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Employee Vaccine Tracking in 2022

Efficient employee vaccine tracking is another puzzle employers have to figure out amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Omicron variant makes it harder to reopen offices and London reports a 41% decrease in workplace activity, we explore how you can track and verify vaccination status.

There are many factors to consider when navigating vaccination status and COVID-19 safety protocols for your employees. However, the most important of them are accuracy and speed. These two qualities are paramount.

Let’s check out some effective employee vaccine tracking methods, why they are vital, and how to get the best out of them.

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The Easiest Way to Track Proof of Vaccination from Employees

Benefits of Faster Employee Vaccine Tracking

Useful Employee Vaccine Tracking Tips That Could Save Your Business

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The Easiest Way to Track Proof of Vaccination from Employees

Check out some of the easiest ways to track vaccination status:

Temperature Kiosks

Temperature Kiosks

Temperature kiosks use facial recognition and infrared technology to swiftly identify people and scan temperatures. LamasaTech temperature kiosks are excellent for conducting contactless temperature checks on employees, visitors, and customers who enter offices and other buildings. They are affordable visitor management kiosks that will not only scan temperatures but also manage entry into your facilities.

These devices, all plug and play solutions, are calibrated and quality assured in the UK. Choose the configuration ideal for your office and get it integrated into your systems.

LamasaTech temperature kiosks also have a vaccine tracking feature to help you validate and store the vaccination status of employees and visitors on entry. Based on their policy, employers can prevent or restrict access to offices depending on vaccination status and make adjustments as they wish.

The device can pull out important information like vaccination dates and names using the QR code scanner. Each employee will have a user profile that updates their vaccination or test results on entry. HR will have access to the backend and access information as needed.

Temperature kiosks like these are by far the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for companies looking to comply with the volatile Covid-19 protocols.

Enterprise Systems

Many enterprise HR vendors implement vaccine tracking features into their systems for companies and organisations that use their products. Since many HR vendors already have systems that allow employees to upload documents, adding vaccination proof wasn’t tricky. Many of the tools they provide are not technically sophisticated and are simply surveying instruments that the enterprises improved to track vaccine status across employees.

A lot of tracking solutions by the HR vendors use the honour system, where the responsibility falls on the workers to provide their vaccination records. Many of these apps have dashboards that HR can easily track which employees are vaccinated and those that need testing.

These apps include sentiment surveys to understand employees’ views on vaccination, contract-tracing abilities, vaccine status surveys and health attestation.

New Tracking Solutions

Many startups have developed solutions for vaccine tracking since employees have started returning to offices. If an employee tests positive for the virus, the system helps with contact tracing to caution any colleagues that may have been exposed.

The technology also integrates with building access systems so only cleared employees can enter the building. There are many solutions offering similar features, but most companies find them too expensive and complex.

Manual Tracking

Manual Vaccine Tracking

While some of the options above are ideal for larger companies with the capital, most are not viable for lean startups and smaller companies. Even if they have the money to purchase these vaccine tracking solutions, it might not be ideal, especially if they don’t have a lot of staff. An alternative for these companies is using Excel spreadsheets or other systems for manual checks.

Although this is a manual approach, you don’t have to make filing and verification completely physical. There are digital solutions to help you smoothen the process.

An example of how this vaccination tracking solution will work is the use of an online portal where employees can send their vaccination documents.

The employees would upload relevant documentation that confirms their vaccination status. Employees that are vaccinated will typically have a vaccination card, and they can upload a digital copy, and unvaccinated ones can upload ongoing COVID-19 test results. An HR personnel will have access to this portal and can manually check, verify, update, and record the vaccination status of each employee.

Benefits of Faster Employee Vaccine Tracking

Check out the advantages of tracking vaccines quickly:

Prevent Outbreaks

An advantage of tracking vaccines is knowing everyone’s status and planning for possible outbreak scenarios. It also helps in scenarios where someone tests positive as you already have information to enable tracking and procedures to prevent the spread.


Depending on the state, local laws and industries, companies have to stay compliant with government regulations on vaccination tracking and reporting. Systems that help you track vaccination status can help you do this easily through a simple dashboard that aggregates all the information in one place.

Employee Vaccine Tracking Compliance

Easier Decision Making

The vaccination status of employees can help HR understand the immunity status of their employees while considering plans to reopen offices. The information from the vaccination tracking systems also helps determine the workplace safety protocols and the policies needed for the full resumption of the office.

Protect Employees and Customers

Covid status is critical to ensuring that the customers they serve and other employees have reduced the risk of contracting the virus from their offices. It helps determine which people are ideal for customer-facing roles and keeps records for efficient processes.

Useful Employee Vaccine Tracking Tips That Could Save Your Business

Useful Employee Vaccine Tracking Tips That Could Save Your Business

Check out these tips for vaccine tracking:

Limit the Number of Inquiries

Even though employers have a legitimate reason to ask employees about their vaccination status, they should be careful not to dig too much. Typical areas in which employers should be aware include asking about disability-related information. Also, consistently asking about vaccination status can leave employees feeling uncomfortable, leading to poor job satisfaction and them wanting to leave the organisation.

Give Access to Correct Vaccine Information

Given that there is a lot of misinformation about the vaccine, employers should provide their employees with up-to-date information to increase the vaccination rate. Also, employers should be open to questions and leave channels available to help employees that need them.

Update Policies Regularly
Add and remove required documents with VisiPoint Cloud

Update Policies Regularly

The situation around COVID-19 is constantly changing as we learn to come to grasp it. Many authorities at different levels are regularly evolving their COVID-19 requirements or laws that may impact your business. Just as people in England are no longer mandated to wear masks, it is up to the employers to stay updated on the trends and updates surrounding the virus so they can make necessary changes to their policies and processes as need be.

Set Post-Vaccine Incentives for Employees

In a bid to encourage vaccination across your organisation, post-vaccination incentives can help encourage those who have been putting it off. An example of these incentive programs includes paid time off. Employers can also relieve mask restrictions and social distancing requirements for fully vaccinated employees with government mandates.

Keep The Highest Level of Confidentiality

Employees’ information about their vaccination status is medical information, and employers must keep it confidential. Employers should use a control access system where only required people can access vaccination records to limit exposure. Also, depending on the state, it is usually protected by law.

Bottom Line

employee vaccine tracking, How Your Company Should Approach Employee Vaccine Tracking

Our reality today is dealing with the effects of the pandemic, and as we gradually recover as a society, these processes for vaccine tracking can significantly help in that regard. Apart from complying with government restrictions, it also helps keep your customers and employees safe from outbreaks that could harm your business.

As we use COVID-19 tracking solutions, remember to keep all information collected confidential and use the information obtained to guide your decisions in the future.

If you have any questions about how vaccine tracking can help your business get in contact today and we’ll help you find a solution that works for you.

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