LamasaTech Releases Public APIs for Zentron Temperature Kiosk Range

LamasaTech Releases Public APIs for Zentron Temperature Kiosk Range

LamasaTech has released its public APIs to allow powerful integration with their Zentron temperature kiosk range.

LamasaTech has unveiled the first beta release of its APIs which allow powerful integration with their Zentron temperature kiosk range.

Organisations can build a small application to write the information into their database or integrate with a full application, such as an HR system, for seamless two-way sync. Unique to the market, the APIs allow both cloud and on-premise applications to integrate with the temperature check devices.

Customers are required to create an API with 5 endpoints from their side to send and receive the information from LamasaTech’s kiosks. All scan logs including name and temperature reading can be transmitted. From the other party, new users can be registered or users can be deleted with this information fed directly into LamasaTech’s application. The API calls can run as frequently as every one minute to keep the applications running in sync.

“Our APIs have been designed with the fundamental goal of providing customers with a connected solution with other systems to offer a seamless experience and reporting capability. As a leading provider of temperature kiosks, we wanted to expand the value of our devices for organisations that need custom integrations with their internal systems. Our team are committed to innovating our Zentron kiosks and the feedback of both our customers and partners will continue to remain at the core of this.”

Mahmoud Elsaid, Managing Director at LamasaTech says

LamasaTech has developed its APIs to eliminate any heavy lifting for its global customer base. Simplicity and speed of set-up are crucial, with the APIs designed to enable quick set-up.

Amro Amer, USA Sales and Strategic Partnerships Director at LamasaTech says

“Our customers spoke and we listened. Very early on customers wanted for our device to communicate with their databases to achieve best their ideal prevention objective and to open up endless possibilities with current software solutions they are utilising. We worked hard at it and we achieved it and I’m very happy about that.”

About the Zentron kiosk range

With over 11 years’ experience in the kiosk industry, LamasaTech introduced their Zentron kiosks in March 2020 in response to the global pandemic. These non-contact kiosks automatically read an individual’s temperature in less than a second. Since launch, LamasaTech has released several software updates including instant email alerts with custom SMTP settings, an automatic update feature and ID badge printing. With thousands of devices currently in use worldwide in office buildings, manufacturing plants, factories, hotels, schools, universities and more.

The original press release can be found here.


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