How AI in Restaurants is Changing the Way We Order

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most powerful tools a business can harvest. It continues to transform industries and the restaurant business is no exception, with the use of AI in restaurants becoming more and more popular. From voice ordering to self-serve kiosks, AI is making the process of ordering your food faster, easier and more personalised. In this blog post, we will understand what AI in restaurants looks like and how it is changing ordering systems.

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What is AI in restaurants?

How to use AI in restaurant businesses?

Embracing AI ordering systems

Ready to add self-serve kiosks to your restaurant?

What is AI in restaurants?

AI is one of the most talked about topics and is all about the humanisation of technology. It enables computers and digital devices to learn, read, write, talk, see, create, analyse and make recommendations, similar to how a human would.

For the restaurant industry, AI allows them to get to know their customers better and improve their experience through personalised marketing. It can also be a useful tool to analyse vast amounts of customer data and help predict ordering behaviour.  

How to use AI in restaurant businesses?

Traditionally, placing an order at a restaurant or drive-through would involve speaking to another human. However, these days that interaction has been stripped right back with many people opting to order their food from a kiosk. With this shift in behaviour, it has opened up the opportunity for AI ordering systems. Outlined below are some of the key ways AI is changing restaurant ordering.

AI in Restaurants is Changing the Way We Order

Chatbot AI ordering system

When you hear the word chatbot you might think of technology such as ChatGPT, however, there is very much a place for this kind of technology within restaurants too. Many food establishments are now utilising AI-powered chatbots to handle the ordering phase of their takeout and delivery service. Customers can place their orders at interactive kiosks without the requirement of a human employee, the chatbot can then confirm order details, process payment and send order confirmation. The use of chatbots allows restaurants to make a saving on staffing costs and eliminates human error.

Voice command ordering

With the changes in consumer behaviour, it is becoming more common for customers to place orders via a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Many major fast-food chains are now partnering with voice platforms to offer a voice-initiated, hands-free way of ordering food. Voice AI ensures orders are taken and understood correctly.

Personalising customer experience

Using customer data, AI can tailor recommendations for menu items it thinks the customer will like. This makes the ordering experience feel more personalised. Restaurants are even taking this further by experimenting with allowing customers to “build” customised menu items step-by-step via an AI assistant.

Over the last few years, some fast food chains have also trialled facial recognition. This technology can recognise repeat visitors and tailor their menu and recommendations based on their previous orders, improving ordering efficiency.

Self-service options

Self-service technology is being implemented across many styles of restaurants from quick service to sit-down restaurants, it gives customers the ability to customise and control their ordering. Customers now have more power to customise menu items, split the bill and allow payment from their own devices.

Embracing AI ordering systems

Whether it is a drive-through or sit-down restaurant, as consumer behaviour continues to lean towards preferring human-free ordering, restaurants must adapt their ordering systems. While human employees aren’t going away, AI looks set to be their newest coworker in providing excellent customer experience.

As with all aspects of AI, it can often be intimidating but we mustn’t see it as the enemy, we should embrace it and see it as a way of helping to improve our systems.

The combination of interactive digital kiosks and AI in restaurants, it opens the opportunity to offer a convenient and more engaging way for businesses to interact with potential customers. It can also bring great benefits such as reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving overall customer experience.

Guida kiosk

As AI capabilities continue to develop, the opportunities to enhance and customise your ordering process will continue to grow.

Ready to add self-serve kiosks to your restaurant?

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