The Whats & Whys of LED Pixel Pitch

What is LED pixel pitch, and why does it matter?

Digital signage has had a meteoric rise to popularity when it comes to marketing and customer service. This means an unprecedented number of people are looking to use it to draw in customers.

However, deciding on the exact specifications of your digital signage can be difficult. So, we’ve created this handy guide on one of the more confounding digital signage industry terms: pixel pitch.

What is pixel pitch?

In short: pixel pitch is the measurement of optimal viewing distance relative to screen resolution. You might also hear it referred to as dot pitch, line pitch or stripe pitch.

LED pixel pitch is a specification of LED displays that describes the distance between the centre of one pixel to the centre of the next pixel of a screen. The distance is measured in millimetres or as a rate, such as dots per inch.

As a rule, the lower the pixel pitch: the higher the resolution of a screen. The closer the pixels, the more you fan fit into one space, giving you a better image.

Different types of pixel layout - showing how pixel pitch works
Different types of pixel layout, showing how pixel pitch works / Wikimedia Commons

Finding the right LED pixel pitch

The most important consideration when it comes to choosing the right pixel pitch is your viewing distance from the screen. Although you can – in theory – combine any screen size and pixel pitch you like, a large screen with a short pixel pitch would be costly. This is particularly true with LED technology, which tends to come with a premium price tag.

So, let’s say you’re a restaurant owner. You want to invest in digital signage for your windows. What do you need to consider?

Well, you should think about where the signage is going to be viewed from. If you’re aiming to entice people in from across the street, for example, you can go for a larger pixel pitch.

Perhaps you also want to be allow customers to use digital menus or self-service kiosks? You’re going to need a screen that can show high-quality images and clear descriptions of the food you serve. In this case a display with a shorter pixel pitch would be the way to go.


At LamasaTech we provide digital signage that matches your pixel pitch requirements perfectly. Get in touch with one of our experts to arrange a consultation.


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