Introducing Emergency Lists, Advanced Timesheets and More

We’re really excited to announce our new VisiPoint platform update which includes 5 new features which we’ve been working on over the last few months:

  1. Emergency Lists – Get a real-time register of everyone signed in to perform roll calls in an emergency
  2. Timesheets – Generate advanced reports including automatic calculations of hours worked for staff and contractors
  3. Pre-Registration – Book expected visits in advance and send compliance forms to be filled out prior to visit
  4. Host – Assign a host to visitors and send a notification to the host when a visitor arrives
  5. Google Directory and Paxton Access Integrations – Sync your staff directory with VisiPoint

Our goal was to provide you with a comprehensive visitor management system that streamlines the entry and exit process for your facilities and offers you peace of mind in an emergency situation.

For customers with Zentron kiosks which were originally purchased for temperature scanning on entry during COVID-19, this provides further return on investment as the kiosks can be re-deployed as a visitor and employee sign-in system.

Please note that these features are available only with a VisiPoint subscription. Therefore, if you have the free VisiPoint license (standalone license) included with purchases of our Zentron kiosk, you will need to upgrade to a VisiPoint subscription to use these features. For GBP prices click here, for USD prices click here.

Read on for more information on the new features. You can easily skip to the relevant parts for you by clicking the links below:

Emergency List




Google Directory and Paxton Access Integrations

What’s next

Emergency List

The emergency list feature generates a list of all users (visitors, staff, contractors etc) currently signed in to your facilities so you can respond faster in emergency situations with an accurate and real-time list of the individuals who need to be accounted for.

Emergency list page
Emergency list page – Click to enlarge

When you start an emergency session on the dashboard, multiple admins can access one emergency list at the same time from their separate devices (e.g. mobile or tablet devices). Each admin can update a user’s status to Present when they are accounted for. Any changes made to a user’s status will be reflected in real-time across all devices, making it easy for multiple firewardens to act together as quickly as possible to perform the roll call without doing duplicate work.

Active emergency session
Active emergency session – Click to enlarge

You won’t have to print multiple lists and then compare whom each admin has located, which takes time you don’t have during an emergency or fire.

Past emergency sessions can be accessed from your dashboard which helps you to keep accurate records of when you have undertaken evacuation drills and when your last emergency was.

By acting faster during an emergency you’ll be able to better safeguard your staff and visitors. No more scrambling around for a paper visitor book or trying to print off multiple logs from different places.

Emergency sessions page on PC
Emergency sessions logs – Click to enlarge


Generate advanced timesheets from your dashboard making it simple for you to cross-check hours worked against contracts and payroll.

Timesheets can be generated for specific time periods e.g. a quarter or a year. A calculation of hours worked is shown for each user based on their sign-in and sign-out times – right down to the second!

Timesheet page with generated timesheet
Generated timesheet – Click to enlarge

You can customise the report layout and drill down on specific data, such as time spent on each site.

For example, you can easily check a contractor’s billed hours against the hours they were signed into your facilities.

You’ll see a boost in your efficiency with timesheets. The amount of time you spend gathering and pulling reports will be reduced, allowing you to spend more time on other tasks.

Please note: To use advanced timesheets you must be subscribed to the VisiPoint Pro plan.


With pre-registration, you can book expected visits in advance. This allows visitors to complete the registration process before arriving, making the sign-in process quicker and easier when they get to your facilities.

You can set rules on how a user can register by user type. For example, you want Contractors to pre-register, but require that an admin has to approve their visit before they can sign in. Or you can allow user types to register freely, without any checks.

Registration methods list
Edit registration method for a user type – Click to enlarge

Your expected visitors will receive a link to complete their registration and any compliance requirements, such as site terms and conditions or an entry questionnaire before they come to your premises.

The entry process can be made even faster if you have the QR code entry method selected. Visitors will receive a QuickPass QR code which they will be able to scan on the kiosk and be signed in straight away without having to enter their details.

Pre-registered visit QR code QuickPass
QuickPass QR code for pre-registered visitors – Click to enlarge

If you’re not using the QR code entry method, visitors can enter their name using the touch screen to select their profile and sign in.

Pre-registration provides you with an added layer of security. If a user doesn’t agree to your compliance checks, you can reject their visit, which will prevent them from signing in on your kiosks. Having visitors complete this before their arrival will help you to better safeguard everyone on site.


Reduce your visitor wait time and reduce the workload for your reception staff by notifying staff members when a visitor signs in to meet with them. Eliminate the need for visitors to call staff when they arrive, or for your reception team to try and track down the staff member.

Visitor selecting host during pre-registration
Visitor selecting a host before arrival – Click to enlarge

Hosts can be selected for a visit in 3 ways:

  1. by a visitor when they are signing in on a kiosk
  2. by a visitor when they are registering their information in advance of their arrival
  3. by an admin when they are creating an expected visit in the dashboard

In each format, the visitor or admin can be given an option of ‘I don’t know my host’.

Adding a host to a visit from the dashboard
Admin selecting a host while creating an expected visit – Click to enlarge

Google Directory and Paxton Access Integrations

Reduce the manual data work for your admin staff by integrating with Google Directory or Paxton Access. You will no longer have to import your employee lists into VisiPoint or manually update your staff profiles.

You can now sync your employee directory from your Google Directory or your Paxton Access system to manage your employee directory in one place.

Integrations page on PC
Directory integrations page – Click to enlarge

When you set up your integration you’ll be able to set how frequently VisiPoint auto-syncs with your directory system. Any user information that has changed on your directory system will be automatically updated on VisiPoint when the next auto-sync takes place.

This reduces manual updates and eliminates hours of administrative work.

Please note: To use integrations you must be subscribed to the VisiPoint Enterprise plan.

What’s Next?

We aren’t stopping there! Here are a few features to look out for in the future:

  • Mobile App – All users can access their non-expiring QuickPass to sign in quickly using a QR code
  • Custom fields – Create custom fields for users to fill out during the entry process e.g. car registration number
  • Full Paxton Access integration – Integrate with your doors and entry points

We are always looking to provide features that meet the needs of our customers, which is why we continually develop our product roadmap. If you have any ideas or requests, please submit a new idea here.

In the meantime, we’re here to help you implement the latest features. Full how-to guides are available on our online help centre. If you have any questions please contact our support team via the live chat from your VisiPoint dashboard, drop an email to or call us at +44 (0) 191 622 0725.

If you have a Zentron kiosk and would like to upgrade to a VisiPoint subscription please visit this page for more information or click on the green bubble to live chat with our team.


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