Introducing the Zentron 8 With Temperature Screening & Multi-Frequency RFID

Introducing the Zentron 8 With Temperature Screening & Multi-Frequency RFID

The Zentron 8 provides a seamless and safe sign-in experience for businesses, with a PCAP touchscreen, QR code scanning and quick sign-in with access cards.

LamasaTech Zentron 8 Model with Tilt & Rotate Wall Mount

LamasaTech has announced the launch of the Zentron 8, the second-generation line of their Zentron kiosk. The Zentron 8 empowers businesses to safely manage access to their facilities and provide a seamless and safe sign-in experience for employees, visitors, contractors and delivery personnel. Thousands of the first-generation devices have been used in enterprises worldwide since March to read an individual’s temperature, record entry logs and provide a reminder to wear a mask.

The Zentron 8 delivers true flexibility for businesses to streamline their sign-in and access procedures. The 8” screen is PCAP touch-enabled, which paves the way for future use with touch applications, whilst the process remains completely automated where contactless sign-in is preferred. If temperature screening is not desired, the temperature sensor can be disabled or detached from the kiosk effortlessly.

Designed for its time-saving capabilities, the kiosk delivers fast sign-in journeys with built-in RFID and QR code readers. A multi-frequency RFID reader, compatible with 13.56Mhz, 125Khz, Mifare, NFC, HID, Paxton and PAC, allows employees and other registered cardholders to sign in with a quick tap. Visitors and staff can scan their QuickPass entry pass on the QR code reader from their mobile device.

Reception and facility teams can monitor the device and users entering the facilities from behind their desk with the HDMI output, which mirrors the device to another screen. The kiosk can be mounted on a desk, wall or floor stand, or integrated within an existing surface including turnstiles and gates. This new generation device offers dual frequency WiFi (2.4Ghz/5Ghz) and a stronger WIFI antenna design.

“When the pandemic began, we rapidly released the first temperature screening kiosks in the market as organisations urgently needed a solution to perform quick checks on entry. As the environment evolves, we continue to innovate and enhance our solutions to match the needs of our customers,” said Mahmoud Elsaid, Managing Director at LamasaTech. “We are excited to offer our most comprehensive and powerful sign-in technology yet, which can be seamlessly integrated with our customers’ existing processes and will provide long-term ROI.”

The Zentron 8 features toughened glass and ruggedised casing to withstand high footfall areas and 24/7 usage, paired with soft metal edges which will effortlessly complement any reception or lobby environment.

You can find more information about the Zentron kiosk range here.

About LamasaTech

LamasaTech enables digital transformation, helping organisations to automate processes, improve efficiency and engage their audiences. Their solutions include visitor and employee sign-in systems, digital signage, video walls, kiosks and digital displays. Renowned for device quality and reliability, and with over 11 years’ experience in the kiosk industry, LamasaTech introduced the Zentron kiosk range in March in response to the global pandemic. Thousands of Zentron kiosks have been provided to organisations globally, including Yamaha Motor Corp and Fedway Associates. Their customer success team are available 24/7 to support customers.

Please note – The Zentron kiosks are not intended to be used to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other sickness or medical conditions.

The original press release can be found here.


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