The Most Trending Types of Technology Used in Restaurants 2018

Your one-stop guide to the types of technology used in restaurants. The fast food and restaurant industry has undergone a fairly seismic shift in recent years. Many restaurants are embracing new and innovative technology to improve customer experience, gain and retain customers and market their products more effectively. The problem that many restaurant owners come up against though, is that there are so many options out there that it can be difficult to pick the technology that’s going to take their business forward.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Take a look at LamasaTech’s definitive guide to the types of technology used in restaurants to find out which solutions are right for you.

Ordering kiosks

Of all the types of technology used in restaurants, ordering kiosks are perhaps the most ubiquitous. They’re becoming increasingly common across the world, with global chain restaurants such as McDonald’s deploying them across thousands of restaurants.

The beauty of ordering kiosks lies in their simplicity. The entire face-to-face ordering process has been streamlined and condensed into a few easy-to-navigate screens. With a few taps you can select your food, drinks, desserts and more; make any adjustments to your order as required (such as removing/adding ingredients) and pay for your order using a card or contactless payment method.


EPoS systems are essential to running a successful, sustainable restaurant, and are a great way to easily manage multiple aspects of your business. With so many options and features, though, it can be touch selecting the system that’s right for you. Some of the key features you should look out for in an EPoS system include:

  • Stock control
  • Purchase order processing
  • Customisation options
  • Card and contactless payment options
  • Reporting tools (including staff hours, end-of-day reports, sales/profit reports)
  • Age restriction prompts

You can find more examples of essential EPoS features at this link.

Digital menu boards

The fast food and QSR industry moves rapidly, and being able to adjust the offerings on your menu in an agile way is essential to staying ahead of the curve. Conventionally, restaurants would have to update their menus manually, and have new ones printed. Not only is this consumptive of time and paper, it’s also costly.

A one-time investment in digital menu board technology allows to you circumvent the recurring costs associated with continually ordering paper menus.

Want to learn more about digital menu boards? Take a look at our blog post to see if it’s a worthwhile investment for your restaurant.

Digital signage

This ties in closely with digital menu boards. Why continually bring out new printed marketing material and posters when you can quickly and easily update your digital signage displays with your latest adverts and offers. Not only does offer further cost savings, it also allows you to provide new offers to customers in a much more timely manner, as there is no need to wait for physical marketing materials to be printed.

Along with many other¬†types of technology used in restaurants, digital signage displays can also improve the image of your business and give a great first impression to your customers. Digital signage displays signal to your customers that your business is on the cutting edge, and that you’re not afraid to invest in emerging, innovative technology.

At LamasaTech, we want to help you take your restaurant to the next level with easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated digital technology. Get in touch with a member of our expert team for a free consultation regarding your requirements.

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