The Power of Video Walls for Creating Eye-catching Advertising Campaigns 

In a world where every brand is vying for attention, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for companies to create effective advertising campaigns that engage and resonate with their desired customers. In this blog post, we are looking at the use of video walls for advertising campaigns and the benefits they can bring to your brand. 

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What is a video wall?

video wall is a collection of screens that have been tiled together to form one large display. Video wall uses range from presenting promotional videos to displaying different types of data in a control room.

In this article, we are going to focus on the benefits of video walls for advertising purposes but we’ve previously also written an article on ‘The Best Video Wall Uses For Your Industry’, make sure to check this out for some specific video wall recommendations for your industry.

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Why Video Walls Can Be Beneficial To Your Advertising Campaign?

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements, so much so, that consumers are subconsciously ignoring them. Enter video walls. They can be less intrusive and a more powerful advertising solution that not only harnesses the allure of large-scale, high-definition displays but also leaves a lasting impression on an audience.

Storytelling in your advertisement campaigns

If you are involved in marketing within your organisation, you will understand the importance of storytelling.

Storytelling is powerful because it creates an emotional connection between a company, its products and its customers, to help drive conversions and revenue growth.

Video walls are a unique canvas for getting your message across. With the ability to seamlessly combine multiple displays, advertisers can create immersive experiences that can transport viewers into your brand’s narrative. From testimonials to product demonstrations, video walls allow for an unparalleled level of detail and creative expression that can help tell your brands story more clearly.

Flexibility to adapt your video wall to your advertisement needs

One of the benefits of using video walls for advertisements is the flexibility that they offer. Their modular design means that they can be configured to fit both your environment and campaigns needs.

A great example of this is one of our customers, Spearhead Hospitality, who were looking to create an engaging focal point which would make their Valedor bar memorable and unique in the local area.

LamasaTech provided zero bezel 55″ LED video wall cabinets in a 4 x 2 configuration, spanning across 5 metres behind the bar. 

For Valedor, their truly seamless video wall is a focal point of the bar and showcases eye-catching, high-resolution digital artwork, creating a memorable customer experience.

If you are interested in finding out more on the Valedor project, make sure to read the full case study.

Grabbing the attention of passersby with up-to-date messaging

As humans we are drawn to movement and dynamic visuals. Video walls tap into this notion to ensure they demand the attention of passersby unlike the static design of traditional signage which can get lost in a crowd.

Video walls are the big players in digital signage, making an instant impact on your audience. In particular, when installed in busy, high-traffic public spaces such as, shopping malls or transportation hubs, these digital screens are impossible to ignore, capturing the curiosity of onlookers.

Compared to traditional print advertisement, your audience is more likely to tune into your messaging because they will have faith that your brand are giving out up-to-date, relevant information such as new products, offers and more, as it can be updated at any time.

Ready to add the benefits of video wall advertisements to your organisation?

At LamasaTech our best-in-class video wall displays deliver outstanding image quality guaranteed to get across your brand’s story and make you stand out from the crowd. 

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LamasaTech is a leader in digital display technology with over 14 years of experience. We support customers across a range of industries including retail, military and defence, government and public sector, technology, hospitality and education.


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