Who We Are

Established in 2009, LamasaTech is an award-winning, creative technology agency. We design engaging, interactive experiences with digital technology and solutions. Through the research and development of unique concepts, we create sophisticated products that are inspirational to use. We bring ideas to life – with hardware and software created with the purpose of engaging, entertaining and educating.

We help organisations to harness the power of emerging technology and grasp new opportunities for growth. We work with our clients to build something outstanding.

What We Do

We’re big thinkers. Problem solvers. Ideas people.
We don’t just deliver solutions to your challenges – we work closely with you to create those solutions.
Whatever your business goals – building awareness of your products or services, standing out from the crowd, increasing sales, attracting new clients, or improving productivity – we’ll help you get there.
We get to know the needs of your business, building an understanding of your processes and stakeholders, then develop creative solutions to address those needs using new technology in the smartest possible way.

Our People

Our staff bring an extensive mixture of skills and experience to LamasaTech. We invest in our people to achieve consistent, exceptional performance and we all share the same vision of continued professional development in the pursuit of new technologies.

Management Team

Mahmoud Elsaid

Managing Director and Key Accounts Director

Co-founder of LamasaTech, Mahmoud has over a decade of experience providing business consultancy services to well-known corporations such as Vodafone and IBM. 

He holds a first class honours degree from the University of Sunderland and has led several project management teams in the development of successful software projects.

Mahmoud holds established business relationships around the world, with an extensive network of contacts.

Ready to get things moving?

Achieve more with innovative, intelligent digital technologies.

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