Exploring the Future of Retail Technology at RTS 2024

At the end of April, the LamasaTech team had the privilege of attending and exhibiting at the illustrious Retail Technology Show in Olympia, London. This event is a must-attend for retail and hospitality organisations, offering invaluable opportunities to learn from industry experts and forge connections within the sector – and it truly delivered on its promise!

As a provider of cutting-edge digital signage and touchscreen solutions, we were eager to be a part of the show to explore the emerging trends and showcase our product range, which has the potential to revolutionise the shopping experience of tomorrow.

The LamasaTech stand

The exhibition floor was a wonderland of innovation, brimming with an array of exciting technologies. For our stand, we meticulously crafted an immersive space that allowed retailers to interact with our solutions. This hands-on approach enabled them to envision how our technology could seamlessly integrate into their organisations, enhance customer experiences and boost sales.

Our digital signage and touchscreen solutions

Our stand showcased an impressive lineup of our solutions, each designed to captivate and engage audiences. In case you didn’t get the chance to speak to us at the event, here is a short description of each product that we featured, alternatively to find out more information on any of our product range, get in touch today!

Versi Outdoor Freestanding kiosk

The Versi Outdoor Freestanding Kiosk is designed for outdoor advertising and interactive experiences. This IP66-rated, weather-proof and tamper-proof display is available in a single, dual, or triple configuration and has an optional camera and microphone module. 

Both the dual and triple configuration are prefect as digital menu boards for drive-through restaurants.

Versi outdoor freestanding kiosk

Versi Indoor Wall Mount Poster

The Versi Wall Mount Digital Poster can increase customer engagement and sales and also features space to add your logo or brand name. This sleek digital design is available for touch and non-touch applications. 

At our stand, these displays were set up as interactive endless aisle kiosks, using the Cloudshelf platform. Our partners at Cloudshelf offer a fantastic solution for integrating with your e-commerce platform, to bring your online catalogue to your brick-and-mortar stores.

Versi Indoor Wall mount poster

Versi Self-service Kiosk

Designed to suit a wide range of self-service requirements, from self-order kiosks in restaurants to click-and-collect kiosks in fashion retail, the Versi Self-Service Kiosk is configured with integrated components to meet your requirements. Options include a payment terminal, barcode scanner, camera and microphone, thermal printer and more. At the stand, we showed how the kiosk could be used as a product information point, where customers can scan the barcode of a product to load product information such as available colours.

Versi Self-service kiosk

High-Brightness Window Displays

At the event we showcased several of our high-brightness window displays.

The Versi Digital Window Display is available in either single-sided or double-sided with a 700 nits brightness rating and is designed to maximise your advertising reach both outside and inside your stores.

The Muro Ultra High Brightness Displays are designed for south-facing window fronts or in sunnier climates. The ultra-high brightness outward-facing panels have a 3,500 nits brightness rating, ensuring messages are easily read in direct sunlight, while the inward-facing panels have a 1,000 nits rating for bright indoor settings.

Versi Digital Window Display

Versi Indoor Display

The Versi Indoor Display is an all-purpose, sleek digital signage display that will wow your audience. Its versatile design allows for both touch and non-touch applications with an ultra-slim bezel measuring 13.6mm. The Versi is the perfect display for digital menu boards and in-store advertising, controlled remotely with our cloud-based CMS, PeakSignage.

Versi Indoor Freestanding Displays

At the event we showcased both our Versi Indoor Kiosk and Totem displays.

With similar functionality but different aesthetics, the Versi Indoor Freestanding Displays are available in non-touch for advertising or PCAP touch for interactive displays. Intending to increase footfall and customer engagement this model is available in both single or double-sided to maximise your audience.

Versi indoor freestanding totem

LCD Muro Stretch Displays

The LCD Muro Stretch Displays are designed to elevate your messaging in limited spaces due to their unique aspect ratio. This versatile, wall-mounted display is available in both 37” and 47”. Our stretched bar displays are perfect as endcap displays in retail stores and supermarkets.

47" LCD Muro Stretch Display

Key trends in the 2024 retail industry

The annual event served as an invaluable platform to not only exhibit our comprehensive product offerings but also to remain up-to-date with the emerging trends shaping the retail and hospitality sectors.

Conversation and voice-based AI customer service applications

There was a lot of interest in AI customer service applications and how they can improve efficiency and drive order values. As an organisation, we were impressed to learn about Vox, an AI voice-based technology for capturing customer orders.

Our camera and microphone modules that we have developed for our Versi display range are tailored for this type of AI conversation platform, with our solution offering noise-cancelling to improve accuracy.

As an example, our Versi Outdoor Freestanding Kiosk can be configured as either single, dual or triple screens and used as drive-thru menu boards. The addition of AI conversation platforms would allow orders to be taken without the requirement of a human employee. This type of technology allows restaurants to make a saving on staffing costs and eliminates human error.

Blending the online and in-store experience

From visiting the show, it is clear there is an obvious trend of retailers trying to join up the e-commerce and in-store experience for a more holistic brand and customer experience.

In recent times, retailers have been experimenting with adding their website to a touch screen or kiosk within their stores however this often doesn’t drive the desired results.

Our partners, Cloudshelf, have created a platform that allows retailers to create engaging in-store experiences. Cloudshelf connects to your e-commerce store and provides shoppers with optimised in-store digital interactive and display experiences. Through digital kiosks, customers can find, choose and buy the product they want, leaving satisfied. As retailers cannot often stock the whole product range in store, this offers a way for them to bring all their products into store virtually.

Versi Wall poster using the Cloudshelf platform

Energy saving and device fleet management

With retail technology continuing to be a massive area of growth, we are now seeing a real demand in the market for tools that help businesses to manage their devices and cut the cost of running them.

Our new remote device management tool, ScreenPulse, helps you to control your device fleet and optimise your energy efficiency by allowing you to control your screen on/off times remotely.

Retail Technology Show, Exploring the Future of Retail Technology at RTS 2024

Intelligent grocery retail solutions and AI-powered Self-Checkout

It’s hard to walk into a major retail store without encountering self-checkouts. The self-service technology which allows customers to scan and pay for their purchases, has become increasingly popular over the past decade.

The latest development in the industry is using AI technology in the self-service scales for automatic product identification. All shoppers would need to do is put the product on the scale and the system identifies the products, saving customers a lot of time and effort.

One such provider of AI-powered self-checkouts was ALS StrongPoint. With their solution, it can do a lot of the work for the shopper such as identifying different types of fruit and vegetables.

ALS StrongPoint stand at the Retail Technology Show
Photo credit: ALS StrongPoint

AI-driven in-store analytics using cameras

Using in-store cameras such as CCTV with the help of AI has now opened up a new realm of demographic data for retailers.

Solutions like Aura Vision help maximise the value of every customer while still being 100% anonymous. It allows retailers to capture accurate footfall, efficiently plan staff and identify key moments to drive conversion.

Aura Vision stand at the Retail Technology Show
Photo credit: Aura Vision

Retail Technology Show 2024

It was a great experience exhibiting at the Retail Technology Show 2024. We had the opportunity to network with so many other professionals from the industry and we’re excited to continue the conversation and collaborate on projects in the future!

The LamasaTech team at the Retail Technology Show 2024

If you didn’t get the chance to speak to us at the show but would like to find out more about our solutions please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d be delighted to discuss how our solution can benefit your business.


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