Future-Proof Your Business With Self-Service Technology

Over the last decade, self-service technology has risen to prominence across most sectors and industries and has had a largely positive effect on business. When it is thoughtfully implemented, self-service technology brings a myriad of benefits to small and large businesses. From touch screen applications to self-service kiosks, this consumer-led technology will allow you to future proof your business for the twenty-first century and beyond. Let’s look at some of the ways self-service technology can benefit your business:

Future proof your business by using self-service technology to improve customer service

Self-service technology enables consumers to feel more empowered than ever. As consumers of all demographics are increasingly becoming accustomed to self-service kiosks and check-ins, any business that does not invest in such technology runs the risk of attracting negative feedback. At a traditional help desk, for example, customers may feel irritated at having to queue for advice or information. Customers are quick to become frustrated and impatient when confronted with employees that visibly appear to be busy with other tasks. Self-service technology deliver companies the competitive edge needed to attract customers.

Self-service technology is able to operate on a 24-hour basis so tasks can be logged and responded too much more quickly than traditional methods. Using the example of a hotel reception desk, self-service systems greatly reduce the risk of double bookings and other common types of administration error. As well as streamlining processes and saving money, self-service technology can undoubtedly help to improve the overall experience of each consumer.

Future proof your business and attract new customers

If you have not yet interested in the latest self-service technology, the news that it could well help to attract new customers should certainly spark your interest. After all, customers are key to the future success of any company. Self-service technology enables consumers to be directly involved in the process. Paying for petrol at the pump is a good example of a self-service technology that is hugely successful. Queues are reduced at both the pumps and the central filling station, where customers can opt to pick up groceries and treats and pay. Consumer’s report that their experience at petrol stations has improved since the introduction of pay the pump technology. Ease of use, good levels of security and reliability are essential factors of this success.

Another example of a self-service technology that has helped to attract new customers is the self-service check-in screens now offered by many GP surgeries. These allow patients to quickly and simply check in by entering a piece of data, such as the month of their birth. This is a reliable and intuitive system that frees receptionists to assist patients in more complex matters.

One of the things most disliked by customers is having to wait to find answers to their problems. Self-service technology can increase the likelihood of consumers feeling in control, able to help themselves and confident that they will quickly find the answers from experts in a short while. And new types of virtual assistant apps are already being trialled to help direct patients to the most appropriate services.

Future proof your business and retain customers

In a highly competitive world, investing in the latest technology is essential if you want to retain existing customers. There is a heightened demand for consumer-led technology – and any company that fails to respond to this demand runs the risk of losing formerly loyal clients. Self-service technology does not mean doing away with traditional human interaction, it should be seen as more of a helpful accompaniment.

Well-designed apps that take into account consumer needs and create numerous opportunities for engagement – whether that is enabling the customer to share via social media or by providing useful interactive buying guide tools -will appeal to a wide range of consumers and make repeat custom more likely.

Future proof your business and increase revenue/profits

There is a reason that self-service technologies can be now seen in virtually every area of modern life from railway stations to museums, and that is because they are an economic success story. Self-service technologies allow businesses to reduce overheads, speed up transaction processes, all while giving the consumer a feeling of empowerment. And self-service kiosks can supply the same opportunities for upselling at the end of the transaction in the same way as cashiers and waiters/waitresses.

Future proof your business by improving the image of your business

Investing in well-designed self-service technology that reflects the branding and image of your company is a good way of enhancing the overall image of your company. Downloadable mobile apps with your company logo and message are a relatively inexpensive and highly effective way of increasing your brand’s impact on consumers.

However, it is important to note that self-service technology can certainly future proof your business but only if it delivers the seamless and intuitive solutions demanded by customers. Visit LamasaTech for the latest information about how we can help to implement self-service technology solutions that are customised to the needs of your business.

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