7 Incredible Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks

Discover the transformative benefits of self-service kiosks for your business.

Self-service kiosks are all the rage at the moment. It’s increasingly difficult to find retail shops, restaurants and public spaces that don’t utilise self-service kiosk technology in some form. There are so many benefits of self-service kiosks that one list couldn’t possibly list every single one in this post, but we thought it would be useful to create a resource running through some of the most important advantages of using self-service technology.

So, let’s explore some of the many advantages of self-service kiosks and discover how this incredible technology can take your organisation to the next level.

Saving resources

Another way in which self-service kiosks benefit your organisation is that they save on resources, particularly staff time. Take, for example, a self-service visitor management kiosk. These kiosks allow visitors, staff and contractors to sign in using a kiosk without intervention from staff. This saves administration and reception staff valuable time that can be used for more pressing tasks.


One of the key advantages of self-service kiosks is the ability to easily adapt them to meet emerging requirements within your organisation.

For example, you may want to begin accepting payments using a self-service kiosk that had previously only been used to display wayfinding maps. This can be accomplished easily as most kiosks include the option to integrate with payment devices such as Ingenico, Verifone and Worldpay quickly and easily.


The adaptability of self-service kiosks ties directly into their connectivity. Because self-service kiosks are networked, they can be remotely accessed and controlled from anywhere with an internet connection.

This allows staff members to push new content, software, fixes and more to the kiosk remotely from anywhere in the world.

Once you’ve found the perfect self-service kiosk for your organisation, the next step is implementing it. Check out our blog on how to plan a self-service kiosk deployment for some tips on making sure your kiosk implementation goes without a hitch.

Serve more customers

Because ease of use is one of the key benefits of self-service kiosks, customers frequently find it quicker and more convenient to use self-service kiosks than going to the counter

This has the added benefit of creating a positive customer experience that leads to positive word of mouth. If a customer has had a great experience with your self-service technology they’re likely to tell other people, increasing your potential customer base.

From the blog: Not only are self-service kiosks allowing for faster, more efficient serving of customers, they’re also changing customer behaviour in a fundamental way.

Increased profits

Despite the initial investment that self-service kiosks carry with them, they offer a keen return on investment for your organisation. As your reputation for fast, convenient service increases, your customer base will grow, creating more streams of revenue. Self-service kiosks also offer improved upselling capabilities compared to traditional methods of service, improving the potential for increased profits.

Quicker service

Another one of the key benefits of self-service kiosks is that they circumvent the issue of customers coming into your retail space and leaving if they see a queue at the counter, as they can quickly and easily check out using the self-service kiosk instead.

Improved customer satisfaction

The ability to adapt to different requirements and serve more customers in a timely fashion means that self-service kiosks are becoming integral to maintaining a satisfied customer base.

Self-service kiosks also enable customers to be more informed about the products you offer. Have you ever been looking for information on a product or service offered by a company but not been able to find someone in store to talk about it? Self-service kiosks solve this issue, allowing customers to browse entire ranges of products and services at their convenience. This simultaneously increases customer satisfaction while also creating a customer base that is more knowledgeable about your products and services.

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