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Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials

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LamasaTech's digital signage system fit the bill perfectly

Alex Burrows, Colne Park High School ICT Network Manager

We trialled a few free tools but none provided the functionality we needed, as they were complicated to use and to create content. PeakSignage fit the bill perfectly. It's really simple to use and for the school office staff to update the screens daily - editing the pages and uploading new assets, without needing IT involvement. I would definitely recommend PeakSignage to others, especially other schools looking for a platform for student communications.

LamasaTech's kiosks are perfect

David Kengere, Fedway Associates Security Manager

At first, we used nurses to check temperatures but found that kiosks are faster and more cost-effective. Accurate temperature recordings have allowed our employees to work safely with very little wait times. Employees feel safer just knowing we are checking everyone coming into the building. If a business is looking for a solution to help safeguard their employees, LamasaTech's kiosks are perfect.

It was well worth the price

Karen Lorden, Private Company HR Director

The temperature screener has been extremely easy to use and our employees are thankful for the added layer of safety and protection. The kiosk is easy and works very quickly. We were referred to LamasaTech from someone in our HR network who really liked the product and had nothing but good things to say about it, so we decided that it was well worth the price.

Great product and support

Chris Stehman, Yamaha Motor Corp Vice President, Human Resources

Egress to our buildings is now unobtrusive, easy, and safe. We chose LamasaTech because of the responsiveness of the service team and principles. The service is excellent - we would recommend LamasaTech to others. Every question was answered timely, and if an answer was not able to be provided immediately, I was kept informed of the status. The product works and it works well. Great product and support.

I have recommended LamasaTech's kiosks to colleagues

Ryan Stewart SC Johnson Corporate E,H&S Manager

From using the LamasaTech temperature kiosks in our facilities it not only detects those potentially exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 before they enter, but it also provides employees and those coming to our facilities an enhanced level of comfort and security that these health and safety measures put in place are in place for the well being of everyone working at the company. I would recommend LamasaTech to a friend and have recommended LamasaTech's temperature monitoring kiosks to colleagues which have also acquired these products for their facilities.

LamasaTech is a great company to work with

Brett Brusda, Marine Travelift Business System Manager

We enjoy the temperature kiosk because it is able to quickly read an employees temperature from a safe distance. Product support is quick and easy. We would recommend it to others, it's a great product with great support. LamasaTech is a great company to work with.

LamasaTech's temperature kiosks ranked the highest

Chad Ergun, DGS Law CIO

We replaced several manual scanning stations, eliminated the need for full-time attendants, and reduced potential exposure and risk. With LamasaTech's kiosks, we can have not only our employees scanned with face recognition but also cover one-time visitors, clients, delivery personnel and others. We reviewed 3 other products - their technical capabilities, support structure, pricing and delivery times. LamasaTech came up with the highest score across all four categories.

Customer service is excellent, along with a competitive price

Austin Hurley, MDRT Director of Facilities

The use of an automated temperature scanning device is ideal with the new normal. As a facilities manager, you're always looking for ways to improve the occupant's experience. We selected LamasaTech over competitors because customer service is excellent, along with a competitive price. We would recommend LamasaTech to others. Customer service is top-notch.

LamasaTech's survey system is very easy-to-use

Paul Del-A-More, Hampshire County Council Senior Project Manager

The survey system is very easy-to-use and it's great to have the options of using a wide variety of question types - like smiley faces. We've been able to identify little issues as they arise and make quick fixes to improve customer satisfaction. We were never aware of these before we started using the survey system, as customers are much more likely to leave feedback now rather than having to report something to staff.

Easy hands-off usability

Mathieu Turpault, Bresslergroup Partner

I would recommend LamasaTech's kiosks for easy hands-off usability, set it up and forget it! Secondarily for the fast turnaround and clear communication about what to expect and when to expect it.

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