Headquarters Business Park: Digital Signage Solution

CASE STUDY: Headquarters Business Park

How LamasaTech Improved Visitor Experience with an Innovative Digital Signage Solution


The Headquarters Business Park is a unique state of the art business park located on the coast of Saudi Arabia. The building is set to house some of the country’s biggest and most successful companies. The structure is the tallest skyscraper in Jeddah and will be home to thousands of business people far and wide. Its iconic design and state of the art facilities already make this business park the place to be.


  • Implement a network of screens that would display news and information to visitors
  • Allow staff to control content across all screens
  • Improve visitor experience by providing real-time information


Head Quarters Business Park was looking for a digital signage system that would run throughout the business park using multiple screens in multiple locations. These digital signage screens would show news and updates to the people visiting the business park.


LamasaTech manufactured a number of display screens for this project; each screen rugged and robust in order to survive in harsh environments. The screens push content to visitors and are active 24/7, enabling maximum efficiency and output.

The staff at the business park are able to control the content on the screens. Multi-user access allows multiple users to control what was showing on screen. The digital signage system was fitted with software that enabled hardware reports and status updates in real-time, to ensure the screens were running effectively at all times. The screens are sleek and modern in their design in order to fit in with the style of the business park and its audience.


The digital signage solution provided fits the business park’s needs perfectly. The network allows the business park to keep their visitors informed in real-time and staff can easily monitor the screens and update the content, therefore ensuring 24/7 business efficiency.

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