Edinburgh College of Art: Doubles Exhibition Footfall with Interactive Display

LamasaTech worked with us to create a unique interactive experience for our audience. They provided us with a full solution from designing and creating software that engaged our visitors and opened lines of communication to providing and installing the hardware. They took our brief and delivered something that worked perfectly and helped us to achieve our aims. LamasaTech understood what we wanted to achieve and managed the entire process ensuring the final outcome worked for us.

Nada, Student at Edinburgh College of Art
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The students of Edinburgh College of Art approached LamasaTech to deliver a solution that would enable them to engage and inform their audience in a way that would be in keeping with their modern-style exhibition. The brief was very simple, provide us with a solution that will encourage passers-by to interact and engage with our work. They wanted their audience to be drawn to their content so that they could start a conversation and capture user information.

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Edinburgh College of Art display


  • Deploy a solution with a wow factor that would be impressive and engaging
  • Encourage people to interact with the art
  • Capture visitor information
  • Modernise exhibition format

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Edinburgh College display in use

LamasaTech designed and developed a creative software that enabled users to look at the student’s work on a large screen that could be touched by multiple people at one time. This large display incorporated software that allowed users to interact with the student’s content to view designs and ideas. The solution was heavily focused on user psychology and how different people react to different gestures, experiences and movements.

The software was very engaging and encouraged people to move closer and look at what was happening on the screen and begin to touch and discover the content for themselves.

These kiosks were equipped with a control management system. This system controls the kiosk’s heartbeat and the kiosk’s outer shell ensuring that the application can easily restart in the unlikely event of a crash.

If a failure occurs the kiosk restarts, reports errors to the admin and reports on the hardware status in real time. This allows peace of mind when deploying and updating large-scale rollouts.

  • 55” multitouch surface screen mounted onto desk space
  • Touch screen tilted to a 32-degree angle to enable easy access and ensure it was user-friendly
  • Easy to use full content management system to allow the students to remotely upload information
  • Unique software creation that engages all audiences and attracts them to touch and interact with the screen
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There was a huge interest in the exhibition overall, with this particular exhibition attracting at least double the footfall of other nearby exhibitions. Users spent on average 1 1/2 minutes interacting with the surface and engaging with the content. Visitors to the exhibition were able to easily show interest in certain content and leave their contact details.


Content Management System, Education, Touch Screen Technology

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