Narrow Bezel Video Walls

Narrow bezel video walls

Our narrow bezel LCD video walls have a thin bezel of 3.5mm between displays, providing a virtually seamless large format display. Whether you are looking to display advertisements, videos or graphs and data, you'll have an immersive indoor display with outstanding image quality.

  • 55" LCD video wall displays
  • 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel width
  • 1080p (FHD) or 4k (UHD) screen resolution options
  • 500 cd/m² and 700 cd/m² brightness options
  •  60,000 hours lifetime expectancy
  • Uniform brightness and colour over full display
  • Wide 178°/178° (H/V) viewing angle
  • 3-year warranty included
LamasaTech thin bezel lcd video wall

Thin bezel video wall with 3.5mm bezel shown between panels

LamasaTech narrow bezel video wall panel

Video wall panel with 2.25 mm bezel (T/L) and 1.25 mm bezel (B/R) shown

Watch the video below for more information

Near-seamless indoor LCD video walls

LamasaTech narrow bezel video wall at train station

Our 3.5mm narrow bezel panels create a stunning large format display which delivers a
virtually seamless viewing experience.

The screens have 2 edges with a 2.25mm frame and 2 edges with a 1.25mm frame, which
results in a total gap of 3.5mm where one screen meets another.

The narrow bezel displays are an affordable yet high-performance video wall technology.

Our LCD video wall displays deliver outstanding image quality no matter what content you wish to display - such as images and videos, live dashboards and camera feeds, graphs and data or advertisements.

Narrow bezel video wall specifications

Our LCD video walls deliver outstanding image quality in indoor environments including control rooms, network operation centres, corporate offices, retail stores, shopping malls and education environments.

With a life expectancy of over 60,000 hours, these extreme narrow bezel displays are designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with minimal maintenance. Choose from FHD or UHD resolution and 500 nits or 700 nits brightness to suit your needs and environment. 

LamasaTech deliver high-end technology solutions that are designed to work flawlessly. Our design & development team can help plan and visualise your perfect solution.

We supply and support video wall solutions globally. LamasaTech's video walls have a 3-year standard warranty.



Standard Video Wall Configuration Sizes

Processor Options


High-impact LCD video wall displays

Unrivaled image quality

  • Unrivaled quality with crisp and sharp imagery
  • Uniform brightness and colour across display
  • Automatic calibration for individual panels or entire video wall display
  • Wide viewing angles for optimum viewing experience in a variety of spaces
  • Scales to widths of over 100 feet
LamasaTech thin bezel video wall

Immersive content display 

  •  Ideal for indoor environments such as corporate meeting rooms, control rooms, simulators, network operation centres, retail stores and showrooms
  • Display one input across full display, or choose to display different content on different panels
  • Daisy chain your displays or choose a powerful video wall processor to display your content
LamasaTech narrow bezel lcd video wall

Smart energy efficiency

  •  Low noise
  • Energy efficient
  • IR remote control to switch the display on and off easily
  • Uses up to 75% less power than competing large-format displays
  • Requires no HVAC or electrical system upgrades
  • No consumables or toxic chemicals
LamasaTech 3.5mm bezel video wall display

High performance video wall processors

LamasaTech video wall daisy chain

Daisy chaining

Video wall daisy chaining available for up to 18 displays. Daisy chaining your displays allows you to present 1 input across the entire video wall. This is a simple solution for presenting 1 piece of content on the display such as a video or advertisement. 

LamasaTech advanced video wall processor

Advanced video wall processor

Our advanced video wall processors have multiple inputs and outputs. With the processor you can cascade different content instantly on different sections of your display. You can drag, drop and resize your inputs onto different panels or sections (multiple panels) of your video wall. For example, you could have key dashboards and performance trackers on each panel. You can preview the inputs on your control device 

LamasaTech video wall control room solution

All-in-one control room solution

Pair our video wall displays with an all-in-one control room solution. This solution is ideal for network operation centres, control rooms and command centres. LamasaTech can build your high-performance video wall control system using our input nodes, output notes and an operator node. The operator node can remotely control the inputs and inputs and preview the content on display.  The processor is built-in so there is no requirement for a separate controller or server. 

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