Big Buck Bunny: Driving Engagement with Interactive Gamification

CASE STUDY: Big Buck Bunny

How LamasaTech Drove Audience Growth and Engagement with Interactive Gamification


The interactive game was utilised in different organisations across the UK including innovation centres and theatres.


  • Create a memorable visitor experience that would encourage users to share via social media and word of mouth
  • Drive audience growth and engagement


LamasaTech developed a game application centred on the Big Buck Bunny movie. The game allowed users to engage with the immersive game content which included completing activities and games. When activities were completed users were rewarded with a short clip of the Big Buck Bunny Movie. Therefore, providing users with a tangible reward.


The Big Buck Bunny game was developed to be enticing to children in particular but was suitable for all ages and families. The game was designed not only to engage but to improve the cognitive skills of children whilst remaining fun and engaging for all audiences. A large part of the game allowed the audience to interact with the characters which were shown in a 3D format. This aspect really brought the game to life and gave new depths to the experience.

This game was presented on a multi-touch display but could also be presented on a large video wall making the experience that much more realistic and exciting for all audiences. The multi-touch displays made the experience truly interactive and of course appeal to a wide audience.

big buck bunny, Big Buck Bunny: Driving Engagement with Interactive Gamification


The game allowed audiences of all ages to play and interact with the content. The gaming experience drew in wider audiences, giving visitors a unique and shareable experience.



Experiential, Gaming Application, Touch Screen Technology

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