How to Build Trust With Customers Using Technology

Why technology is crucial in order to build trust with customers.

Trust is a valuable commodity and if you are not earning it with your clients, then in some sense you are losing it. All businesses compete to gain more trust from their clients and nearly all brands want to be associated with an identity that has trustworthiness at its core. Of course, you can build trust with customers in a myriad of ways. Some enterprises build trust with customers over a long period of time, carefully building on the interactions that have gone before to forge a reputation for dependability.

In the digital age, when you might not be able to take the time to form stable relationships to build trust with customers adequately, you need to look at ways of becoming trusted much more rapidly. In the ever-changing commercial environment, what are the latest developments in interactive technology that allow you to build trust with customers, whether they are known to you or completely new?

Improve customer satisfaction

Have you ever bought a product and not been sure how to set it up or had trouble figuring out the best way of using it? Probably every consumer has been through that experience. What if you had interactive technology you could rely on to guide you through the process? Something as simple as web-based support for an interactive fault diagnosis process for clients would do the job of keep potentially dissatisfied customers happy. Of course, you don’t have to stop with an interactive troubleshooting app. You could also provide video tutorials that customers can gain access to which perhaps describe the finer points of utilising your products.

Understandably, providing after sales support of any king helps to build trust with customers. The point about deploying interactive technology to do so is that it is so cost-effective. What’s more, once set up, clients can access such support day or night. This is the perfect solution if your particular client base is spread out over multiple time zones around the world.

In retail situations, you can also use interactive technology to continue to provide services outside of the usual working hours. If you think about a cash machine, then this is basically a type of interactive technology that works 24/7, albeit an established one. Kiosks, ticket dispensing and vending machine technology can be deployed in similar ways across all sorts of sectors to improve the customer experience today, not just banking and finance.

Build the perception of your brand

Interactive technology comes in many forms. These days, interactive display technology is leading the way with brand perception while offering clients the chance to interact in a way that suits them. Crucially, this is means would-be customers are able to choose the interactions they want at a time that suits them. Perhaps that is why some industry insiders expect the global market for interactive display equipment to approach the £40 billion mark by as soon as 2026.

What interactive display systems do is replicate the sort of touchscreen technology that everyone is now used to from using tablets and smartphones but it delivers it in a more customer-friendly way. So, for example, you will often see interactive signage in large public spaces. In the past, you might have seen maps and infographics on static displays in shopping malls, galleries and sports stadiums, for example. Although digital signage can help with wayfinding and provide all of the relevant information to visitors, it can change mode at an instant.

In other words, modern interactive display systems show the information that is most appropriate. They can be updated, for example with a list of upcoming events. They can even carry out tasks like providing visitors with parking permits or issuing discount vouchers. In terms of brand building, the level of trustworthiness people place in such systems is second to none. Furthermore, when they are in rest mode, they can be used to further augment your brand recognition by displaying your corporate colours or even your logo. The sky is the limit with these systems which are now used all over the world in increasingly imaginative ways!

Update your website for the interactive age

If you run bricks and mortar business, then the chances are that you will have a website to accompany it. Even if you don’t sell from your website, it can be a good promotional tool. Of course, interactivity in e-commerce platforms is well known about already. Just because your website is an add-on to the main business does not mean that you can’t benefit from interactive elements being deployed on it, though.

For example, nearly all forward-thinking business website managers with services or products to sell use virtual assistants to provide browsers with greater interactivity. This sort of virtual assistant technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms to direct browsers to the most relevant content on your website. That could be a simple as offering up your address or opening hours. More sophisticated chatbots look at the language a visitor is typing and make suggestions for what they might be after by referring to previously experienced enquiries.

As such, you can provide clients with a much more rounded experience that is both engaging and helpful. When website visitors interact with a member of your customer service or sales team in person, they have already built up a degree of trust. In terms of creating the first good impression that so many businesses rely on, this sort of automated technology does a fantastic job. Remember that this is no mere sign-posting technology but something that genuinely interacts and creates a helpful environment for customers.

Retail store owners, shop managers, marketing executives, event organisers and online e-commerce stores can build trust with customers using the latest interactive systems. Contact Lamastech to discover more about this useful technology for both attracting and retaining clients.

If you’re looking for a way to build trust with your retail customers, we would love to help! Contact LamasaTech today to discuss your requirements for your retail shop.

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