4 Awesome Examples of Video Wall Technology in Retail

Why is video wall technology in retail so in demand? Let’s explore some of the most engaging and compelling examples of video wall technology in retail stores and find out why!

Video wall technology has been around since the 1980s, but its popularity soared in early 2000s due to technological improvements in image quality and functionality. This, coupled with lower costs, means that video walls are being adopted among retailers and are considered some of the most engaging technological solutions for the retail industry.

There are solid reasons behind the popularity of video walls. These are immersive solutions that can have a powerful effect on the viewer. Humans are primarily visual beings, so detailed and realistic images make a lasting impact that elicit a positive response. Moreover, their interactive nature can amplify your message and help build brand recognition as customers are able to experience personalised and one-to-one interactions with your products and services.

Video walls are also becoming widely accepted because they offer flexibility in terms of configuration. They are versatile solutions ideal for retail business owners who want to experiment with the most impactful ways of reaching their customers and of continuously surprising and impressing them. Video walls are versatile in terms of their function too, as they can be used for anything from advertising to entertainment. This is particularly important considering that consumers are increasingly demanding shopping experiences that go beyond purchase transactions, since entertainment and enjoyment are taking centre stage in 21st century retail.

If you’re wondering how to make this work for you, the following examples of video wall technology in retail locations can be a source of inspiration.

1. John Lewis

This British retailer has taken the lead in their industry where virtual and augmented reality are concerned. Since 2015, their flagship store in Oxford Street boasts a virtual showroom where shoppers can explore their full catalogue in 3D. The experience has been so successful that John Lewis has announced it will expand the concept to three more stores in Cambridge, Kingston, and Horsham. The goal is to take the interior design experience to a new level by allowing clients to design their room or home using iPads and VR sets, customising colours, furniture items, etc.

The video wall is effective because it solves a pain point: customers don’t need to imagine how something will look in their homes, they can now see it. This “try before you buy” concept is appealing to customers, who are more likely to find a product that meets their expectations. This means more convenience and higher satisfaction for shoppers, but also fewer returns and exchanges for the retailer.

2. Christian Dior

This Luxury retailer welcomes customers to its Union Square shop in San Francisco with an impressive set up consisting of a two-level video wall. The wall’s design was commissioned to an artist and the effect is further magnified by the store’s strategic placement of mirrors, which all together work to set up the scene for a memorable shopping experience with an almost-theatrical setup guaranteed to make a powerful first impression.

This video wall is effective because it sends out a message that is coherent with the brand. Dior is associated with high-end and exclusive experiences, and their impressive video wall reinforces concepts like sophistication and luxury. It’s worth noting that Dior has done its research on their target customer base (mostly affluent Millennials), who according to research place high importance on experiences that create memories.

3. Kicks USA

In 2018, this shoe retailer equipped one of its stores in the New York borough of Queens with a 120-feet high video wall, which displays 12k video content to shoppers and passersby. The content is regularly updated and features a selection of the brand’s top products, but it’s not limited to that. Kicks’ wall puts products in context so that potential clients can see them “in action”, with lifestyle feeds and images from the company’s social media profiles.

And this is partly why the idea works: the focus isn’t only on the products they sell, but on delivering a brand experience with a highly appealing component that helps create a strong bond between customer and retailer. In short, Kicks is using video wall as part of their experiential retail marketing strategy, which has proven to be one of the most differentiating factors for companies in this competitive sector.

4. Mercedes Benz

Last in our list of examples of video wall technology are the Mercedes Benz pop up stores in shopping centres located in Miami and Chicago. These boast 4 x 4 video walls that showcase their newest fleet additions in a realistic and eye-catching way.

This solution is effective because it offers convenience, as customers don’t need to travel to a larger dealership to find out more about a vehicle they’re interested in. The wall displays are informative, but they’re more than that: they’re also used for branding and entertainment purposes displaying artistic photography and others forms of art. The use of art in luxury retail is a trend that’s gaining traction for its ability to create an inspiring atmosphere that matches the swanky lifestyle their client base is after. At the same time, Mercedes Benz’s use of video walls illustrates how this technology can cause a strong impact even in retail locations with space limitations, so it’s an cost-effective solution irrespective of your store’s square footage.

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These examples of video wall technology show that this innovative solution can be a smart investment for your retail business. Like other digital displays, video walls can inform, attract, and inspire your customers while helping you build a reputation as a forward-looking business. At LamasaTech we know how to use this technology to redefine your customer’s retail experience. Get in touch to find out how to use this creative solution to your advantage.


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