The Technology Changing the Experiential Marketing Game

Stay Ahead of the Game with Experiential Marketing Technologies.

Have you been fumbling around trying to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer or do you find yourself wondering how to stay ahead of the game? Maybe it’s time you tried experiential marketing.

If you have been to an event or meeting lately you might have noticed that marketing industry is changing the way things are done. Smart companies are taking advantage of experiential marketing to win customers.
Check out some of the innovative experiential marketing techniques you can use to transform the way you interact with your customers.

1. Digital Donations

If you are a charitable organisation and is looking to make a difference in how you can engage people on donations, you need to try digital donation technology. It offers the perfect platform to help you get relevant donors to assist your cause.

This technology is being widely adopted in the world of experiential marketing. It is the ideal option considering how customers nowadays look at business a that are worth supporting. Agencies also are looking to bring the right skills into the business to help the cause, and all this can be made possible with this technology.

An excellent example of this technology is the Save the Children donation button. It allowed well-wishers to register once, and create a physical button for donation, which they can use to donate as many times as they want. The button goes online through data. It is a perfect example of ways of eliminating the churns and tedious acts of charity donations.

The method saves time, is convenient for donors all over the world, and can reach a multitude of different audiences.

2. Immersive Projection and Audio-Visual

Immersive projection and audio visual is one of the most interactive ways of getting customers hooked on your brand. The technology creates a perfect vision for your campaign and is ideal for communicating the most relevant content.

Through projection, marketers can tweak or add engaging visuals to a video to create a selling narrative. This technology creates an immersive experience through which promotional campaigns can be experienced.

Immersive projection involves the use of several screens to create a dome that the customers get immersed in. The content you want to display can be generated by the computer, a pre-recorded video or even a live stream! Some companies have even turned to augmented reality to engage their customers.

3. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has, in the last year, become a viable choice for engagement marketing. This method involves the strategic placing of a Bluetooth beacon in a specific area. The tag then sends messages to potential consumers through their devices whenever they are within the range.

This method is particularly crucial if you want to enhance the visitor experience. Whenever they are in the region, you will be able to send them trustworthy information about your brand. The chances are that they will want to familiarize themselves with the brand and possibly come to the event if one is around where they are staying.

Beacon technology negates the need of traversing places to let customers know of an upcoming event or tell them about your brand.

4. RFID & Wearables

Wearables, like Apple and Samsung watches, are perfect examples of what you can use to increase engagement in marketing. With these devices, you can tailor specific messages based on the users’ interests, activity, and experiences.

Combined with RFID technology, this becomes even easier. RFID technology allows you to monitor the customer and trigger experiences at specific points. This works through interaction with Geofencing technology.

This technology makes it possible to push relevant information to the customer. For example, you can advertise information or services that appeal precisely to their interests. Some exercise company marketers are using this technology to monitor the customers’ progress and know about their history.

The most considerable advantage is that RFID and Wearables allow you to make existing marketing processes easier and more efficient.

There are other options you can use, like the 3D edible printing, and others to drive your company, brand or marketing campaigns further apart from the five. There are lots of advantages to using these innovations in marketing. With this technology you will be able to:

• Increase engagement and increase promotion through exposure as well as a word of mouth
• Sensitize the consumer and widen their knowledge
• Continuously maintain contact with the customer
• Engage with the customers on a personal level.


This is just a short rundown of the many possibilities of experiential marketing. If you’re looking to take the leap into engaging, innovative marketing solutions contact LamasaTech for a consultation with our experts


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