How to Build Trust With Customers Using Technology

How to Build Trust With Customers Using Technology

Why technology is crucial in order to build trust with customers.

Trust is a valuable commodity and if you are not earning it with your clients, then in some sense you are losing it. All businesses compete to gain more trust from their clients and nearly all brands want to be associated with an identity that has trustworthiness at its core. Of course, you can build trust with customers in a myriad of ways. Some enterprises build trust with customers over a long period of time, carefully building on the interactions that have gone before to forge a reputation for dependability.

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future proof your business

Future-Proof Your Business With Self-Service Technology

Over the last decade, self-service technology has risen to prominence across most sectors and industries and has had a largely positive effect on business. When it is thoughtfully implemented, self-service technology brings a myriad of benefits to small and large businesses. From touch screen applications to self-service kiosks, this consumer-led technology will allow you to future proof your business for the twenty-first century and beyond. Let’s look at some of the ways self-service technology can benefit your business:

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The Top Retail Technology Trends for 2019

The Most Exciting Retail Technology Trends for 2019

Discover the retail technology trends that are set to shape the retail space in 2019.

2019 is now well underway and eager to usher in key changes for the retail sector. Following on from last year’s medley of innovation and disruption, 2019 is already looking very promising for those who can adapt quickly to retail technology trends.

If you’re shaking in your boots at the thought of a bigger tech budget, you needn’t be. Nobody expects holographic sales assistants on the shop floors this year – wow factor aside. And it goes without saying that a data-driven sales approach is still your best bet. Analytics is here to stay.

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LamasaTech's Best Content of 2018

LamasaTech’s Best Content of 2018

Take a look through back through LamasaTech’s best content of 2018.

2018 was an awesome year for LamasaTech! We’ve grown our talented team, we’ve also moved our Newcastle HQ to a larger office and launched our own showroom so we can showcase all of our exciting technology.

Earlier in the year in were also selected as finalists in the digital technology category of the North East Business Awards, which was pretty excellent.

In our opinion, we published some pretty great blog content throughout the year, too. So, let’s run down some of our favourite pieces of content from 2018!

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Self-Service Technology Examples

5 Innovative Self-Service Technology Examples

Five novel self-service technology examples that prove just how dynamic, adaptable the technology can be!

According to recent market research analysis, self-service technology examples will account for around £25 billion of the global economy within the next few years. This statistic, alone, shows you just how much such technology has become the norm. Those businesses which are not embracing the power of automation in self-service are missing out on what could be a distinct competitive edge for others in your sector.

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How To Create Future Proof Museums With Interactive Museum Technology

Using Interactive Technology To Create Future Proof Museums

Discover why compelling, engaging experiences using interactive technology are key to creating future proof museums.

Museums and cultural venues play a crucial role preserving a society’s heritage and sense of identity. At the same time, they function as educational spaces that allow visitors to explore different aspects of history and society at their own pace. But since interactive technology has revolutionised the way we think about many aspects of our lives, it seems fair to wonder whether new technologies can also be applied to the museums and heritage industry. In this post, we take a look at how different types of interactive technology can help create future proof museums that attract visitors and provide engaging experiences.

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Touch Retail Solutions

Why Touch Retail Solutions are Vital

Discover why touch retail solutions are essential to a successful, sustainable retail business. The retail space is evolving, and physical stores are under threat due to changing consumer behaviour, technological disruption and increased competition from online retailers. Retailers need to create a seamless omnichannel experience to keep customers coming back to store and ensure that stores remain a compelling part of the customer journey.

So, that’s what we’ve created! Read on to discover our innovative, adaptive touch retail solutions.

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Evolution Of Self-Service

The Evolution of Self-Service Technology

Self-service technology is everywhere. In fact, it has become so common that you may even take it for granted, and some of the routine tasks you carry out wouldn’t be possible without it: withdrawing money from ATMs, FAQ sections in websites, price-scanning devices at supermarkets, online parcel tracking services – they all function using self-service technology.

This technology has significantly grown in popularity and it shows no signs of stopping, as it is estimated that the global self-service market will generate revenues of more than $30 by 2020, up from $15bn in 2015.

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self service kiosk inside a hospital

Should Your Business Invest in a Self-Service Solution?

Should your business invest in a self-service solution? Let’s find out!

Self-service kiosk solutions are everywhere, from city centres and retail shops to airports and fast food restaurants. They offer an incredible range of features and come in a wide variety of form factors to suit every need, but are they essential to running a business in the modern world? Or is their ubiquity just part of a fad? We decided to investigate.

So, should your business invest in a self-service solution? Read on to find out.

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