuals who have been in your facilities on a particular day, and identify who may have been in contact with a particular person.

kiosks with temperature screening

Carry out contactless temperature checks for visitors and employees with the Zentron kiosks, which automatically read an individual's temperature in ~ 1 second. The kiosks are powered by VisiPoint software, designed to manage the sign-in process for visitors and staff.

  • Non-touch sign-in process for visitors and employees
  • Optional facial recognition for registered individuals
  • Automatic ID badge printing with compatible Brother printer
  • Built-in RFID reader for sign in using access control cards/fobs
  • Customisable journey builder to design the sign-in journey for your different user types such as visitors and staff
  • Contactless health screening/ CDC questionnaires using gesture recognition
LamasaTech Zentron Sign-In Kiosk With Temperature Screening at Reception


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