Post-Pandemic Temperature Kiosks: Why They’re Still So Important

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a considerable need to ramp up health and safety. Reasons for this should be obvious – however, it is easy to assume that post-pandemic, many safety assurances will be unnecessary. If there is one thing we have all learned during this time, it pays to be prepared, That’s why post-pandemic temperature kiosks will likely still have a firm place in 2022 onwards.

More than 150,000 people in the UK and 600,000 people in the USA have died of illnesses associated with COVID-19. It is a virus that spreads quickly and which can have devastating effects on clinically vulnerable people.

Don’t be so quick to assume any temperature kiosk’s future may be cut short. While, at the time of writing, the COVID-19 pandemic is more tightly contained than ever, it is still ongoing. What’s more, there is no real way of telling if and when any resurgences may arise.

Let’s take a closer look at why post-pandemic temperature kiosks are likely to roll out far beyond the ‘end’ of the crisis.

No One Knows What the Future Holds

Without measures to help check for the virus – and the vaccine – we all risk further lockdowns. Businesses and schools also face future closure and loss of revenue. A temperature kiosk will help you take back control of your future.

No One Knows What the Future Holds

A little scary, but true. One thing that we can all agree on is that predicting the future isn’t an exact science. That’s why, in light of COVID-19, blueprints and measures to prevent similar crises have rolled out dramatically. Regrettably, much of the world was not prepared for the pandemic.

That, ultimately, led to unnecessary long-term illness and even death. The rollout of vaccines across the globe has been miraculous so far. In the UK alone, more than 45 million people have received their first jabs at the time of writing.

However, we cannot always depend on them. What’s more, it is unwise to assume that everyone you come across has been vaccinated. Vaccination tracking, therefore, is hugely beneficial.

Any form of temperature kiosk’s future revolves around simply ‘making sure’. Offices, hospitals, restaurants, and more use them to ensure everyone who enters premises is healthy. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to ensure it’s safe to allow people in without temperature and vaccine checks.

Temperature Kiosks Future: Ensuring Ongoing Business

By ensuring you have a temperature kiosk and vaccine checks in place, you can continue to welcome customers safely. These kiosks also provide peace of mind to schools, conference centres, and even the smallest offices.

Temperature Kiosks Future: Ensuring Ongoing Business

Offices, close-knit workplaces and schools, in particular, are those likely to be hardest hit. What’s more, restaurants, bars, theatres and cinemas all rely on physical public participation. The pandemic has threatened many businesses in leisure and tourism to the point of closure. The simple fact is that business owners need to be sure coronavirus will not spread across the premises.

Research suggests that small businesses in the UK, in total, are set to lose around £126 million as a result of the pandemic. It’s impossible to recoup that money, and therefore now important to protect against future loss.

Post pandemic temperature kiosks will not just ensure these businesses can stay open. They will also give reassurance that there is little to no risk of an outbreak on the premises. Should this occur, a bar or club may have to close its doors temporarily. That is not only a loss of income and revenue but also a massive health and safety issue.

Playing Your Role in Curbing the Pandemic

A temperature kiosk with vaccine checks in place is a responsible addition to your frontline. You could be letting ill people – asymptomatic with no signs of COVID-19 – into your building.

Playing Your Role in Curbing the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that surged forward in early 2020 was unprecedented. So much so, it is likely to reverberate for years to come. While we all know how to contain the virus better and treat illness in 2021, it’s no time for complacency.

To all play our parts in curbing further illness and potential fatality, we need to plan. Social distancing measures may relax over time. However, remote temperature stations will likely still be prudent.

By maintaining temperature checking units and stations, we can ensure that we are ‘doing our bit’. ‘Vaccine passports’, while still a potential resolution at the time of writing, still only solve half the problem. A temperature checking booth ensures you are keeping people safe, as well as keeping things rolling.

They Are Easy to Manage

It is also easy to assume that temperature checking is challenging to manage. However, innovations such as those available from Lamasatech can help you to keep in check.

Lamasatech offers a remote logging system where you can keep all of your temperature and vaccine checks

Lamasatech offers a remote logging system where you can keep all of your temperature and vaccine checks in place. Providing live reporting and complete entry logs, it is entirely possible to see all check-ins from various devices.

Our VisiPoint Cloud platform provides incredible fluidity and flexibility. Keeping a close check on temperature logs and vaccines is no longer an arduous task. It’s entirely possible to import lists and user profiles from device to device, too.

It is, again, an easy assumption to make that temperature checking booths are awkward to monitor or downright tricky. However, they are fast becoming what is known as the “new normal”. By this, we refer to measures and checks brought in as a result of the pandemic. Temperature checking stations may not be wholly widespread by this time next year, but they will still be helpful.

Temperature booths will become part of a broader control and management system. Therefore, just as you would expect to check for photo ID on the door, you’d also check vaccine and temperature records.

Our cloud management dashboard provides you with complete visibility. Ideal for security solutions in general, we’re pleased to help support temperature checks post-COVID.

Post-Pandemic Temperature Kiosks: The New Normal

Post-Pandemic Temperature Kiosks: The New Normal

The concept of a ‘new normal’ has reverberated for a long time. However, it’s important to remember that there will still be areas of our lives that need to alter short-term. To help secure businesses and to help keep people safe, Lamasatech is on hand to support.

Facilities protecting against the spread of COVID-19 must ensure post-pandemic temperature kiosks continue. No one is sure quite where the pandemic will end. Therefore, it is crucial to keep track of your data – from any devices you have to hand.

The Bottom Line:

One of the very few ways we are all going to be able to keep track of COVID-19 moving forward is through temperature checks. Smart vaccine checking monitoring stations and data analysis are widely available right now. Lamasatech is already supporting thousands with leading post-pandemic temperature kiosks. Just because restrictions are opening up again doesn’t mean the virus has gone away!


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