The Transformative Effects of Self-Service Kiosks in Healthcare

Demands on healthcare providers are at an all-time high. Staff are looking for any solutions they can find to save time and money.

This is where self-service kiosks come in. Not only can they have transformative effects on time and money spent within healthcare facilities, they can also help reduce errors and improve safety and security.

Interested? Read on to learn more about the huge impact self-service kiosks can have on your workplace.

Reduced costs over time

A huge advantage – especially at a time where they’re undergoing huge funding cuts – is the financial savings provided by self-service kiosks in healthcare facilities.

This is particularly vital due to the strain many healthcare providers are under at the moment to cut costs.

Time savings for staff and patients

Healthcare staff are also under ever-increasing pressure to perform under limited time constraints.

Patient waiting times are also a point of issue for many healthcare providers. No one wants to wait hours to be seen when they go the hospital. Self- service kiosks can reduce this waiting time substantially.

Typically, you would spend a considerable amount of time in hospital queues waiting to sign in. Not only did this increase waiting times for everyone there, it’s also stressful for the hospital’s administration staff.

In an already-hectic workplace, there’s no need to add more stress to proceedings.

Fewer Errors

In such a fast-paced working environment it’s inevitable that mistakes will be made. Doctors are also famous for having particularly terrible handwriting. This can lead to reception and administration staff misreading what they’ve written and inputting information incorrectly into their database. A self-service kiosks reduces the risk of this issue, as their is far less ambiguity than with handwriting.

Enhanced security and safety

Self-service kiosks in healthcare also reduce the risk of harm coming to patients and staff.

The safety and security of everyone within your hospital is essential, and self-service are becoming an instrumental part of maintaining it. In particular, visitor management kiosks are transforming the way in which healthcare facilities safeguard patients and staff. They allow you to keep track of everyone coming in and out of your building(s) throughout the day. This gives staff more control and peace of mind, as well as helping to create a safe healthcare environment.


At LamasaTech we want to help healthcare providers embrace technology. If you’re looking for a self-service kiosk, Get in touch with us for an expert consultation!


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