The Fully Comprehensive Digital Signage Platform

Manage your campaigns and devices from one place with a cloud-based digital signage platform

Launch your messaging and monitor your devices from your online dashboard, accessed securely from anywhere in the world and see your displays update in real-time. 

PeakSignage Digital Signage Online Dashboard

PeakSignage is an affordable and scalable digital signage system for sharing key information, advertising and driving sales, and promoting internal communications. 

  • Manage content and devices from any modern browser
  • Create sophisticated layouts with flexible drag and drop editor
  • Control your full device fleet by grouping displays by location, device type or campaign
  • Automate displays with daily, weekly or monthly scheduling
  • Integrate with RSS feeds, widgets, data sources and sensor or touch applications

Flexible drag and drop layout editor

Create content and ads easily using the flexible drag and drop builder without the constraints of set zones or layouts.

Build engaging passive content, or even interactive content without the need for HTML coding. Add animations and widgets quickly from 100+ element types.

Multiple playlists per layout allow you to have a variety of content types on each page. Preview your layout or change resolution with the click of a button. 

PeakSignage Drag and Drop Builder
Peak Signage Cloud Based Signage

Simple device fleet management

Group your displays by physical location or function using folders and tags to easily deploy your messages across locations. For example, you could group together your reception screens to keep your welcome messages aligned.

With our digital signage software you only need to develop your campaigns once and you can simply publish across multiple devices and platforms

You can preview content per each screen and create alerts such as displays that have lost internet connection.

Automated scheduling and express creator

Automate your content in advance using the scheduling tool. Oversee your campaigns easily in the calendar with daily, weekly or monthly calendar views.

Create and share templates with your team or simply create a loop of images and videos that can be published directly onto any display. 

PeakSignage Calendar Scheduling Tool
PeakSignage Sensor Integration

Advanced controls and integrations

Design dynamic internal message boards such as KPI dashboards and connect to your data sources like Google Sheets.

Integrate with touch applications or sensors to trigger content based on movement. With the API/webhook functionality you can pull real-time information from different applications. 

Increase revenue by selling advertising space.. Set credits per company and the amount to be deducted for each view. 

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Combine PeakSignage with your existing displays or choose from our hardware range

PeakSignage Platform Compatibility

Device and platform capability

Use PeakSignage to deploy messaging and content on your existing devices with these operating systems:

  • Android - 5.1 with webview 77 and above, Qbic
  • Windows - 10
  • PWA - IOS and Linux
Advertising Screen Digital Signage

Hardware and extras

Choose from our digital display hardware range or add one of our services to your package:

  • Digital display hardware
  • Device management, monitoring and support
  • Service level agreements
  • Installation and training
  • Content development
  • Wayfinding map development

A comprehensive digital signage platform
with sophisticated functionality

Data source input

Connect any data source such as Google Sheets and display this data on your screens as a value or as statement. 

Smart alerts

Create smart alerts for your team to take action quickly such as when a device loses internet connection. 

Advertising credit module

Sell advertising space and set credits per company advertising on your network. You can easily set the amount of credit to be deducted per view of their ad. 

User access and restrictions

Set access levels per group or function to control changes to your campaigns. Message board function gives reception team full control over the welcome messages at reception. 

Calendar integration

Create meeting room signs with the native calendar integration with ical which integrates with calendars such as Google or Outlook. 

Sensor event triggers

Integrate with sensors to trigger display of content based on a movement such as someone walking past.

API/Webhook functionality

Allows you to pull real-time information from different applications. 

Emergency override

Send a fire/emergency message to your displays upon fire drill activation or command from the dashboard. 

Choose an integrated hardware package

Our digital signage tool can be run on your existing displays or you can choose to package the tool with our display hardware. 

Digital Signage Kiosk

Kiosks and standing displays

  • Sleek design with robust, commercial-grade components
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • PCAP 10-point touch or passive non-touch
  • Indoor sizes - 50", 55", 55" dual screen
  • Outdoor sizes -49", 55" 
  • Built-in Windows or Android operating system
Advertising Screen Digital Signage Sale

Advertising and touch displays

  • Sleek design with vandal-proof tempered glass
  • Indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor models
  • PCAP 10-point touch or passive non-touch
  • Built-in Windows or Android operating system
  • Indoor sizes - 19", 22", 32", 43", 50", 55"
  • Outdoor sizes - 22", 32", 43", 49", 55" 
  • Semi-outdoor sizes - 10"
Video Wall Example

Video wall displays

  • Seamless 0mm, 1.7mm or 3.5mm bezels
  • Best in class LCD panels
  • 500 nits or 700 nits brightness for indoor environments
  • Scalable to unlimited sizes
  • 60,000 hours of operation 24/7
  • Uniform brightness and colour across video wall
  • Unrivaled image quality that provides sharp, eye-catching images

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