9 Trends Set to Shape the Future of Digital Signage

The future of digital signage is always evolving. People need new, exciting ways to display and control content, and the technology is adapting to meet this need.

To keep up with this ever-changing technology, it’s essential you keep up with the latest trends.

There’s so much in store for the future of digital signage, so we’ve listed some of the most exciting trends that could shape it:

1. Autonomy

Marketing departments are bound to embrace artificial intelligence to help perform their functions. Their tasks will include monitoring and managing all the operations carried out by digital signage. AI will decide whether certain content should be shown to a specific customer after analysing many databases and indicators. It will analyse a person’s goal when he or she is in front of the screen and determine the appropriate advertisement for that particular moment.

2. Interactivity

Restaurants are considered the biggest adopters of adding interactivity into the signage experience of their customers. There has been a growth of tabletop ordering that comes with built-in gaming and interactive video walls that have made the restaurant industry thrive. Customers have been quick to accept the development of interactive digital signage. It is due to this fact that there are expectations of more restaurants adopting interactive menus and thus, brightening the future of digital signage.

This technology has not been limited to the restaurant industry as direct advertising and retail marketing sectors are also embracing it. This trend is expected to continue growing and be adopted by other industries in the future.

3. Security and cloud-based deployment

The most common technology that has been used to update media playlists on digital signage players is a memory card. This is because SD cards are cheap, reliable and easy to copy for use in different locations. Nowadays, there is a better method of doing this. The most advanced digital signage players make use of ubiquitous cloud technology. It is secure, effective and offers an instant and scalable implementation. The cloud networks have been able to offer content security, which has made them very popular in the recent past. Businesses are enjoying the benefits that come with them, including minimal maintenance costs and increased transparency.

4. More digital signage

The expected trend will see all or most communication with customers carried out through a display panel. Many businesses are bound to embrace this technology and implement it in their stores as it will eliminate queues and checkouts. Such smart displays will allow shoppers to buy without needing the assistance of attendants and cashiers. It will be simple because all that customers will need to do is pick whatever they need and pay for it through an app. This will help them save time as they will not be stuck in long queues. This technology will even show customers the best product to choose from based on their choices.

5. Mobile Integration

Although you might think that the biggest rival for digital signage is the smartphone, this is not the case especially with the improvement in the mobile integration. These smart devices will help businesses understand their consumers by engaging with them on different personal levels, which is the future of digital signage. They will also be in a position to measure their impressions and impacts to deliver content to them.

This technology is already being used in airports where they have installed many digital menu boards, kiosks and information displays for their passengers. These passengers can also make use of their phones when making payments. There are also other apps that help customers find their way around the terminal. This makes the future of digital signage something to look forward to.

6. Digitised texture designs and new setups

For a long time, there have existed designs imprinted on computerised texture. However, the future of digital signage is bound to take these illustrations to a greater level. When a screen is introduced behind the texture realistic, it wakes up the signage, creating more light, shading and movement. This is the same as 15% of the cost of unveiling a television set. It gives organisations the power to create impact without having to spend a lot on the project.

Together with computerised image illustrations, advanced innovations have made it possible for signage to be created in various shapes, arrangements and sizes. This means that organisations can now have custom-made digital signage according to their preferences.

7. Touch-screen Innovation

In today’s world, touch-screens have become the norm. The future of digital signage will involve innovation of touchscreens. This is because companies are designing wide touchscreen panels to be used for digital signage.

Unlike with mobile phones, customers fail to feel the interconnectivity of this touchscreen innovation when used in digital signage. It is for this reason that there are plans to take care of these issues. They will include incorporating breaks that mimic a console on the screen. This will make clients feel an association between them and the signage. Looking at how technology advances each day, this is a feasible solution.

8. Digital signage advertising

Given the fact that advertisements need to be updated on a regular basis, the process can be overwhelming even for media managers. This is where digital signage comes into play. However, for you to succeed in such a plan, you need to look for software that allows easy content tagging. One such method is using media players from cloud-based digital signage as they make it easier. Nowadays, people use web browsers to manage systems.

9. Streaming content in real-time

When you combine real-time content streaming with rich media, the result is a great digital experience. Digital signage acts as a platform to present and share great content on embedded-graphic devices by the use of IP. From streaming live video to audio, you have limitless possibilities to explore. The most recent media players have the capability of acting as IP serves for streaming media on video walls or presentation screens. This is a great way of entertaining, promoting services or products and instructing in a fun way.

There are numerous trends that are shaping the future of digital signage, and you can expect even more in future. However, to get the most out of them, consider a system that corresponds to your needs. It should also make sense from a corporate viewpoint. With the future of digital signage looking this bright, it would be wise to also embrace it.


At LamasaTech we strive to deliver the most cutting edge digital signage solutions. If you’re looking to embrace the latest digital signage trends, why not get in touch for a consultation with one of our experts.

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