Why Digital Signage is Important to Your Business’s Growth

Your brand goes beyond a logo; it is a complex set of factors that determine whether your customers will recall you and make a decision to do business with you. Advertising has changed in a big way the past couple of years with digital signage being one of the most popular things. It has come to replace the traditional methods of advertising, which depended on print media. These digital signage solutions are powerful platforms for building your brand about the products and services that you offer through high-quality graphics, videos and content. These are some of the many reasons why digital signage is important for your business.

Company visibility

One of the problems that business people face today is trying to outdo their competitors with promotions. Using digital signage can help you achieve this by directing and keeping your customers’ attention to what you are selling. Getting one of these systems will help you understand why digital signage is important.

Improved communication

In case of an emergency, digital signage comes in handy as it can be used to pass across critical information and messages to alert your customers, workers and any other person in the facility to available exit locations or storm shelters. Always go for digital signage systems that come with the ability to show local alerts immediately by communicating with third-party emergency alert systems. This is because they can offer instant text alerts.

Saves time

Creating a printed sign is time-consuming, labour-intensive and also expensive. You can communicate the same message by displaying it in a quicker manner using a digital sign. This cannot be compared to the time you could use updating information on your printed signs as it would mean getting new ones. With a digital sign, you just have to update it with just a few keystrokes. This will not take too much of your time too. Do you really need another better reason than this to understand why digital signage is important?

Improved digital connectivity

With advanced digital signage systems, you can roll out new products or services, and the related RSS feeds as advertisements. The videos can then be run on digital screens to pass across the message more effectively. When you connect digital signage with social media, you will be able to increase your brand awareness and improve your customers’ trust.

Better interactivity

You can improve the interactivity of your advertisement by displaying it on digital signage. This minimises the expected waiting time by redirecting your customers to your brand’s positive messages. This is something you cannot accomplish with the traditional print advertisements. So, if you are still asking why digital signage is important, there is your answer.

Up-to-date information

Are you still wondering why digital signage is important? Well, here is another reason. A digital sign will always offer the right information, at the appropriate time and in the right place. What this means is that if you have a well programmed digital signage, it will offer your customers relevant information regarding what your business is all about. For example, if you operate a cinema, customers will be directed to their seats in the exact room the film they have chosen is showing. This will take away the guesswork and minimise confusion.

Training and education

You can use digital signage to demonstrate to your customers all that you know. This will help you gain their confidence when you educate them on the basics of your brand using visual aids. These tools can make learning and understanding easy and fun.

Better for the environment

Still not sure why digital signage is important; well, how about the fact that you will be helping take good care of the environment? Digital signage is considered a greener alternative to using printed content. Reducing paper and plastic use contributes to taking care of the environment through reduced pollution and deforestation. In other words, you will be embracing the technology of the future.


Although you will require the initial capital of installing the screen, there will not be any extra costs. Unlike printed menus and pamphlets that need to be replenished frequently, digital signage will serve you for long without breaking your budget. In the long-run, you will have saved a lot, which will help increase revenue.

Reduced waiting times

With digital signage, you can help your customers reduce the time they spend at checkouts by allowing them to make decisions as to what they want before they get to the point of sale. This will reduce queues and improve operational efficiency.

If you’re interested in the ways digital signage can help your business grow, Get in touch with LamasaTech for a free consultation about all of your digital signage requirements.


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