3 Tips for Improving Donations Digitally

Digital Donations is a hot-topic at the moment across the arts and heritage sector. The need to drive new fundraising avenues and the need to make giving more accessible to millennials, while retaining the tried and tested methods, has proven to be problematic for many organisations.

Having worked on Digital Donation solutions with museums, galleries and fundraisers, I thought it would be a good idea to share some advice and insider knowledge. Knowing whether implementing a Digital Donation solution is feasible for your organisation could lead to a new avenue of fundraising.

1. Understand the giving methods

Cash boxes are an efficient way of picking up variable amounts of small donations from visitors. Accepting change is a must, and while cashless systems are becoming more accessible, it would be wrong to alienate those wishing to drop their coins and notes into a box on their way in or out.

This means a donation by cash system must be retained in order to ensure total accessibility – but how else can prospective donors give?

1. Credit / Debit Card:

Donate ContactlessOffering chip & pin and swipe payment methods is a must-have. Many people don’t carry cash, and the option to give a fixed amount with a quick transaction by card opens up the possibility of gathering more donations for greater amounts.

2. Contactless:

Contactless-ready credit/debit cards allow donors to give a fixed amount instantaneously. But it’s not just cards that work with contactless technology; Apple, Android and Samsung have all developed payment systems using smartphones, meaning donations can be made with quick tap of the device on the contactless point.

3. Mobile App:

Donate MobileIn the same way that donations can be made via a website, mobile apps offer a more streamlined method of giving for anyone with a smartphone or tablet device. Donations can be made by anyone, anywhere, at any time – it can’t get much more accessible than that!

LamasaTech develops hardware and software solutions with the purpose of accepting donations in the most accessible and affordable way possible. For further advice on hardware and software designed to aid accessible giving, speak to us today by calling 0191 341 0016.


2. What’s the reward?

As much as we can expect donors to give purely for the reason of helping a local, charitable organisation or putting money towards a good cause, the truth is that many people have the desire for an instant reward once they’ve parted with their funds.

While larger donations may warrant an honour or decoration, those who give smaller amounts do still expect some form of gratuity – it’s human nature I’m afraid! Because of this, new methods of ‘giving-back’ have been tried and tested in recent years. The most successful of which being instant digital rewards.

It’s not feasible to present donors of small amounts with a physical offering; so, in order to entice and appease, autonomous digital rewards are needed to drive the desire to give. These digital rewards come in many forms, some examples of which are below.

Donate Social Swipe

1. Hall of Fame:

Meant in the most figurative of senses, a Hall of Fame could exist as a gallery of names, photos, handprints, shapes, drawings… or just about anything else that can be captured and displayed in public. The idea of ‘getting your name up on the hall of fame’ is a fantastically engaging prospect for visitors. Using big-screen displays and projection is an ideal way of presenting an eye-catching wall of fame, which will attract donors and offer an instant sense of reward.

2. Social Sharing:

Give your donors the opportunity to shout about their contribution. By integrating a method of social sharing, via facebook, twitter, instagram and other networks, donors can publicise their actions to followers, which in-turn promotes your cause through social buzz.

3. Tiered Rewards:

In order to compel the giving of greater amounts, without disheartening those who may only wish to give in moderation, you can present prospective donors with tiered donation values based on how much they would like to give and, ultimately, receive. The larger the donation, the more grand the reward.

LamasaTech creates interactive digital media and exhibits of all shapes and sizes. We can transform a space into an eye-catching environment that helps to drive donations, while ensuring a lasting impression and creating social buzz. Call us today on 0191 341 0016 to discover how you can captivate donors with more attractive offerings.

Donate Interactive

3. Calculate your ROI

Over everything else, your Return on Investment is the most important factor in deciding whether to implement digital donations.
Creating a digital donation solution requires both hardware and software elements, which could be anything from a basic contactless terminal, to a touchscreen kiosk with attached projections. In order to make the transaction as seamless as possible, a well-crafted user interface is required. The hardware and user interface is what combines to create the giving experience – and what will ultimately drive more consistent and more substantial donations.

Understanding the amount you currently receive and the prerogative of your donors is vital in knowing where the gaps in giving come from and how to fill them using the digital methods as mentioned above. Providing more ways to make a donation is a key starting point, and creates a more accessible system for gathering funds.

Donate GiveFundraising is difficult at the best of times, but with innovation and embracing of new technologies, it is possible to improve donations for your organisation with little strain on your resources.

LamasaTech helps organisations recognise the potential for implementing digital donation technology, and can work with you to establish a feasible solution that will heighten accessibility and create more opportunities for fundraising.

Advice is free – and we’d love to hear from you – so give us a call on 0191 341 0016 to speak with us today about digital donations and the positive impact they can have on your organisation.


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