4 Innovative Smart City Solutions

4 Innovative Smart City Solutions That are Leading the Way

Discover the most exciting and innovative smart city solutions that are on the cutting edge.

Humans are, worldwide, becoming more city-based. According to the UN, 54% of the world’s population live in cities as of 2014. That’s expected to rise to 66% by 2050. Cities are going to have to undergo huge changes in order keep up. They’re going to have to get smarter.

Thankfully there some incredibly innovative smart city solutions to help us with that, and this blog will take you through some that we think are particularly remarkable.

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self-service kiosk

How to Plan a Self-Service Kiosk Deployment

How to get your self-service kiosk deployment right.

Self-service kiosks are the future of customer service, ticketing, ordering and so much more. They introduce numerous efficiency benefits and encourage stronger, more memorable customer experiences. However, they are heavily technical and require robust planning up-front in order to deploy successfully. At LamasaTech, we want the deployment of your self-service solution to go as smoothly as possible, so we’ve come up with a handy guide on how to plan your self-service kiosk deployment.

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digital signage software

The 5 Best Free Digital Signage Software Tools

Find the digital signage software solution that perfectly meets your requirements.

The marketing world concurs; paper is in the past, all is now digital, and digital signage is everywhere – from the recent World Cup which used digital signage technology at the Luzhnikik Stadium to the iconic Piccadilly Lights, revamped last year with a state-of-the-art 4K LED screen and a live technology hub running cutting-edge digital signage software.

If you own a business or a marketing manager, finding out about digital signage is a must. You will find a multitude of different companies, many of which claim to be free. The offers may sound tempting – “Sign up for your free trial”, “Get the first three months absolutely free!” However, if the service claims to be free, there is usually a catch somewhere along the line. Nevertheless, there are good deals to be found and here are five of the best free digital signage tools that are actually well worth investigating.

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queue management systems

3 Reasons Queue Management Systems are Essential

Discover why queue management systems are vital to improving productivity, turnover and more.

Queues can be frustrating for your customers, but if managed well they can be an opportunity to engage people and reflect a positive business image. Rather than simply letting people stand in line, why not be proactive and look at the ways in which you can improve the experience? Let’s take a look at just what queue management is and the types of queue management systems available.

Discover LamasaTech‘s ultimate guide to queue management systems for retail shops, restaurants and more.

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Interactive data visualisation

Interactive Data Visualisation: How to Get it Right

How to make interactive data visualisation truly compelling and engaging.

Data visualisation is everywhere on the internet. It’s used to sell products, tell stories and engage viewers and it’s popularity seems to be growing every single year. In recent years, though, simply visualising data has arguably become outdated. Data scientists and journalists are now feeling the need to create visual representations of data that audiences can interact and engage with.

The issue with this? It’s difficult to get right. Not only can it be tough knowing exactly how to present your data in a way that’s truly compelling, making it interactive in a way that engages the viewer can be particularly difficult.

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Digital museum exhibit strategies

Digital Museum Exhibit Strategies for Increasing Footfall

What are digital museum exhibit strategies, and how can they increase footfall and repeat attendance?

Museums today are quite different to the passive collections of exhibits in existence years ago. Today visitors expect an interactive journey that encourages and rewards participation and engagement. With digital museum exhibit strategies in place that take into account factors such as experiential technology, social media and collection digitisation, your museum has the opportunity to increase footfall and repeat attendance.

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Finlay's week at LamasaTech

Finlay’s Work Experience Week at LamasaTech

Hi, my name is Finlay. I am a year 10 student who spent my week of work experience here at LamasaTech and I have really enjoyed it.

I chose LamasaTech as the place where I would work because they’re an interesting and unique company that caught my eye and immediately intrigued me. Another reason I have chosen to do my work experience here was because of my interest in tech. I am constantly using technology and I feel as though the future will heavily depend on new and beneficial products like what is currently being sold here today.

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wayfinding signage design firms

Wayfinding Signage Design Firms: What You Need to Look for

Take the hassle out of navigating through wayfinding signage design firms with our handy guide.

With so many competing options vying to take on your project, finding the ideal wayfinding signage designers can be a tough task.

So, what do you need to look for in a wayfinding signage design firm? Here are some of some key criteria to keep in mind to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

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designing interactive experiences

5 Top Tips for Designing Interactive Experiences

Discover LamasaTech’s top 5 tips for designing interactive experiences that are truly compelling.

Interactive experiences are physical experiences connecting people in a space to ideas and brands. Many businesses are discovering the power of the interactive experience to improve brand awareness and loyalty, while public institutions such as museums and galleries use interactive exhibits and experiential technology to increasing effect. Let’s take a look at five top tips for designing interactive experiences for your organisation.

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innovative trends in educational technology

The Top 6 Innovative Trends in Educational Technology

The top 6 education tech trends that are shaking things up in 2018.

Teachers, pupils and parents are starting to realise the benefits of technology seamlessly incorporated into the classroom. Discover six of the most innovative trends in educational technology that are helping to shape the classrooms of the future.

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