The Best Video Wall Uses For Your Industry

A video wall is a collection of screens that have been tiled together to form one large display. Video wall uses range from presenting promotional videos to displaying different types of data in a control room. This technology is useful for many industries as it allows you to convey information to a large number of people simultaneously. Keep reading to see how different industries can make use of video walls.

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Control rooms and security

Corporate offices


One of the most recognisable and popular video wall uses is as an advertising tool. Retail has been a big adopter of video wall technology, particularly due to how effective when it comes to advertising. The bright displays are eye-catching and manage to grab the attention of any nearby customers. This is very helpful for retail stores as a video wall can help to draw potential customers towards and into your store. Even customers who had not initially intended to visit your store today will make a detour into your store. Retailers using video walls, therefore, can create more opportunities to make sales than those without.

In addition to this, video walls offer a major benefit over traditional displays. They can showcase video, animation and motion graphic content. This is very important for retail stores as this content has an 83% recall rate. Traditional media is not capable of achieving close to that number.

video wall in metro station
Fashion advert on a video wall

This is hugely beneficial, as customers will remember your brand even after leaving and will be a big influence over them returning. You could see an increase in both return and new customers thanks to how memorable advertisements on video walls are.


Video wall in a hotel lobby
Video wall in a hotel lobby

Restaurants, hotels, stadiums and more have all found uses for video walls as communication tools.

Video walls provide these businesses with the opportunity to communicate with a large group of people. For example, customers waiting to be seated at a restaurant or waiting in a hotel lobby. These organisations can display offers or KPI products to encourage the sale of these items. For example, a video wall at a stadium could scroll through the upcoming events which customers can purchase tickets for. While a restaurant might display KPI products to everyone queuing at the point of sale.

This gives you the maximum amount of time to present your advertisement and convince your customers to purchase specific products. This is significant as over 60% of buying decisions are made at the point of sale.

Hospitality businesses with large facilities, such as hotels, also use video walls to present maps. These maps could be of the building itself, to help guide customers and visitors to their desired location. Or they could show a route to a venue for a nearby event. This is particularly useful for hotels based near stadiums and entertainment venues. When an event is held at one of these, a large number of the hotel’s customers will likely be attending these events and will likely need directions. By presenting a map to the event, the hotel’s customers will not need to ask the hotel staff for help and will be able to make the journey themselves, which will produce a positive customer experience.

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Another industry that has found the benefits of video wall technology uses is education. Video walls are incredibly effective at communicating information to students in university lecture theatres.

A digital signage platform would make this even more effective. With digital signage software connected to your video wall, you can easily schedule and change your content from any device with a browser.

In universities and colleges, this is ideal for controlling what is being shown during lessons. You can switch between preset layouts to quickly change the information being shown. Helping you to smoothly progress with the lesson. Plus, thanks to the video wall all students will be able to view the content from the lesson simultaneously helping to promote discussion and further learning opportunities.

For school, this means you could have a reminder message displayed on your video wall informing staff and students about an assembly taking place. You could schedule that message to stop being displayed once the assembly is over and have a new message take its place. Your video wall would then automatically update the content displayed without you having to do anything. This will help to keep the information you are displaying to your staff and students relevant and up-to-date.  

Learn more about the benefits of digital signage in schools in this blog post.

Control rooms and security

A control room video wall showing a range of data and sources
Control room video wall showcasing various data sources

These locations require a large amount of information to be displayed at the same time. Video walls can do this effectively with the use of a video wall processor. With this, you can connect multiple sources to your video wall and, using the built-in software, adjust the size and placement of each source when displayed on the video wall.

For example, you could have different data sources displayed on each individual panel or security camera footage across the majority of your video wall and then multiple data sources presented on one screen.

The video wall processor gives you complete control over how your different sources are displayed across your video wall, allowing you to present lots of information to a room of people in a way that works best for you. This is very important for security and control rooms as it allows the security personnel to monitor all of the security footage and easily spot any disturbances.

Find out more about video wall processors by clicking here.

Corporate offices

video wall in an office
Video wall welcoming staff and visitors to an office

In a corporate office, video walls offer ways to enhance collaboration between team members and improve their efficiency.

Video conferencing allows team members who aren’t in the office to take part in meetings with the rest of your staff. This allows them to contribute ideas as well as directly hear about any updates or tasks that need to be undertaken. For situations where the team is all in the office, a video wall can be used to share critical information with everyone in the meeting.

Instead of having to show lots of data or a video to a room of people on a small screen that isn’t clear to everyone, or worse, have to pass around a laptop to each person so they can view the information individually. You can present everything on a video wall. Everyone in the room would be able to clearly see the information you are sharing simultaneously, allowing you to move on with the meeting much quicker.

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