Versi Outdoor Freestanding Display

Increase customer engagement with 24/7 outdoor signage

The Versi Outdoor Freestanding Kiosk is a sleek digital display that will boost your advertising reach and engage your customers. It is ideal for a range of outdoor environments including drive-through restaurants, shopping malls, tourist information points, university campuses, and more.

  • 55" freestanding display
  • Passive non-touch or PCAP interactive touch screen
  • Single, dual or triple screen option
  • 3500 nits ultra-high brightness
  • Slim 23mm bezel, to ensure maximum impact
  • Integrated Android 11 SoC to run your content
  • Designed to run 24/7 with a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Anti-glare toughened glass designed to withstand damage in public environments
  • Tamper-proof design restricts access to the ports
  • Optional camera and microphone module
  •  3-year standard warranty included
Versi outdoor freestanding display displaying a travel advertisement

Versatile outdoor digital signage kiosk

Camera and microphone

Optional camera and microphone for integration with application including audience measurement.


Designed to run 24/7 with commercial-grade components, the displays have a 50,000 hour lifespan.

3-Year Warranty

The Versi outdoor freestanding kiosk is provided with a 3-year standard warranty included for your peace of mind.

Ultra-high Brightness

With a rating of 3500 nits brightness, your signage will be crystal clear even in bright locations.

Plug & Play

Connect power and run your content or application in minutes from the embedded Android SoC.

Add a PC

If you need a Windows/Linux PC you can easily connect your own PC so it is neatly contained within the kiosk.

Pair your outdoor kiosk with our cloud-based digital signage system to update and manage your signage remotely.

Weatherproof Ports

Fitted with secure outdoor ports which will withstand environmental conditions.

Download the specification sheet for more information on our Versi outdoor freestanding kiosk.

Choose from single, dual or triple screens

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a single, dual or triple screens suiting all outdoor settings. 

Elevate your outdoor messaging with ultra-high brightness digital signage

Versi Outdoor Freestanding kiosk in a restaurant drive-thru

The Versi outdoor digital screen is a sleek digital display designed for advertising and signage. The Versi will help you to:

  • Increase footfall and traffic
  • Inform and engage your customers
  • Boost your advertising reach
  • Increase sales and add-on purchases

With the PCAP touch version, you can transform your outdoor space with an interactive, touchscreen display. Complete your outdoor display with our HD camera and microphone module, perfect for customer service and AI applications.

Versi outdoor freestanding display specifications

The Versi outdoor digital signage display is perfect for outdoor environments such as retail stores, shopping malls, drive-through restaurants, tourist attractions and more. 

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Versi freestanding models are available as single, dual or triple screens and can support a wide range of requirements such as menu boards, public information, customer help points and wayfinding. 

Our outdoor digital signage kiosks have a 3-year standard warranty and lifetime ticketing support for your peace of mind. We supply and support Versi outdoor digital screens globally.


  • 55"


  • 55" outdoor display
  • Full HD resolution
  • Choose from non-touch or PCAP touch screen
  • Plug and play - connect power and download your content or application via USB to the built-in Android 11 SoC
  • Tamper-proof design and anti-glare toughened glass protect the display in public environments
  • 3500 nits ultra high-brightness display
  • Easily adapted for custom projects. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


A full list of specifications are available in our Versi indoor kiosk spec sheet: Download spec sheet >>


Versi Outdoor Freestanding Display

Screen size


Display resolutions

1920 x 1080

Viewing angles

178° V / 178° H

Contrast ratio



3500 cdm²

Colour depth


Built-in player

Quad Core Android RK3568


Android 11

USB 2.0


IP Certificate



As standard,  you have the option of adding the following modules to your outdoor kiosk

  • HD camera and microphone module:
    Complete your kiosk with our HD camera and microphone module. Designed for audience measurement, customer service and AI applications e.g. drive-through menu boards and entertainment applications e.g. selfie cams.


The Versi outdoor range has been designed with flexibility in mind and supports a wide range of requirements, whether you're looking for:

  • Drive-through menu boards
  • Public information and customer help points
  • Wayfinding and directory

Please submit a contact form or click on the green live chat bubble to discuss your requirements. 

Downloadable materials

The specification sheet for our Versi indoor includes specification, imagery and measurements: Download spec sheet >>

Digital signage system

Manage and create your digital signage content remotely with PeakSignage, our cloud-based digital signage system.
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Manage your displays remotely with a cloud-based digital signage platform

Pair your Versi indoor kiosks with PeakSignage, our affordable and scalable digital signage system designed for creating signage, adverts, internal communications and more. 

  • Manage the content on your kiosks from any modern browser
  • Create sophisticated layouts with flexible drag and drop editor
  • Automate displays with daily, weekly or monthly scheduling
  • Group displays by location, device type or campaign to update content easily across multiple devices
PeakSignage Digital Signage Online Dashboard

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