Solar Battery Storage

Store the surplus energy generated by your solar system to buy less energy from the grid, reduce your carbon footprint and protect your business against volatile energy prices.

Solar battery storage for commercial use

Reduce your energy costs and protect your business from grid blackouts with battery storage for your solar panels. Commercial battery storage systems store any surplus energy generated by your solar panels so this energy can be used when your business needs it.

  • Reduce your energy costs by lowering your dependence on energy bought from the grid
  • Lower the environmental impact of your company's operations and increase your use of renewable energy sources
  • Remain operational in the event of a power outage with back-up power from your solar batteries
  • Use your solar energy at peak times to avoid paying peak tariffs for grid energy
Stacked Solar Battery Storage LFP 5000

Protect your business against rising energy costs

With gas and electricity prices due to rise by another 42% in October, selling the surplus energy you generate back to the grid is no longer an effective way to offset the cost of your energy. With solar battery systems, you will store surplus energy to reduce the on-grid energy you use and reduce your carbon footprint. Storing renewable energy is considered vital in the steps towards decarbonisation and to minimise potential business downtime from grid blackouts.

Store your surplus energy

Protect against rising energy costs by storing excess solar energy generated by your solar panels, reducing your use of energy from the national grid. 

Decarbonise your business

Make the move from brown to green energy sources to reduce your business's carbon footprint and promote your corporate social responsibility. 

Peak shaving

Discharge the energy from your batteries at the peak times of the day to avoid paying peak prices for power from the grid. 

Back-up power

In the event of a grid blackout or energy rationing, you will draw your energy from your solar batteries to remain fully operational.

Off-grid set-up

Pairing a powerful solar battery system with your solar PV panels can allow you to operate fully independent from the grid and rely entirely on your own energy production.

Load shifting

Shift your energy usage so you consume more energy during the day while your solar panels are charging.

Commercial solar batteries that pay for themselves

We pair our batteries with hybrid inverters to create a DC-coupled system. DC-coupled systems require fewer conversions of the energy generated from your solar panels, which is more energy efficient and results in more energy to power your business.

Solar Battery LFP 5000 LamasaTec
Solar Battery LFP 5000 Stacked LamasaTech (1)

Industrial battery

The best solar battery storage for commercial and industrial operations, scalable to all sizes of business.

  • Indoor use only
  • 2.5 kWh and 5 kWh modules available
  • Small, lightweight design allows for easy installation and maintenance
  • Modular system that can be expanded at any time
  • Scalable to 500,000 kWh
  • Small footprint - batteries can be stacked easily without racks, to fit more batteries in less space
  • Reliable LFP cells with a cycle life of >6000 cycles
  • 90% depth of discharge
  • Quiet fanless design with natural cooling system
  • Average lifespan of 15 years +
Solar Panel Battery Pack LamasaTech

Battery pack style

The best solar battery for outdoor applications and for small to medium sized businesses

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Wall mounted design 
  • 5 kWh and 10 kWh models available
  • Scalable to 160 kWh with up to 16 batteries
  • Reliable LFP cells with a cycle life of >6000 cycles
  • 90% depth of discharge
  • IP65 rated triple hardware protection
  • Quiet fanless design with natural cooling system
  • Average lifespan of 15 years +

Download our brochure for more information and full specifications on our solar batteries.

Compatible hybrid inverters

Our batteries are compatible with a wide range of hybrid inverters from the following brands. We can source the appropriate inverter on your behalf or provide a recommendation for you to source. All inverters have management software to monitor your system and manage import/export.

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Voltronic Power

Commercial solar battery storage

Solar panels are the first step to making your move towards green energy and reducing your energy costs.

With an energy storage system (ESS) you can capitalise on your solar PV system to store excess energy generated to lower your reliance on on-grid energy and protect your business against volatile energy costs.

LamasaTech provide only the top-tier solar storage systems that create an energy-efficient and economical DC-coupled solution. We believe in creating a solar set-up that provides ROI, can be scaled as your business grows and ultimately protects your business against energy prices surges.


