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Knowing what to look for when choosing a digital window display can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, from all the frequently asked questions and stumbling blocks that we have found customers to experience, to help guide you toward finding the right solution for your needs.

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What is a digital window display?

What are the benefits of a digital window display?

What to look for in a digital window display?

How do digital window displays work?

How much does a digital window display cost?

The final considerations

What is a digital window display?

window displays in a cosmetics store
2 window displays in a cosmetics store

A digital window display is a device used to showcase your digital signage to anyone passing your business’s storefront. These displays have a panel on either side allowing you to engage with customers both outside and inside your premises. This provides your branding with a boost to its overall reach.

As the name suggests the optimal location for one of these displays will be your front-facing window.

However, in some retail stores, these can also be used to identify different sections of the store and promote nearby products.

Digital window displays offer flexibility when it comes to the content you can display. Videos, images and animations can all be shown on the panels. This is a significant advantage over traditional displays as video content is capable of capturing an average of over 400% more views than static displays.

A wide variety of industries use digital window displays to communicate with their customers, such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Estate agents
  • Showrooms
  • Cafes
  • QSRs
  • Hotels

What are the benefits of a digital window display?

Increased footfall

This technology is perfect for communicating with your customers. Thanks to the bright screens and the ability to display video content, digital window displays will grab the attention of anyone passing your store. This is significant because 76% of shoppers have entered a new store based solely on its signage.

Regardless of your content, having signage that stands out and grabs the attention of potential customers is key. Once you have their attention, they are much more likely to enter your store even if they never intended to. In this case, you could be capturing customers from your local rivals giving you a stronger hold on the market.

muro in coffee shop
Coffee shop promotion on window display

As seen in the image above, you can display current promotions which can further encourage customers to enter your store. With a digital signage platform linked to your window display you can update this content at any time. This means you could promote a flash sale during peak times of the day to appeal to the increased potential audience passing your store, which will help to drive a greater amount of traffic to your business.

Find out more about digital signage platforms in the section below or take a look at this blog post.

24/7 digital signage

You could be missing out on promoting your brand to a large number of people without a digital window display. When your business closes for the day, potential customers don’t stop walking past. These could be sales that you are missing out on.

Digital window displays run constantly 24/7. Even when your store is closed and all of your staff have left for the day, this device will continue to showcase your content and promote your brand to anyone walking past.

This is particularly effective in city centres or busy high streets where large groups of people will congregate after the typical 5 PM closing time. With digital signage that doesn’t sleep, you’ll be guaranteed to reach every possible customer who passes your business no matter what time it is. This will boost your brand recognition as the people who may have only ever passed your store at night, will now see your promotional material and become more aware of your brand.

Easy to maintain

Another helpful benefit is that a digital window display requires very little maintenance once it has been set up. After being installed you’ll quickly be able to set your content and start promoting your branding both outward and inward. You can then simply leave the device to work with no additional upkeep necessary.

As mentioned above this technology is designed to function 24/7 and has a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours. LamasaTech’s Muro Window also uses high-temperature resistant panels which can resist heating up to 110°. This helps to protect the display and prevent the screen from suffering any blackening effects caused by direct sunlight.

Learn more about the benefits of digital window displays here.

What to look for in a digital window display?


Brightness is used to combat the effects of direct sunlight. If the brightness level of a panel is too low for the amount of sunlight hitting it, then glare will make the content unclear which will mean your display will not be able to communicate your branding. The outward and inward-facing panels of your window display will require different levels of brightness.

For the outward-facing panel, the brightness recommendation can vary depending on your location. In most places, a 700 nits panel will be perfect for producing a clear display that stands out and will be bright enough to catch the eye of passersby.

However, for south-facing window fronts, it is recommended to look for a digital window display that offers higher brightness capabilities. This is because south-facing windows receive the most sunlight throughout the day; therefore, a higher brightness level is needed to reduce the effects of glare. In this case, you would want an outward-facing panel with 3,500 nits. If you need a digital window display for a south-facing window, LamasaTech can help with our ultra-high-brightness panels, take a look here.

The table below is a comparison chart of features, including brightness, for a standard window display and a south-facing version.

ProductScreen sizeBrightnessDouble-sidedSlim DesignBuilt-in Android Player
Muro Double-Sided Window Display43″/55″700 nits outward-facing panelYesDual-screen thickness of 2.5 cmYes
Muro Ultra High Brightness Double-Sided Window Display43″/55″3,500 nits outward-facing panelYesDual-screen thickness of 2.5 cmYes

Digital signage platform

To get the most out of your digital window display you’ll want to pair it with a digital signage solution. This will allow you to control your content much easier and make changes to your display instantly.

A cloud-based platform, such as PeakSignage, gives you the power to make these adjustments from anywhere on any device with a modern browser. If you have a new logo and want to add that to the content shown on your window displays, you can do this at home on your PC. Once you’ve made your edits, your window displays will immediately update to show the new version of your content with no downtime required. This lets you continue to promote your brand even while new content is being produced.

Learn how to effectively use a digital signage platform here and see what LamasaTech’s signage solution has to offer on this page.

Installation process

It is essential to know when choosing your digital window display if you have a suitable location for it to be installed.

A key factor for an appropriate location is that there should be a gap between the glass of the window and the display itself. The panels of the display should not touch the window, this is to protect the digital panels and ensure that your content is shown clearly to passersby.

With a chosen spot for our display to be fitted, the installation process can begin. This involves:

  • Two fixings are attached to the ceiling which the display will hang from via a wire rope
  • Adjusting the height so that the display can be clearly seen by passing customers
  • Two fixings being set below the device to keep it in place and prevent swaying

If you choose an Ultra High Brightness display the installation process will be slightly different. Once you have your screen where you want it to be displayed a bar will be attached to the ceiling. Two arms will then be attached with screws, these frame arms will house the wires, preventing them from being seen. Finally, the additional support wires will be secured below the device.

How do digital window displays work?

Once your window display has been installed, you’ll be ready to start promoting your brand to customers both inside and outside your premises. LamasaTech digital displays offer plug-and-play capabilities. This means that all you need to do to get your device up and running is connect it to the power and install your content or digital signage platform.

The LamasaTech Muro Window comes with a built-in Android player. This is what will run any applications you install on the device. Therefore, you should keep in mind that any application you’d like to install would need to be compatible with the Android operating system.

Alternatively, if you selected an Ultra High brightness display, you can use your own external player. This can be connected to your screen via an HDMI cable. Only the Ultra High brightness version of LamasaTech’s Muro Digital Window display comes with an HDMI connection port, the standard Muro Window display does not.

How much does a digital window display cost?

For the initial price you pay, you’ll get a double-sided digital signage display that will help you drive traffic into your store. As a result, thanks to the increased sales this technology can generate, you’ll be able to recoup your investment quickly.

The main factor that will affect the cost of your digital window display will be if you require a higher brightness outward-facing panel for a south-facing window. This upgrade will require a higher cost but will ensure that your content is visible and that your signage can do its job of attracting more passersby into your store.

The final considerations

It can be daunting trying to find the right digital window display solution for your needs. However, if you follow the considerations we’ve covered above when you’re searching for a window display, you’ll get off to a great start.

You can learn more about the window displays LamasaTech has to offer here.

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LamasaTech is a leader in digital display technology with over 12 years of experience. We support customers across a range of industries including retail, military and defence, government and public sector, technology, hospitality and education.


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