Spearhead Hospitality: Crafting A Unique Customer Experience With Fine Pitch LED Video Walls

I love that we can change the theme of the room in a click!

Santiago Leon, Managing Partner at Spearhead Hospitality
Fine-Pitch LED Video Wall with Digital Art at Valedor Cocktail Lounge in Chicago
Photo credit: Sandy Noto/Valedor
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Spearhead Hospitality is a Chicago-based hospitality company that manages a diverse portfolio of properties, including The Robey Hotel, Chicago Getaway Hostel, and Canal Street Eatery & Market.

When planning the opening of their latest venue, Valedor, their vision was to build an exquisite cocktail lounge that is a fusion of food and design with a Mexican-Japanese influence, creating a customer experience that stands out from other bars in the area.

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The team were looking to create an engaging focal point which would make the bar memorable, and unique in the local area. Originally, they had planned to have the largest selection of Agave in Chicago, however, this became logistically difficult in the space. After reassessing, Santiago Leon, Managing Partner at Spearhead Hospitality, began to focus on the idea of using digital art and started to search for a seamless and immersive display.

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LamasaTech provided our zero bezel 55″ LED video wall cabinets in a 4 x 2 configuration, spanning across 5 metres behind the bar. The ultra-fine 1.26 pixel pitch delivers outstanding image quality and boasts an 8000:1 contrast ratio, which gives the display true-to-life colour accuracy.

For Valedor, their truly seamless video wall is a focal point of the bar and showcases eye-catching, high-resolution digital artwork which contributes to the dark and moody ambience, complementing the interior design and creating a memorable customer experience. The content on display is controlled and updated as required for events and occasions using the LED video wall processor.

Fine-Pitch LED Video Wall at Valedor Cocktail Lounge in Chicago
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The seamless screen has been pivotal in bringing the vision to life, contributing to the ambience of the bar and playing an important role in the customer experience.

The versatility of the video wall is excellent. The team can easily change the content on the wall to complement any events they are hosting. For example, when hosting their New Year’s Eve party, they streamed celebrations from around the world.

Although the use of screens is fairly popular across Chicago, the team at Spearhead Hospitality believe that there’s nothing quite like their video wall in the area, which helps them to stand out from the competition.

I would definitely recommend LamasaTech to others and work with you again in the future for other venues. It’s a very good product.

Santiago Leon, Managing Partner at Spearhead Hospitality

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