  • Industrial model - 2.5 kWh and 5 kWh modules, stackable up to 500,000 kWh in series or parallel 
  • Battery pack model - 5 kWh and 10 kWh models, scalable up to 160 kWh in parallel


A full list of specifications are available in our solar battery brochure: Download brochure >>


Industrial Battery

Total energy*

LFP 5000 = 5 kWh
LFP 2500 = 2.5 kWh

Usable energy (DC)*

LFP 5000 = 4.6 kWh
LFP 2500 = 2.2 kWh

IP rating

IP 20


10 years


>15 years


LFP 5000 = 45kg
LFP 2500 = 23kg

Dimension (mm)

LFP 5000 = 500 x 448 x 135 mm
LFP 2500 = 500 x 442 x 88 mm


Battery Pack

Total energy*

LT 5 kWh = 5 kWh
LT 10 kWH = 10 kWh

Usable energy (DC)*

LT 5 kWh = 4.6 kWh
LT 10 kWH = 9.2 kWh

IP rating

IP 65


10 years


>15 years


LT 5 kWh = 54kg
LT 10 kWH = 85kg

Dimension (mm)

LT 5 kWh = 490 x 650 x 188 mm
LT 10 kWH = 600 x 850 x 188 mm

*Total energy/usable energy measured under specific conditions.

Downloadable materials

The brochure for our solar battery range includes specifications, imagery and measurements: Download brochure >>


Our batteries are compatible with a wide range of hybrid inverters from the following brands. We can source the appropriate inverter on your behalf if you prefer.

  • Victron energy
  • GoodWe
  • Growatt
  • Luxpower 
  • Deye
  • Solis
  • Sofarsolar
  • Voltronic Power


We provide a product bundle for quick and easy installation:

  • Batteries
  • Hybrid inverter - you may source this directly if you prefer
  • Mount - if applicable to the chosen model
  • Cables

We offer an installation service on UK mainland only at this time. Our installers are MCS certified.


Which model is right for me?

If your battery storage must be located outside, you'll need to go for the battery pack model as it is IP65 rated for outdoor use.

For indoor use, it really depends on your business. The beauty of the industrial battery model is it's small footprint, lightweight design and scalability. Therefore if you have a large energy requirement or are short on space, we'd recommended this model.

We would recommend getting in touch with our team for a free consultancy call so we can get a better idea of your daily yield from your PV system, battery capacity required and location for battery storage. 

What is a cycle?

A cycle is one full discharge and one full charge of a battery. The cycle life will help you understand the number of kWhs a battery should deliver in it's warranty period or average lifespan. 

What is the usable capacity of a battery?

With batteries you will see a total energy capacity which they can store, however batteries should not be drained entirely as this could damage the battery cells. Therefore you should look for the usable capacity or usable energy figure. 

What size/capacity of battery do I need?

This depends on a number of factors including your current energy usage, daily yield from your solar panels, maximum load and your average monthly and annual field. We recommend pulling this information together. We can advise you on the capacity required. Simply get in touch to book a free consultancy call. 

How long will my solar battery last?

The battery life depends on how often the battery is charged and discharged. Our batteries have a cycle life of at least 6,000 cycles based on a 90% depth of discharge, a 10-year warranty and an average lifespan of 15 years or more.

Should I export my surplus energy?

If you generate surplus energy from your solar panels, you can feed back into the grid any electricity that you don’t use and be paid for that energy.

There are no set or minimum tariffs in the UK for electricity suppliers to pay small-scale generators. Therefore, it's often more beneficial to employ an energy storage system (ESS) to store any surplus energy to reduce your carbon footprint and use of on-grid energy.

What is the difference between DC and AC?

AC-coupled systems are more common and widely available in the market. You will require separate inverters for your battery and solar panels, or some models may be a combined battery and inverter in an all-in-one design. These systems are easier to install and can require less investment if you already have a grid inverter. However, the energy needs to converted several times before it is used. 

The energy generated from your solar panels is converted to AC, converted back to DC to store in the battery, and finally converted back to AC to power your operations. Every time the energy is converted, some energy is lost in the conversion process. More conversions = less energy. 

With DC-coupled systems, the energy flows directly to your battery in DC, only being converted once through the inverter when the energy needs to be used. With only one conversion your energy efficiency is improved and your system is more economical. 

Do you supply batteries for homes?

We only supply batteries for business use at this time. 

Do I need to purchase solar panels?

No, not if you have solar panels already. We can pair your existing solar system with our batteries. We'll just need details on your set-up so we can match the correct inverter and batteries to your needs.

If you don't have solar panels, we can help you source the best solar panels for your business.

Get in touch for a free consultancy call today.

How many batteries for my solar system?

This depends on a number of factors including your current energy usage, daily yield from your solar panels, maximum load and your average monthly and annual field.

It also depends if you intend to cut back on energy from the grid, or if your goal is to operate fully on solar energy.

We can help you calculate how many batteries you need. Simply get in touch to book a free consultancy call. 

Request a callback to discuss your solar battery requirements

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