Why Temperature Kiosks for Schools is Vital To Keep Students Safe

Temperature kiosks for schools have become incredibly important over the past year. It’s been over 6 months since many parts of the world found themselves in lockdown as a response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Our daily lives have changed inexplicably and some of the things we take for granted have been stripped from our lives altogether.

While lockdown has brought with it massive changes at home, some other areas of life have had to adapt and alter too. Just the act of going to school if you are a student or work in education has become fraught with difficulties and juggling the need to stay safe (and keep others safe) while ensuring learning takes place has become the new normal for many.

COVID-19 has become the biggest accelerator for educational transformations in our, or anybody else’s, lifetime. Simple things like how we move around schools or complete and submit work has changed possibly forever.

But there are solutions out there to help and provide protection against the pandemic. One such solution is to install temperature kiosks in educational establishments. We’ll look a little later in the article at some of the best types to install, but first, let’s discuss what a temperature kiosk actually is.

What is a temperature kiosk?

A temperature scanning kiosk is an electronic device that uses a combination of facial recognition and infrared technology to identify and scan a person’s temperature quickly and easily.

While there are many different makes and models of temperature kiosks available, most will identify an individual in a few seconds and provide an almost real-time assessment of their internal body temperature.

The efficiency at which temperature kiosks work make them ideal for vetting large groups of people such as at sporting events or in schools or colleges where attendees can be scanned as they arrive.

Temperature kiosks are non-contact by nature (most use infrared technology to scan for temperatures) minimizing the risk of spreading infection. The technology inside the kiosks is similar in nature to thermal cameras and scans the forehead of a subject to get an accurate reading of their temperature form their temporal artery.

Why installing temperature kiosk for schools is important

temperature kiosks for schools, Why Temperature Kiosks for Schools is Vital To Keep Students Safe

Schools (like many offices and businesses – check out a similar article we posted about these here) are a hive of activity. With so many people passing through the doors each and every day, keeping people safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a mammoth task.

Scientists have argued from the very beginning of the pandemic that finding ways to identify those who are infected, isolating them, tracking their movements, and tracing those they have come into contact with (aka track and trace) is vital for defeating this disease.

Indeed, way back in May the SAGE group, that is the body of advisors who provide the government on how to deal with the crisis, advocated the need to have a robust identify, track, and trace system in place in order for schools to fully reopen (the original article can be found on the TES website here).

What most temperature taking kiosks provide is an inbuilt solution for identifying those it scans while assessing if they have a high internal body temperature, one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 as well as many other illnesses. Once a person is identified as having a temperature, they can be removed from the school to get tested and self-isolate to prevent infection spreading. The details of the person can also be passed on to the authorities for them to track and trace the people they have come into contact with, although this currently only takes place after a positive test result is returned.

If movement around a school building needs to be tracked, then multiple temperature kiosks can be installed at key locations to monitor who has moved to where the building. This can provide a way to isolate groups and provide the all-important bubbles we keep hearing about that are vital to controlling the spread of infection.

Temperature kiosks for schools are more important than you think

One of the biggest problems with the COVID-19 virus is that it presents a range of symptoms that vary depending on a persons’ age and situation. In young people it can be quite mild and may be little more than a low fever. For many school age children, it may show no outward symptoms at all and the person may not even realise they have it.

This makes identifying young people with COVID-19 an incredibly difficult task. What a temperature scanning kiosk allows you to do is pick up on the most common symptom, a fever which presents in the vast majority of cases (even the young), and isolate those affected from others quickly to keep the spread of infection at bay.

What are the best temperature kiosk solutions for schools?

Temperature scanning kiosks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple temperature checking booths to full facial recognition systems. For a school where many people pass through the doors each day, a system that identifies those with a high temperature and registers their identity is the most suitable.

But while a sign in device (one that each user has to enter their details into) is great for small educational establishments, training thousands of students to log in to such a system is unfeasible for most schools. That’s why we would recommend something like the Zentron 8 kiosk that provides full facial recognition and instant results. More details of this device can be found here.

In conclusion

We live in unprecedented times and keeping everyone safe has to buy the main priority for everyone, including those who work in schools. That’s is why getting the right temperature kiosks for schools is so important right now and a great way to reduce the spread of infection.

Contact LamasaTech today if you would like to learn more about our Zentron non-contact kiosks. and discuss your requirements today. 

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