Desktop Alerts System

Instant internal communications made easy

Our Desktop Alerts application empowers organisations to broadcast internal messages to onsite and remote users directly on their computer desktop.  

desktop alerts, PeakSignage Desktop Alerts

In this challenging time, organisations need to adapt quickly to keep up with the changing environment. This easy-to-use notification system, designed for Windows 10, empowers enterprises to stay connected, sending out instant desktop notifications.

PeakSignage Desktop Alerts is the perfect internal communication tool for offices, call centres, universities, schools, hospitals, government organisations and more. 

  • Push safety messaging and reminders
  • Issue IT alerts and updates
  • Display KPI dashboards and metrics 
  • Send company meeting reminders 
  • Endorse company and team accomplishments
  • Increase employee engagement

Flexible drag and drop layout editor

Create content easily using the flexible drag and drop builder without the constraints of set zones or layouts.

The alert window can be easily resized and moved to suit your needs.

Add widgets quickly from a large variety of built-in element types, such as images, videos, social media feeds, live news feeds, weather and time. 

desktop alerts, PeakSignage Desktop Alerts
desktop alerts, PeakSignage Desktop Alerts

Interactive content and user engagement

Set up interaction points in your alerts and messages to prompt user engagement and action.

Include buttons and links to other content such as prompting users to fill out a survey or open a new training material.

Automated scheduling and express creator

Automate your desktop broadcasts in advance using the scheduling tool.

Oversee your notifications and alerts easily in the calendar with daily, weekly or monthly calendar views.

desktop alerts, PeakSignage Desktop Alerts
desktop alerts, PeakSignage Desktop Alerts

Data integrations

Design dynamic internal message boards such as KPI dashboards and connect to your data sources like Google Sheets.

Simply select which element connects to a specific cell in your data source and your desktop alerts will update dynamically when the value is changed in your data source.

A comprehensive digital signage platform
with sophisticated functionality

Data source input

Connect data sources such as Google Sheets.

Designed for Windows 10 

Designed specifically for Windows 10, allowing viewers to interact with messaging directly on their screens.

Drag and drop editor

Easy-to-use drag and drop editor requires no technical knowledge.

Remote software installation

Easily install the software remotely without any legwork for end-users.

Desktop customisation

Customise the size and position of the alert window on the desktop screen.

Instant updates

Instant updates with pop-up notifications to alert users.

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