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Validate Employee Proof of Vaccination on Entry for a Safer Workplace Zentron Entry Kiosk

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to be administered around the world, many countries are welcoming the move back to the office as work from home guidance is lifted. 9.89 billion doses have been administered as of 24th January 2022. Now that a significant amount of people have been vaccinated governments are looking for proof of vaccination tracking to keep infection rates down.

Governments around the world have enforced varying levels of legislation when it comes to monitoring the proof of vaccination status of the population. Many have introduced their own variation of COVID-19 passes that need to be checked to enter certain locations such as an office or events venue.

At least 144 different countries have had a form of vaccine pass at some point during the pandemic. In the US, 25 states require vaccination for employees, while in the UK NHS frontline staff will be required to have had two jabs by April 1st. Canada took a financial approach and introduced a tax on unvaccinated residents.

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The return to the workplace

Check proof of vaccination automatically on entry to your workplace

Adapt to changing guidance and customise entry criteria per location

Keep an up-to-date record of employee vaccination status

Comply with regulations and keep your records up-to-date easily

The return to the workplace

Employee Proof of Vaccination, The return to the workplace

With this influx of people returning to the physical workplace, employers face the need to keep up with ever-changing legislation and guidance in their region. Depending on the current number of COVID infections or its rate of growth in an area, we could see governments require that the vaccination status of those who enter a premise or work there be confirmed by the business.

From an employee standpoint, some are concerned about their safety when going back into a workspace with others who could potentially spread the virus to them. According to pollster Morning Consult, 55% of remote workers would consider leaving their job if they were asked back to the office before they felt safe.

Ultimately, a percentage of the workforce will be wary about the return to the workplace and it’s the employer’s responsibility to reassure their staff and show them that their safety and well-being is the top priority.

This leaves employers with the challenge of complying with current legislation while ensuring this does not negatively impact employee productivity and experience.

That’s where LamasaTech’s sign-in solution comes in.

Check employee proof of vaccination automatically on entry to your workplace

We’ve launched a new vaccine tracking solution that allows you to check the COVID-19 vaccination status of visitors, customers and employees as they enter your premises.

With our Zentron sign-in kiosks and VisiPoint platform, you can automate the process of validating a user’s vaccination certificate or PCR test results. You can record vaccination status automatically with an easy and safe entry process. There is no need for manual data entry, saving you hours and reducing workload.

For employees, it’s an added layer of safety. They can be assured that anyone in their building has passed the vaccination check. The system is a fast and simple way to submit their documents. This is not another administrative task to add to their workload or a tiresome process that will slow them down.

How the vaccine tracking solution works:

The process for users signing into the building is:

  1. As users sign in on your entry kiosk, they will be asked to scan their digital COVID pass on the QR code reader.
  2. The kiosk will validate the pass and store the information on the user’s profile.
  3. The user will be presented with a welcome message to permit entry.
  4. The user will not have to scan their pass again until the expiry date.

If users fail to present their pass, they can be denied entry and an email notification is sent to the admins, depending on the entry rules which you configure. Based on your safety protocols, the vaccination document check can be set to optional or mandatory.

Our vaccine tracking system is compatible with a range of digital COVID passes including:

  • NHS COVID Pass
  • EU Digital COVID Certificate
  • Smart Health Card
  • NYS Excelsior Pass & NYS Excelsior Pass Plus

If you’re in a region where there’s no standard pass in use, our sign-in system can still help you. Instead of asking users to scan their pass on the kiosk when they enter, you can add vaccination documents/PCR test results manually to user profiles from your VisiPoint dashboard. The online dashboard is the control centre for your sign-in solution, where you can access your reports and maintain your kiosk remotely.

Adapt to changing guidance and customise entry criteria per location

Local rules around COVID and vaccine passports change fast so you should be able to react just as fast. If the legislation in an area changes it only takes a couple of clicks to add or remove the document check from your entry process.

You can customise your user entry flows by location and user type. For example, companies can define one set of entry criteria for staff and another set of entry criteria for visitors. On top of this, the entry criteria may be different for staff in location 1 and location 2.

Employee Proof of Vaccination status
Customise your entry rules per location and user type with the user flow builder

Keep an up-to-date record of employee vaccination status

Mandates commonly require employers to have an up-to-date log of the vaccination status of all employees.

With the Zentron kiosks, you can view and export your entry logs from the kiosk with the vaccination status for every user.

Employee Proof of Vaccination-vaccination-status
Employee records on the cloud dashboard with vaccination status

With a VisiPoint cloud subscription, you can access your logs remotely from the online dashboard, from any device with a browser. Filter the reports easily by date range, location, user type, vaccination status and more.

Comply with regulations and keep your records up-to-date easily

Employers need a solution that makes it easy and fast to confirm employee proof of vaccination and maintain up-to-date records. Employees deserve to feel safe when they come to work.

For more information on our Zentron kiosks with automated vaccine status screening, please click here.

Get in touch today to learn how LamasaTech can help you to automate your entry process and reassure your employees.  

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Please note – Vaccine pass scanning is not available on our LD-AITemp (Gen 1) kiosk model as it does not have a built-in QR code scanner. Existing customers can upgrade their kiosk to a Zentron 8 or Zentron 15 device, please get in touch with our team for more details.


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