Choosing a Digital Signage Display

Choosing a Digital Signage Display: The Ultimate Guide

How do you go about choosing a digital signage display when there are so many options available on the market? We’re here to help!

If your organisation is looking for a creative and eye-catching way of attracting customers, it’s likely that you’ve thought about investing in digital signage technology. With its variety of form factors, price points and features, digital signage displays offer a way to market your products that is unique. If you’ve ever browsed the internet for a digital signage display, however, you’ve probably also noticed that it’s a crowded marketplace and choosing a digital signage display can be a daunting task.

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The Transformative Effect of Video Wall Technology in Museums

The Transformative Effect of Video Wall Technology in Museums

Video wall technology in museums has become ubiquitous. Discover why this has happened and how it has profoundly affected the museum sector.

Video wall technology is easy to use and install in a wide array of locations and can be used to display a huge array of content, from interactive games, videos, applications, advertising and so much more. Video wall technology in museums add whole new layers of interactivity and engagement to your exhibitions and create a memorable experience for your visitors.

Read on to discover the profound effects of video wall technology in museums!

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Six Self-Service Myths and Misconceptions, Busted

The Rise of Self-Service Applications and Six Self-Service Myths Debunked

Don’t let these self-service myths and misconceptions hold you back from improving efficiency, customer satisfaction and improving profits for your business!

Self-service can be a fantastic addition to the customer experience. Research suggests that integrating a self-service element into the purchasing process results in better customer retention and enhanced customer satisfaction. After a somewhat inauspicious start, carefully deconstructed in this Harvard Business Review article from 2000, self-service has truly grown into its own. It empowers customers to solve problems single-handedly and adds value and positivity to their everyday lives. These ‘good vibes’ automatically transfer from experiences to brands, and you stand to capitalise on that trend by integrating digital signage seamlessly into the customer journey.

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5 Great Digital Signage Campaigns and What They Teach Us

5 Great Digital Signage Campaigns and What They Can Teach Us

5 awesome examples of digital signage campaigns and what they can teach us!

As a business owner or marketing manager, you’re probably well acquainted with the benefits of digital signage. This is a cost-effective solution that can help deliver your brand message and grab the attention of your audience, ultimately helping boost your bottom line. If you’d like to know how to create effective and compelling digital signage campaigns, you’ll want to read through the examples below, which show how companies from different sectors have used digital signage campaigns to successfully engage their audience.

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Three Customer Engagement Strategies To Boost Growth

3 Best Customer Engagement Strategies To Boost Growth

Discover 3 customer engagement strategies that can take your business to the next level.

Customer satisfaction has always been paramount to the success of any business, but over the past few years, the concept of engagement seems to have superseded the idea of customer satisfaction. As we move further into the digital era, changing customer expectations keep transforming the business landscape and have made it essential for business owners to modify the way they connect with customers. Nowadays, customer engagement takes priority given its ability to achieve healthy relationships with customers, build loyalty, and generate trust in brands and companies. While this type of engagement is seen as a form of marketing, you don’t need to be a marketing manager to leverage modern customer engagement strategies. If you want to find out more about the basics of 21st-century customer engagement, you’ll find this post was written for you.

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Inside the World of Instagram Museums

Inside the World of ‘Instagram Museums’

Let’s a take a look at the phenomenon of  Instagram Museums, proof that making your arts and culture space Instagrammable is big business. 

They’re arts and culture installations like you’ve never seen before. “Instagram museums” set out their main objective in their name: be as Instagrammable as possible, often at the expense of expected museum norms such as… exhibitions. Where many museums in the past have discouraged or outright banned photography, these venues actively encourage taking as many photos as you like and – most importantly – posting them to social media, particularly Instagram.

Despite the moniker of “Instagram museum“, they’re often far more comparable to art installations. They tend to focus more on looking good – both in real life and on your phone screen – and relegate educational aspects to a secondary concern.

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How to Build Trust With Customers Using Technology

How to Build Trust With Customers Using Technology

Why technology is crucial in order to build trust with customers.

Trust is a valuable commodity and if you are not earning it with your clients, then in some sense you are losing it. All businesses compete to gain more trust from their clients and nearly all brands want to be associated with an identity that has trustworthiness at its core. Of course, you can build trust with customers in a myriad of ways. Some enterprises build trust with customers over a long period of time, carefully building on the interactions that have gone before to forge a reputation for dependability.

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future proof your business

Future-Proof Your Business With Self-Service Technology

Over the last decade, self-service technology has risen to prominence across most sectors and industries and has had a largely positive effect on business. When it is thoughtfully implemented, self-service technology brings a myriad of benefits to small and large businesses. From touch screen applications to self-service kiosks, this consumer-led technology will allow you to future proof your business for the twenty-first century and beyond. Let’s look at some of the ways self-service technology can benefit your business:

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