temperature kiosks for schools

Why Temperature Kiosks for Schools is Vital To Keep Students Safe

Temperature kiosks for schools have become incredibly important over the past year. It’s been over 6 months since many parts of the world found themselves in lockdown as a response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Our daily lives have changed inexplicably and some of the things we take for granted have been stripped from our lives altogether.

While lockdown has brought with it massive changes at home, some other areas of life have had to adapt and alter too. Just the act of going to school if you are a student or work in education has become fraught with difficulties and juggling the need to stay safe (and keep others safe) while ensuring learning takes place has become the new normal for many.

COVID-19 has become the biggest accelerator for educational transformations in our, or anybody else’s, lifetime. Simple things like how we move around schools or complete and submit work has changed possibly forever.

But there are solutions out there to help and provide protection against the pandemic. One such solution is to install temperature kiosks in educational establishments. We’ll look a little later in the article at some of the best types to install, but first, let’s discuss what a temperature kiosk actually is.

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contact tracing system

Why Your Workplace Needs a Temperature Kiosk and a good contact tracing system?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way in which we do things, and this includes workplace best practices. A contact tracing system is now the norm for most businesses.
Corporate professionals are now routinely wearing masks, sanitising surfaces and exercising social distancing measures as a new way of life and work.

Why Your Workplace Needs a Temperature Kiosk and a good contact tracing system?

One of these new, best practices is an effective track and trace system (or contact tracing system) that monitors who enters your building and helps to trace any individuals who have contracted the Coronavirus.  This can help to break the chains of transmission of the Covid-19 virus and helps to reduce the spread.

A temperature kiosk is a contactless device that measures an individual’s temperature in less than a second. Should their temperature be out of the normal range, the company can take immediate steps to prevent a possible outbreak in their building or facility.

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track and trace system covid 19

How Body Temperature Kiosks Can Be Used to Implement a Company Track and Trace System

As governments are urging companies to bring their employees back to the office, many businesses are assessing the options available to them concerning making the workplace both feel safe and getting on top of COVID-19 should an outbreak occur. The solution may come in the form of a company-wide track and trace system that can both ensure the safety of employees and help offices and workplaces remain open in the case of a positive test within the building. 

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Temperature Checks at Airports

COVID-19 Control Measures and Temperature Checks at Airports

As the world is suffering from the COVID-19 global pandemic, there has been a growing desire to implement temperature checks at airports to identify individuals who may be unwell. Besides automated temperature check kiosks, the use of self-service technology in airports has grown largely over the last decade. In most airports, you will find self-service kiosks for self-check-in, baggage drop and passport control. The main driver for self-service technology in airports is to reduce wait times. As aviation grows and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts that air passengers will double in the next twenty years, reducing wait times becomes vital to maintaining good customer experience in airports.

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Personnel Management Kiosks

5 Effective Ways to Use Personnel Management Kiosks

Workplaces across the world are attempting to return to some semblance of normality after the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected more than seven million individuals, and tragically taken the lives of 400,000 citizens. Social distancing measures, desk and counter shields, personnel management kiosks, and new PPE policies are just a few measures being taken by companies looking to protect both their employees and customers.

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temperature scans

Could Temperature Scans Be The Key To Returning To Work Safely?

It’s fair to say that 2020 has brought a lot of disruption to the workplace, as the coronavirus pandemic has left no industry untouched. We are seeing amazing innovations in a variety of sectors as organisations strive to survive the economic impact. Shipping containers have been transformed into vaccination centres by Waugh Thistleton and Presto have introduced contactless dining kits to help restaurants around the world open their doors to diners. Kiosk technology for temperature scans is amongst the significant innovations, allowing organisations to read temperatures of individuals entering their premises.

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