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experiential marketing

The Technology Changing the Experiential Marketing Game

Stay Ahead of the Game with Experiential Marketing Technologies.

Have you been fumbling around trying to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer or do you find yourself wondering how to stay ahead of the game? Maybe it’s time you tried experiential marketing.

If you have been to an event or meeting lately you might have noticed that marketing industry is changing the way things are done. Smart companies are taking advantage of experiential marketing to win customers.
Check out some of the innovative experiential marketing techniques you can use to transform the way you interact with your customers.
Digital signage menu board in a restaurant

7 Reasons You Need to Use Digital Signage for QSR

How can digital signage technology improve your quick service restaurant?

A common issue for restaurant managers is maintaining customer loyalty. An increasingly popular method of dealing with this is the use of digital signage technology. With marketing boards in windows, digital menus and screen at the point of purchase, digital signage for QSR (quick service restaurants) has never been so popular.

If you’re a restaurateur considering making the leap to digital signage, we’ve compiled this list so you can make the most informed decision.

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A wallet with dollar bills being held near it

Retail Digital Strategy: Planning your Digital Transformation

Today’s consumers demand a convenient digital shopping experience. How do you create a great digital retail strategy for your business?

Consumers have increasingly become engaged with the real-time and personalised world of the digital landscape. Today’s digital consumers are demanding a more convenient shopping experience – and their expectations are increasing on a daily basis.

With the rules of the game changing, senior managers need to rethink their digital strategy and business models. These include employee training, sourcing and pricing strategies, inventory management and customer experience management.

However, the challenges of implementing a digital strategy in the retail sector have never been greater. Statistics show that about 5% of retail executives are struggling to implement a digital transformation strategy. So why are retailers struggling with this? Read on to find out.

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wayfinding design principles

Digital vs Static Wayfinding Signage: The Verdict (Infographic)

Digital vs. static wayfinding signage: which is better for your business?

Picture this: you’re on your way to an important meeting at a client’s city office. You walk into the office building and are immediately overwhelmed.

There are corridors leading to multiple directions, doorways without wayfinding signage. Theere are separate lifts heading to different floors. The receptionist is nowhere to be found and the building directory is huge since it’s a multi-storey office block.

It looks like you’re going to be late for your meeting. If only there was a better way to get directions to your client’s office.

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StoryWorld at the The Word in South Shields

How Digital Signage Transforms the Museum Experience

As digital signage technology has become more widely available, it has become an integral part of the experience of going to a museum.

Digital technology has vastly improved the ability of museums to expand our knowledge and explore new ideas.

Museums have utilised digital signage through apps, augmented reality, in-museum devices and motion-sensor technology to create a more interactive experience for visitors.

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LamasaKiosk (244)

How Self-Service Kiosks are Transforming Consumer Behaviour

Self-service technology is having a transformative effect on the world around us, particularly on consumer behaviour.

The benefits of using kiosks in customer service are becoming increasingly apparent. You can visit your favourite restaurant and, rather than ordering at the counter, you’ll be able to tap the order on a touch screen kiosk and get the food straight to your table instead. You can even ask for specific ingredients to be included or removed from the order.

This raises an interesting question: how is this shift going to impact consumer behaviour, and can we expect to see a trend away from face-to-face customer service?

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LED vs. LCD: The Video Wall Battle

LED vs. LCD: The Video Wall Battle

When it comes to the LED vs. LCD video wall debate, it can be hard to pick a side. We’re here to help with that.

For companies interested in jumping into the world of video walls, or even upgrading your existing technology, the biggest question you’ll have to deal with is whether LED or LCD is right for your video wall.

Figuring out which type of display is right for you doesn’t need to be arduous. We’ve rounded up a number of considerations to help you make the most informed decision.

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interactive information kiosk

5 types of kiosk that you should know about

Businesses are moving towards kiosks to provide an improved service

Self Service Kiosks have been out for a while.  However, only recently they started to gain momentum and solve various problems in day to day business activities. Recently there has been many successful deployments in self-service kiosks in various sectors. A successful kiosk deployment needs to replace a current service that is currently being carried out manually, or meets the demand for a service that is not currently happening.

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lamasatech dynamites 17 awards

LamasaTech Celebrates Record Achievements at Dynamites 17 Awards

LamasaTech is delighted to announce that we were shortlisted for two categories at this year’s Dynamites 17 awards: Project of the Year (Public/Sector Academic) and Innovator of the Year.

International recognition for the North East

The Dynamites 17 Awards, sponsored by BT, look to celebrate the talent of the North East region in the IT and Technology sectors. With 9 categories and 11 awards up for grabs, the success of the region as a technology powerhouse in the UK is undeniable. Dynamo North East is an excellent organisation dedicated to growing the North East economy and achieving national and international recognition for the region. 

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