Future Museum

Future Museum: What do the Museums and Culture Venues of Tomorrow Look Like?

What does the ideal future museum look like? Let’s look at some of the possibilities!

When we look at the changes that have happened to the museums and heritage sector since the turn of the Millenium, it becomes clear that attitudes and the way they approach so many of the fundamentals of running a museum or cultural space have undergone huge shifts. Well, in some ways.  As Laura Wilkinson, Programme Director of the Museum of London’s New Museum argues, some museums have been resistant to changing with the times:

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4 steps to designing awesome digital signage content

4 Steps to Designing Awesome Digital Signage Content

From conceptualising to launch, let us take you through the process of creating jaw-dropping digital signage content!

Creating digital signage content that achieves exactly what you want can be a tricky, frustrating process. There are so many things to consider from design to accessibility to whether or not you want to make it interactive that it can be hard to know where to start, much less know the entire process of getting your digital signage content off the ground.

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Accessible Self-Service Kiosks

How Accessible Self-Service Kiosks Improve Customer Experience

Discover how accessible self-service kiosks can improve customer service, brand perception, customer retention and more!

It has become an absolute necessity to make your retail and restaurant space as accessible as possible. Across all aspects of your business, from the moment a customer comes through the door they should feel like they’re being catered to, not inconvenienced – and most importantly – not alienated.

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Museum Visitor Experience Survey

Why Museum Visitor Experience Surveys Are Key to Growth

Gain new visitors and keep your existing ones happy with a museum visitor experience survey!

It can be difficult to know exactly what your patrons think of your museum. Without getting feedback, it’s almost impossible to know how your exhibits are being received, whether your visitors are having a good time and – perhaps most importantly – if they are planning on returning.

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Creating Digital Exhibitions

How to Create Compelling Digital Exhibits and Collections

How do you go about creating digital exhibitions that keep visitors engaged and compelled to explore more of your museum? Let’s find out!

As we continue into the digital age, it’s no surprise here that art museums, history museums, and nature museums alike want to capture the attention of their younger patrons. It’s not easy identifying with the new generations, who are growing with a tablet or smartphone in their hands at all times.

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How Self-Service Fundraising Can Skyrocket Your Revenue

How Self-Service Fundraising Can Skyrocket Museum Revenue [Infographic]

You can empower your visitors to support your museum or culture venue in entirely new ways with the help of self-service fundraising!

We recently attended the North East RAISE event at the Discovery Museum which focused on innovative methods of raising funds for your museum. Throughout the whole event, the necessity of self-service fundraising was a prominent talking point.

So, we thought we would take you through some of the best ways in which your museum can embrace self-service methods of raising funds and boosting revenue, and some of the other ways self-service fundraising can positively impact your museum.

Your museum may focus on celebrating history and heritage, but that doesn’t mean your fundraising methods have to be stuck in past. With so many options to encourage visitors to donate to your museum now available, there really are incredibly few limits on the ways to encourage digital donations.

Let’s explore some of the most engaging, versatile – and perhaps most importantly – convenient methods for self-service fundraising in this infographic!

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