Evolution Of Self-Service

The Evolution of Self-Service Technology

Self-service technology is everywhere. In fact, it has become so common that you may even take it for granted, and some of the routine tasks you carry out wouldn’t be possible without it: withdrawing money from ATMs, FAQ sections in websites, price-scanning devices at supermarkets, online parcel tracking services – they all function using self-service technology.

This technology has significantly grown in popularity and it shows no signs of stopping, as it is estimated that the global self-service market will generate revenues of more than $30 by 2020, up from $15bn in 2015.

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self service kiosk inside a hospital

Should Your Business Invest in a Self-Service Solution?

Should your business invest in a self-service solution? Let’s find out!

Self-service kiosk solutions are everywhere, from city centres and retail shops to airports and fast food restaurants. They offer an incredible range of features and come in a wide variety of form factors to suit every need, but are they essential to running a business in the modern world? Or is their ubiquity just part of a fad? We decided to investigate.

So, should your business invest in a self-service solution? Read on to find out.

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Why Multi-Channel Shopping Experiences are Vital to The Success of Your Business

Why Multi-Channel Shopping Experiences are Vital to Success

Discover why multi-channel shopping experiences are essential to the continued growth of your retail business.

Customers shop in a variety of ways, and so businesses which meet those customers’ needs are best placed to benefit. Multi-channel shopping involves the use of both online and offline outlets, rather than being focused on a single type. Within this, online outlets can include such things as email-based marketing, online marketplaces, social media and e-commerce websites. Offline outlets include not only traditional high street shops but also telemarketing direct to consumers and mail-order catalogues. The key factor is that a customer should be just one interaction away from making a purchase, regardless of where they are at any one time.

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evolution of experiential technology

The Evolution of Experiential Technology in Museums

Museums across the world are embracing new technologies to deliver immersive and interactive experiences for visitors. At times, the extent to which technology should be introduced in places still largely regarded as temples of high culture and custodians of the past has been the subject of debate – after all, many people like the traditional nature of museums and galleries. Yet most major museums are flirting with changes that could be revolutionary. Let’s explore the reasons for the rapid evolution of experiential technology in museums and the benefits it brings.

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uses of digital signage

The Most Creative Uses of Digital Signage Technology

Looking for inspiration for your digital signage project? Discover some of the most creative uses of digital signage technology.

The age of simple, static signage as an effective and engaging tool for marketing, information and wayfinding is had long been over. Organisations are looking for exciting ways to use digital signage to promote their products and brand, as well as display useful information.

Need some inspiration for your upcoming digital signage project? Let’s explore some of the most innovative and exciting uses of digital signage technology.

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Internet of Things in Restaurants

The Amazing Effects of the Internet of Things in Restaurants

Discover the transformative effects of the Internet of Things in restaurants.

Technology is moving at a faster pace than many of us can keep up with and now pressure to adapt to the latest technology has reached the hospitality sector where the Internet of Things in restaurants (IoT) is having many positive effects on customers and restaurants alike.But what exactly is an IoT system in a restaurant context?

In a commercial kitchen scenario, an IoT system involves sensors attached to freezers, ovens, cooker tops and other kitchen appliances that allow them to harvest an enormous amount of data. A cloud-based platform is needed to access and interpret the data and a smartphone app to notify designated personnel via emails or messages of specified alerts. IoT in the restaurant floor itself might involve a digital menu and ways of identifying customers as soon as they walk through the door.

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The Top 5 Wayfinding Design Principles

The Top 5 Wayfinding Design Principles

Everything you should consider when it comes to wayfinding design principles.

Wayfinding is an essential aspect of our everyday lives. In fact, wayfinding is so pervasive that it has become second-hand nature: we simply go about our days using street and road signs, aisle labelling in supermarkets, information kiosks at train stations or airports, and so on.

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Sustainable Environment in Smart Cities

How to Create a Sustainable Environment in Smart Cities

Discover how to create a sustainable environment in smart cities, and why that’s essential.

Urban planners and city councils in the UK have often looked to the smart city concept as a part of their master planning. There are various frameworks by which a smart city concept can revolutionise the urban environment. Firstly, there’s the technology framework which allows greater communications.

Then, there’s the human framework which encourages learning, creativity, skill acquisition and so on. Other frameworks involved include data management, energy control and institutional ones. They may be diverse areas of urban development but they all have a central characteristic in common for planners: they can be created sustainably.

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The Evolution of Experiential Marketing Technology

The Evolution of Experiential Marketing Technology

Discover the profound effects of experiential marketing technology as it has evolved over the past decades.

Free giveaways in supermarkets or ‘scratch and sniff’ advertisements in glossy magazines were once the cutting edge of experiential marketing. They allowed the consumer to truly experience the product being marketed even if it was in limited ways. These days, the digital technological revolution has led to greater and greater efforts with experiential marketing. It is quite valid to state that each new idea with experiential marketing technology tries to outdo the last while still building on the experiences of what has gone before.

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Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks

7 Incredible Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks

Discover the transformative benefits of self-service kiosks for your business.

Self-service kiosks are all the rage at the moment. It’s increasingly difficult to find retail shops, restaurants and public spaces that don’t utilise self-service kiosk technology in some form. There are so many benefits of self-service kiosks that one list couldn’t possibly list every single one in this post, but we thought it would be useful to create a resource running through some of the most important advantages of using self-service technology.

So, let’s explore some of the many advantages of self-service kiosks and discover how this incredible technology can take your organisation to the next level.

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