wayfinding design principles

The Top 5 Wayfinding Design Principles

Everything you should consider when it comes to wayfinding design principles.

Wayfinding is an essential aspect of our everyday lives. In fact, wayfinding is so pervasive that it has become second-hand nature: we simply go about our days using street and road signs, aisle labelling in supermarkets, information kiosks at train stations or airports, and so on.

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Sustainable Environment in Smart Cities

How to Create a Sustainable Environment in Smart Cities

Discover how to create a sustainable environment in smart cities, and why that’s essential.

Urban planners and city councils in the UK have often looked to the smart city concept as a part of their master planning. There are various frameworks by which a smart city concept can revolutionise the urban environment. Firstly, there’s the technology framework which allows greater communications.

Then, there’s the human framework which encourages learning, creativity, skill acquisition and so on. Other frameworks involved include data management, energy control and institutional ones. They may be diverse areas of urban development but they all have a central characteristic in common for planners: they can be created sustainably.

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The Evolution of Experiential Marketing Technology

The Evolution of Experiential Marketing Technology

Discover the profound effects of experiential marketing technology as it has evolved over the past decades.

Free giveaways in supermarkets or ‘scratch and sniff’ advertisements in glossy magazines were once the cutting edge of experiential marketing. They allowed the consumer to truly experience the product being marketed even if it was in limited ways. These days, the digital technological revolution has led to greater and greater efforts with experiential marketing. It is quite valid to state that each new idea with experiential marketing technology tries to outdo the last while still building on the experiences of what has gone before.

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Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks

7 Incredible Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks

Discover the transformative benefits of self-service kiosks for your business.

Self-service kiosks are all the rage at the moment. It’s increasingly difficult to find retail shops, restaurants and public spaces that don’t utilise self-service kiosk technology in some form. There are so many benefits of self-service kiosks that one list couldn’t possibly list every single one in this post, but we thought it would be useful to create a resource running through some of the most important advantages of using self-service technology.

So, let’s explore some of the many advantages of self-service kiosks and discover how this incredible technology can take your organisation to the next level.

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Increase Customer Engagement with Digital Signage

How to Increase Customer Engagement with Digital Signage

How to increase customer engagement with digital signage technology throughout your business.

Digital signage is everywhere you go these days. In any given high street in a major city, you’re going to come across free-standing digital signage displays in the street as well as shop windows adorned with vivid, colourful adverts displayed on digital signage displays. Walking into many of those shops you’ll see even more digital signage technology adorning the walls, showcasing products, offers and services to customers. Some retail shops and restaurants are also making their signage interactive in a push to increase customer engagement with digital signage technology.

It’s becoming clear that digital signage is becoming essential to keeping customers engaged and loyal to your business. So, we’ve put together this guide on why digital signage is essential to the customer service experience and how to increase customer engagement with digital signage.

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Self-Service Paradigm of Retail Service

Exploring the New Self-Service Paradigm of Retail Service

Arguably, great customer service has always had more than one consumer dimension but today’s multi-channel shopping experiences tend to exaggerate, reinforce and amplify different customer perspectives. Some shoppers still want an assistant on hand to guide and advise them, but others place far more value on a streamlined service which gets the job done in minimal time. Where convenience and efficiency are the priorities, the opportunity provided by the new self-service paradigm of retail service is one solution which should not be overlooked.

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Emerging museum tech trends

The Most Exciting Emerging Museum Tech Trends

The most noteworthy and exciting emerging museum tech trends right now.

Over the course of the past decade, the adoption of technology in the museums and culture space has become increasingly rapid. In fact, it’s becoming more and more uncommon to visit a museum that hasn’t adopted technology in a big way.

So, let’s explore some of the most exciting emerging museum tech trends that could shape the future of the museums and culture sector in the not-so-distant future.

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Retail Signage Design

Retail Experience Design: How to Get it Right

How to get your retail experience design right the first time.

It’s becoming increasingly common for retailers to not only want to create a great purchasing experience for their customers, but to also want to entertain them in a way that retail spaces previously weren’t able to. The emergence of experiential technology has expedited this desire, but there’s a balance that many retailers are finding it hard to strike: how to ensure these new experiences are actually effective at engaging customers and creating a more enjoyable retail experience.

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wayfinding design principles

Digital Wayfinding Solutions: The Future of Surface Navigation, Today

Why digital wayfinding solutions have become essential to the everyday lives of so many people.

If you are a frequent flyer, you have experienced delays and flight cancellations numerous times. Once faced with a disruption, you have certainly wished you could take an active role in planning your new itinerary, ideally without having to stand in a long line of disgruntled passengers. In August 2018, Lufthansa announced plans to let you to just that, lending passengers unprecedented freedom to self-manage their disrupted air travel. This is just one example of many digital wayfinding solutions that are taking the world of customised personal mobility by storm. As attractive as flight self-management sounds, however, the technology’s ground applications are much more exciting and far-reaching.

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