Royal Commission: Improving Staff Efficiency with Self-Service Kiosks

CASE STUDY: Royal Commission

LamasaTech Improves Staff Efficiency with Self-Service Kiosk Technology


LamasaTech was approached to deliver a number bespoke kiosks that would allow staff to perform HR tasks in order to improve efficiency. One of the main features required was the ability to house an A3 high quality colour printer.


LamasaTech produced a number of self service kiosks that included keyboards and touch pads and the A3 printer as required. Each kiosk housed a double tray printer with both letter headed paper and plain paper. This feature was added so that staff were able to obtain any documentation necessary at the click of the button.

LamasaTech ensured the A3 colour printers specifically worked with the kiosk to ensure the clients requests were met. Each kiosk was adapted to suit the needs of our client ensuring the kiosks were fully customised and branded with the company logos. Each self service kiosk was anti vandal and fully secure.

These kiosks were equipped with a control management system. This system controls the kiosk’s heartbeat and the kiosk’s outer shell ensuring that the application can easily restart in the unlikely event of a crash. If a failure occurs the kiosk restarts, reports errors to admin and reports on the hardware status in real time. This allows piece of mind when deploying and updating large scale roll outs.

Royal Commission Case Study Self-Service Kiosk


  • Full self-service kiosks
  • Keyboard and touch pads
  • Fully customised as per client requirements
  • Secure and accessible kiosks available 24 hours a day
  • Anti vandal kiosks to ensure longevity


LamasaTech received extremely positive feedback regarding the self service kiosks supplied. The kiosks improved efficiency and allowed staff to independently access documentation whenever it was needed and without aid.


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