Why Your Business Needs a Digital Kiosk

Digital kiosks consist of an electronic screen held in place by a casing and amount. The primary function of digital kiosks is branding and self-promotion. These devices can offer a range of services from wayfinding to product and store information and advertisement. Typically, a digital kiosk will provide interactive elements, such as a touchscreen, which allows passing customers to actively engage with your business. For example, they could tap on the screen to bring up information about a specific product they are interested in.

Keeping your customers happy is important for your business and one study has revealed that 85% of consumers want access to digital content on the shop floor. A digital kiosk is an effective way to achieve this, ensuring that your customers are provided with the positive experience they desire. Keep reading to find out what exactly this technology can do for you and why your business needs a digital kiosk.

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Lower operating costs

Improved customer experience

Connect shoppers to your digital content

Better understand your customers


Lower operating costs

One of the most appealing aspects of implementing a digital kiosk is the potential to lower your operating costs. In most retail environments, your staff will spend a lot of their time assisting customers by helping them to locate a desired product or providing them with information to help make a purchasing decision. This leaves your employees’ other duties unfulfilled and requires more time to be completed, which costs your business more.

Introducing a digital kiosk can free your staff and allow them to focus on other important tasks. Your digital kiosk will be able to provide your customers with all of the information they need instantly. If they want more details on a specific product, they can simply select it on the kiosk and the screen will display all of that product’s information. This automation and self-service mean your employees are not losing as much time having to undertake this task. As a result, you will be able to schedule fewer employees to work per shift, which will help to reduce your overall operating costs.

These devices also require very little in the way of maintenance. The Guida Indoor Kiosks, for example, are made with commercial-grade components which protect the kiosk and keep it functioning in high-traffic public environments. With very little maintenance needed and a reduction in labour costs, you will see a quick return on investment from a digital kiosk.

Guida indoor kiosk in a museum
LamasaTech Guida Indoor Kiosk

Improved customer experience

A key factor in any customer’s experience with a business is how long they have to wait to be served. Customers will only wait for a maximum of 9 minutes in a queue before giving up and leaving the store without making a purchase. While 86% of customers will avoid a store if they perceive it to have long waiting times.

A digital kiosk can help to reduce your waiting times and provide your customers with a positive experience. Instead of waiting for a store assistant to become available, your customers can approach your kiosk. For example, if your customer had a question about stock availability, a sales assistant would need to be free and would then need to go to the warehouse to check the stock levels before returning to the customer and answering them. With a kiosk, the customer could approach it and select the product they are interested in and instantly be shown the stock availability. The kiosk can out the waiting time, giving your customers quicker service and a more positive experience. In fact, retailers offering self-service options have seen a 40% decrease in customer wait times.

Customers want self-service options in the businesses they visit. 81% of consumers expect more self-service options when they shop. Digital kiosks, such as the Guida Indoor seen below, are an effective way of achieving this and can help keep your customers happy. Providing an experience that your customers are demanding will persuade them to return in the future.

indoor digital kiosk

Connect shoppers to your digital content

Digital kiosks allow you to bring your online marketing and content to your in-store customers. Not only can you provide a consistent message with this cross-channel promotion but you can also encourage your in-store customers to sign up for your newsletter or download your app. You can do this by including a QR code on the content displayed on your digital kiosk. Your in-store customers can then scan this with their mobile devices and immediately receive the online content. This can significantly increase the chances of that customer returning and buying from you again in the future. Businesses that engage with customers across multiple channels see nearly 90% of their customers returning.

Additionally, on your digital kiosk, you could also display social media content from your existing customers which would not only encourage potential customers to purchase your product but also publish their own social posts about the product. This will mean you have taken a potential in-store customer and turned them into an online advocate. You can then continue this cycle using your digital kiosk to be the bridge between your in-store customers and your online presence.

Better understand your customers

When customers interact with your digital kiosk it is an opportunity for your business to gather data and learn more about them. You could, for example, track which products are the most selected for information on the kiosk or if you have an advert that your customers can interact with, you could monitor the data on the number of times an interaction happened.

Guida Touch Screen Kiosks
Guida Touch Screen Kiosks

You can then use this data to make more informed decisions. If the data showed one product had many more requests for information from the kiosk than others, you know that is a product you should highlight in your advertisements. Or if your interactive advert was not receiving many interactions you know that it needs tweaking to try to encourage more.

As well as learning more about your customers and being able to make more informed decisions, you are also able to save money. Collecting data through an interactive digital kiosk can save you 25-50% in data collection costs. You’ll not have to pay for in-depth customer research as you’ll have a great deal of information waiting to be analysed on your digital kiosk.


Digital kiosks can be utilised for a wide range of purposes. How you use yours and get the most out of your device will depend on your business and the goals you are looking to achieve.


One of the most common uses for a digital kiosk is to display your advertisements. The reason for this is how effective they can be at encouraging sales, particularly of unplanned purchases. 19% of viewers make an unplanned purchase of something promoted digitally in retail settings. A digital signage kiosk placed in your store can help you to take advantage of this and can see you quickly boost your sales.

Using eye-catching visuals, such as videos and motion graphics, will help you further as these will grab the attention of passing customers due to the movement they provide on your screen.


In large locations such as shopping centres or corporate complexes, adding a digital kiosk to provide a wayfinding service can help improve your customer’s experience. Your kiosk would have a map of the area so that customers or visitors could approach it to see exactly where they are and how they can get to the store or room they are looking for. The kiosk will provide directions making it easy for them to make their way to their desired location. Without this, customers can become frustrated at not being able to find the store or location they wish to visit. As a result, they will be more likely to simply leave and go elsewhere.

Information kiosks

As mentioned in the sections above, your customers want to be able to access information quickly. Whether that’s product details or store-specific information, they want to be able to find out what they want and use that to make decisions. Implementing your digital kiosk as an information point will provide your customers with a way to get all of the information they desire instantly. Selecting a product will display the details as well as the stock availability, so the customer knows if they can make a purchase there and then.

The speed at which your customers can have their queries answered will help to push them towards a purchasing decision. Without this, they would be left waiting for a sales assistant to become available, which is more time for them to question if they should make the purchase and potentially leave without buying anything.

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