Visitor and employee
vaccine status tracking system 

Automate the process of validating and recording vaccination status with a vaccine tracking system

With our visitor sign-in kiosks, you can easily validate and record the vaccination status of your employees and visitors. Comply with changing regulations in your local area by requiring proof of vaccination or negative test results on entry for workers, visitors and customers. 

Self-service vaccination certificate scanning on entry to premises

Email alerts sent to admins when users fail to provide valid certification

View and export your entry logs with the vaccination status for every user

Integration with international certification to verify validity of certifications

Check the COVID-19 vaccination status of your employees and visitors easily with automated sign-in kiosks

vaccine tracking, VisiPoint Cloud Feature – Vaccine Tracking

Easily track the COVID-19 vaccination status of workers and visitors on entry

Ask individuals to scan their proof of vaccination or negative test result on entry, as they sign in on your self-service kiosks.

Refuse entry to users who do not scan a document when prompted and send an email notification to admins when a user fails the check.

You can require users to scan their pass daily or every time they sign in, and you can make this optional so individuals are permitted to enter whether they scan a document or not.

Read, verify and store vaccination certificate details automatically on touchless kiosks

Key information including name and vaccination date is pulled from the COVID-19 certificate when scanned using the QR code reader on the kiosk.

The vaccination pass data is verified (where compatible) and the result is displayed on screen to the user.

Status of the document for each user is available for in the entry logs. Export your logs quickly and easily from the kiosks to a USB drive.
vaccine tracking, VisiPoint Cloud Feature – Vaccine Tracking

Compatible with international digital COVID-19 certificates

Our sign-in kiosks and vaccine tracking system is compatible with a range of international digital COVID-19 certificates covering a number of US states, the UK and Europe. 

  • EU Digital COVID Certificate - Validate, verify and store data functionality
  • NHS (Domestic/International) - Validate, verify and store data functionality
  • NYS Excelsior Pass & NYS Excelsior Pass Plus - Validate and store data functionality
  • Smart Health Card (SHC) - Validate and store data functionality

Vaccination certificate scanning is available on the Zentron 8 and Zentron 15 kiosks only as the built-in QR code reader is required. With the LD-AITemp model, you can record vaccination/PCR documents on the dashboard with a VIsiPoint Cloud subscription.

Record and monitor employee vaccination status easily from the online dashboard

By connecting your sign-in kiosks to a VisiPoint Cloud dashboard you can record vaccine certificates and PCR test results manually, sync the vaccination status of users across all your kiosks and store their COVID-19 pass information on their profile until it expires. 

Add vaccination records manually to user profiles

Manually add vaccination details to a user's profile from the cloud dashboard for users who do not have their digital COVID-19 certificate.

Admins can enter the details from a user's vaccination card, manage expiry date and delete a certificate from a user profile.

If VisiPoint cannot scan your local region's certificate at this time, you can use this feature to manually add and monitor vaccination records.
vaccine tracking, VisiPoint Cloud Feature – Vaccine Tracking
vaccine tracking, VisiPoint Cloud Feature – Vaccine Tracking

Manage user profiles and documents in one place

Connecting your kiosks to VisiPoint Cloud gives you the ability to store a user's vaccination pass details until the expiry date.

Users will scan their pass once and then they will be recognised as having a valid document when they sign in at any kiosk. Once their pass expires, the kiosk will prompt them to scan their pass once again.

On the cloud dashboard you can view a user's documentation in their profile, manually add a certificate or delete a certificate.

Adapt the sign-in flow for different user groups

Segment your users into different user groups such as vaccinated and unvaccinated staff, in order to adapt the steps they follow when signing in on your kiosks.

Create custom user types, filter users  and control the sign-in journey from the cloud dashboard. Edit the flow for each user type to add or remove steps, such as mask detection, temperature check and health screening questionnaires.
vaccine tracking, VisiPoint Cloud Feature – Vaccine Tracking
vaccine tracking, VisiPoint Cloud Feature – Vaccine Tracking

Access live reports with vaccination status for each user

Access live reports for all your devices in once place with full history of your entry logs. You can export the reports quickly in excel or pdf format. Vaccination status is included with each user record alongside key details such as name and photo.

Track and trace reports pull a report of who may have been in contact with a particular person for contact tracing purposes.

Visitor management kiosks with temperature screening

Carry out contactless temperature checks for visitors and employees with the Zentron kiosks, which automatically read an individual's temperature in ~ 1 second. The kiosks are powered by VisiPoint software, designed to manage the sign-in process for visitors and staff.

  • Non-touch sign-in process for visitors and employees
  • Optional facial recognition for registered individuals
  • Automatic ID badge printing with compatible Brother printer
  • Built-in RFID reader for sign in using access control cards/fobs
  • Customisable journey builder to design the sign-in journey for your different user types such as visitors and staff
  • Contactless health screening/ CDC questionnaires using gesture recognition
vaccine tracking, VisiPoint Cloud Feature – Vaccine Tracking