Sunderland University: Touch Screen Information Point Kiosks

CASE STUDY: Sunderland University

Sunderland University Introduces Touch Screen Information Points to Improve Student & Staff Experience


LamasaTech were approached by Sunderland University to generate a solution that would allow students and staff to access documents and other necessary information without visiting a manned reception desk across all campuses. As the University receives a large footfall across each campus the solution provided needed to be realistic and suitable for its audience and environment.


  • Reduce man hours whilst providing up-to-date information across campuses
  • The system had to be suitable to cope with high footfall


In order to fulfil the brief that Sunderland University had put forward LamasaTech provided a number of high quality touch screen kiosks with various features that would enable an efficient means of obtaining documentation. Interactive touch screen kiosks are a great way to improve efficiency and user experience across many businesses. Touch screen kiosks allow people to perform a number of tasks alone meaning staffing costs are reduced and a process can be refined to short simple steps. The kiosks LamasaTech provided were anti-vandal, secure units and operated 24 hours a day.


  • Interactive Touch screen kiosk Displays
  • Kiosks Accessible 24 hours a day
  • Fully secure kiosks giving the University full control
  • Fully Mounted Displays, sealed and robust
  • Barcode scanner fitted into the Kiosk for student and staff use
  • Energy saving enabled with sleep mode
  • Control System that enables a Reboot in the event of a system crash


“We worked successfully with LamasaTech to acquire the touch screen technology that we required for our student information point. The technology was high quality and we were able to negotiate on price.” – John MacIntyre, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Pro Vice Chancellor

Created in 2010 these were some of the first kiosks the region had ever seen. LamasaTech received a large amount of positive feedback regarding our supply of the kiosks. Each kiosk was robust and secure to ensure durability and longevity.


Barcode Scanner, Display Technology, Education, Interactive Kiosk

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