Hoverball: Interactive Gaming Grows Digital Donations

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The gaming application was implemented by organisations in the museums & heritage, public and arts & cultures sectors in the UK.

Encouraging donations within museums and cultural venues is becoming harder than ever. Giving visitors an experience to encourage a donation is leading the way in digital donation solutions. LamasaTech looked to develop an interactive game that would engage visitors and encourage digital donations by providing a unique experience.

Harnessing the newest technology LamasaTech developed an immersive gaming application that would encourage visitors to play an interactive game together on a multi-touch table. Hoverball is a unique experiential game that engages users and encourages further actions such as entering contact details and donating.

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  • Provide a platform to attract and engage visitors
  • Encourage donations by giving visitors something in return for the transaction
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  • Interactive game application
  • Data capturing capabilities

The game requested that players sign into their Facebook profile to play. They are then added to the leaderboard when the game is completed. The leaderboard shows the player’s scores, name and picture – all used from their social media account.

The game allows users to control little cars by touching the screen and the aim is to get the ball into the goal to earn their team a point. Each person is part of a team (blue or red) of two.

The game also features a scoring system which allows players to see how they are getting on throughout each game. To encourage the players, each goal is celebrated with a large ‘GOAL!!!’ message.

An interactive multi-touch table was used to present the game, which allows multiple people to use it at one time. This is a great feature as it can engage and entertain all audiences including families and groups of friends.

The game incorporates a data capture element allowing users to provide valuable contact information. By including this within the application you can provide a fun, memorable experience and also allow for future interactions to occur by securing contact details and of course, obtaining digital donations.

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hoverball, Hoverball: Interactive Gaming Grows Digital Donations


The game was a huge success, engaging visitors at numerous events and exhibitions. The interactive nature of the game encourages people to connect with the brand and place they are visiting, which makes actions such as donating and social sharing a natural progression.

Digital donations are revolutionising the way museums and heritage sites acquire funds, driving donation levels. For more information on this read our digital donations blog here.


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