5 Reopening Business Tips for a Safe Transition to Normality

Slowly, the world is starting to look past Covid-19 and all the chaos it has caused towards a time when business can get back on its feet. A defined path back to the pre-pandemic status quo is starting to materialise with governments planning the safe lifting of restrictions around the world and as a result, there are more than one or two business owners in need of some reopening business tip.

The good news is, that’s what we provide here, as we look at how the process of reopening business safely  can be achieved more smoothly. Of course, different types of businesses will have industry-specific challenges that they must overcome, but there are some basic principles that will apply to pretty much all companies out there and hopefully our advice will prove useful across the board.

So, to avoid delaying things with any unnecessary hyperbole, let’s get straight to it.

Tip 1 – Protect Your Employees

There are a reported 12 billion vaccine doses set to be released in 2021 , but this will take time to administer. In the meantime, it’s important to ensure that the safety of your employees is prioritised, as the least they should expect is a safe and comfortable place to work. Reopening businesses safely  involves a multi-pronged approach that enables you to conduct business at the same time as simultaneously implementing measures to control the spread of the virus.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Elements to consider when putting your strategy together are whether you have sufficient Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for all of your employees and that you have a comprehensive and regular cleaning program planned that everyone is aware of. It may also be helpful to have disposable testing kits available when needed.

Employee Communication

You can also help to protect your employees with innovative workplace tech that instantly communicates updates and key messages via desktop notifications and important information over digital signage. This way, your employees are constantly updated about required actions and changes to guidelines.

Workplace Distancing

Something else that needs to be thought about are the social distancing guidelines that have been set by the UK government and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) in the US. At least 6 feet between individuals needs to be kept wherever possible, which might mean having physical barriers installed between workstations and closing down communal areas.

Tip 2 – Protect Your Customers

Next on our list of reopening business tips is the need to ensure the safety of any business’s most important element – its customers. Adhering to government guidelines to social distancing is important, as is providing signage (e.g. one way aisle signs) to help visitors to your store or premises navigate safely around. Businesses vary a lot, but most will have some kind of customer that they supply, so it’s a principle that applies everywhere.

At point of writing, face masks are still required when entering any business establishment and these are rules that need to be enforced. Positioning staff by your entrance or clearly displaying the need to wear face coverings to remind visitors can ensure that everyone abides by the rules unless medically exempt.

Tip 3 – Use All Available Customer Communications Channels

Reopening businesses safely takes a coordinated effort and there’s going to be quite a bit of miscommunication out there about which businesses are open, which are yet to and which might never open again. The key to a smoother reopening process is clear communication to your customers via every channel available to you.

For instance, keeping your business website up-to-date and full of the kind of information they need is a great start. Having something like “Open Again & Covid-Safe” emblazoned on your site will let your customers know that you’re up and running again, as will regular updates on any social media platforms that you operate on.

Tip 4 – Don’t Abandon Your Social-Distanced Services

Some reopening business tips  involve doing nothing, as our next one centres on maintaining any services that you’ve been able to deliver during the lockdowns. Of course, not all companies have been able to keep their wheels of commerce moving, but the internet has allowed many businesses to mitigate the impact of each of the national shutdowns.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to maintain these services is that some of your customers may fall into high risk categories that might still preclude them from visiting you. Plus other low-risk customers might remain reluctant to visit you to begin with, even after things have opened up.

Tip 5 – Embrace New Covid-Beating Technologies

Sometimes in order to remain competitive in business it’s necessary to open yourself up to new ideas and technologies. The job of reopening businesses safely gets that much easier when using monitoring equipment that is able to keep a constant eye on the wellness of anyone entering your retail store or office. What we’re talking about specifically here are personnel management kiosks.

Able to conduct contactless temperature checks on customers, visitors and employees, intelligent temperature screening kiosks with visitor and employee sign-in from Lamastech can identify abnormal body temperatures, as well as allowing access control through facial recognition. Innovative devices like these can even provide important data that can be used to track and trace those who might have become exposed.

LamasaTech Check-In Kiosks – Making Reopening Business Easier

As you can see there’s much to think about when reopening businesses safely and we hope that our reopening business tips  prove useful in getting yours back up and running. At Lamasatech, we design and manufacture personnel check-in kiosks that are able to take a visitor’s temperature in less than a second and have visitor management systems built-in, so everything can be conducted from one kiosk.

Our products make the provision of a safe environment for employees, visitors and customers alike a simple process. What’s more, they remove the need to have your staff take time out of their day to safely welcome visitors into your premises or retail store safely. Whether talking about factories, offices, schools or government buildings, our kiosks reduce waiting times whilst keeping people safe.

If you would like to know more about the wide range of high-tech kiosks that we offer, simply visit us online at www.lamasatech.com and take a look around. If, however, you’d like to speak to our friendly advisors about how our products can help your business, you can call us on +44 0191 622 0725.

Alternatively, you can fill your details into our customer contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can upon receipt of your enquiry.


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