Feedback and Survey Kiosks

Capture customer and employee feedback instantly with touch screen survey kiosks

Gather customer, visitor or employee at the point of experience - in the moment they are most likely to provide honest and useful feedback. Feedback kiosks are perfect for measuring customer satisfaction or employee happiness using a variety of question types - from simple smiley face options to Likert scales and free text inputs. 

Touch screen survey kiosks give you the platform to gather feedback and measure customer satisfaction in busy locations - including tourism sites, public services, offices and shops.

  • Maximise response rate from all demographics with quick, easy-to-use surveys
  • Build your own survey in minutes from the intuitive management dashboard
  • Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems - software runs on tablet or mobile devices
  • Act on your feedback instantly with live results and email alerts
survey kiosks, Survey Kiosks

LamasaTech's survey system is very easy-to-use

The survey system is very easy-to-use and it's great to have the options of using a wide variety of question types - like smiley faces. We've been able to identify little issues as they arise and make quick fixes to improve customer satisfaction. We were never aware of these before we started using the survey system, as customers are much more likely to leave feedback now rather than having to report something to staff.

Paul Del-A-More, Hampshire County Council Senior Project Manager

Choose the feedback survey software or all-in-one survey kiosks

Survey Feedback System Phone Alerts

Survey Kiosk Software

  • Create and deploy surveys remotely in minutes
  • Collect responses online and offline - survey responses are time-stamped and synced when back online
  • Receive instant alerts by email or text so quick decisions can be made to improve service and address issues
  • View responses and analyse results in real-time via the management dashboard
  • Android and iOS compatible
survey kiosks, Survey Kiosks

All-in-One Feedback Kiosks

  • Customise stand with your brand logo
  • Full kiosk mode with pin protected access so no settings can be tampered with by users 
  • Detects spam responses from fake respondents or kids playing with terminals - prevents repeated presses or responses in very quick successions
  • Automatic reset if survey is abandoned  
  • Auto wake and sleep schedules

Gain actionable insights for quick decision-making

Empower your team to make fast decisions to improve service, increase sales and alleviate issues.

The reporting suite provides live reports and analytics with quick-check indicators for staff to gain insights at a glance.

Set up real-time notifications customising your alerts based on responses on your customer survey kiosks.

Survey System Live Reports
Survey System Question Types

Build surveys with a variety of question types

Create your surveys using a variety of question types to suit your audience - use smiley face feedback buttons for quick recognition and responses or alternative question types, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Likert scales and free text inputs.

Tailor the flow of your survey with question branching to maximise engagement and reduce abandonment by tailoring questions based on respondents’ previous answers.

Launch secure, reliable surveys in public settings

Survey results are kept secure with SSL encryption. User roles define accessibility so only team members with the right permissions get access to the relevant data.

Receive connectivity alerts if your survey kiosks go offline so you can get them back online quickly. 

survey kiosks, Survey Kiosks

Ready to get started?

Easy-to-use interface

Intuitive interface makes it quick and easy for respondents with visually recognisable symbols.

Brand customisation

Customise feedback surveys to match your brand, by adding your logo and choosing a colour scheme.

Quick set-up and edits

Design your survey in minutes with our quick online builder and set question types.

Real-time results

Get live reports on your online dashboard or set-up text and email alerts based on responses.

Remote deployment

Create and launch your customer satisfaction survey from anywhere - no physical update necessary.

Text analytics

Text analytics make it easy to understand free input answers and detailed feedback.

Language capability

Provide your survey in multiple languages to cater for your different respondents. 

Downloadable reports

Analyse reports in your online dashboard or download in Excel or PDF format. 

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