Boost Your Brand Awareness with Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

Outdoor digital signage displays provide you with the opportunity to increase awareness of your brand and its messages. Businesses place their digital screens in open, busy, public environments to give themselves the biggest visibility boost available. For example, it’s common to see digital kiosks in, town centres, transport hubs, car parks and outdoor event centres.

The appeal of outdoor digital signage displays is the ability to communicate with your customers even if they are not in your store or currently viewing your website. These displays allow your business to remind your customers about your brand as they walk down the street.

How else can outdoor digital signage displays boost your brand awareness? Keep reading to find or get in touch and we’ll help you with your kiosk project.

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Wide reach

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Targeted adverts

Wide reach

The key benefit of utilising outdoor digital signage displays is that they can reach a much wider audience than indoor alternatives.

Consumers spend roughly 70% of their time away from home, meaning outdoor signage can be the most effective method of communication with your target audience.

Indoor signage is effective once customers have made the decision to enter your store. Here you can guide them to particular products and encourage additional sales. However, how do you convince customers to enter your store in the first place?

outdoor digital signage kiosk on path
Outdoor kiosk on a path

Outdoor digital signage displays, like the LamasaTech kiosk seen above, can be seen by anyone around them. For example, if you are a retail store with a digital kiosk placed on the high street, all of the shoppers in town will walk past this kiosk. This is a high-traffic area, so it will maximise the number of viewers your kiosk will get and how many potential customers receive your brand messages. Each person who walks by your display and views your signage is another shopper that your indoor signage would have missed. In fact, 70% of Americans say they saw a digital billboard or some form of outdoor digital signage in the past month, compared to 43% for indoor signage. That’s a large number of potential customers that outdoor digital signage displays can communicate with that indoor displays simply cannot reach.

We can help you to find and install the right outdoor signage display for you, so your branding can reach a wider audience.

Increase engagement

Engagement is an opportunity for your business to hold the attention of customers for longer and encourage them to continue interacting with your brand. This is a significant factor in how much a customer will spend with your business as highly engaged customers spend 60% more on each purchase. With the increased reach of outdoor digital signage displays, mentioned above, you have the opportunity to engage with a larger number of potential customers and encourage them to spend more.

An effective way to increase your customer’s engagement with your brand is to give them the opportunity to interact with your advertisements. The LamasaTech Guida outdoor kiosk, seen below, comes with touchscreen capabilities, meaning passing customers could stop and engage with the displayed content.

outdoor digital signage kiosk at university campus
Outdoor Guida kiosk on a university campus

A particularly effective way to make use of the touch screen is to gamify your promotional content. Chips company Popchips used games to personalise advertisements and they saw their sales rise by 40%.

To gamify your content you could add a simple matching images game where the customer needs to tap the two images that are the same. These can be images of your products which can help reinforce your product range in the player’s mind. Or it could be a timed challenge that the customer must complete as quickly as possible to rank on the leaderboard. In this case, you are encouraging the customer to return to the kiosk another time to improve their score and leaderboard rank. This increased engagement will further help the customer to develop a relationship with your business and consume more of your messages, increasing their awareness of your brand.

Flexible usage

One of the main differences between digital and traditional displays is the ability to change the content displayed and schedule new content for selected times easily. Print displays require a long delay while the new advertisement, for example, is produced and available to use. With a digital display, new content can be displayed on your kiosk instantly with no downtime.

An outdoor digital kiosk can display various types of content, such as:

  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Interactive adverts
  • Wayfinding maps
  • Scheduled daily information updates

Let us know how you’d like to use your digital signage kiosk and we’ll help you find and install the perfect solution for your requirements.

There are many ways you can make use of your outdoor digital signage displays, as mentioned above advertising is the most popular, however, wayfinding is another popular way to deploy an outdoor display. Businesses in highly populated retail environments, for example, could use a kiosk to provide customers with a route to their store along with branding to reinforce their business in the customer’s minds. City councils and local governments may want to deploy wayfinding to help tourists locate points of interest in the area while being able to promote companies that have paid for advertising space.  

Another way to deploy an outdoor kiosk that your potential customers would find useful is as an information kiosk. If your kiosk has a touchscreen then customers can approach the kiosk and interact with it to find the information they are looking for. This could be store information such as opening and closing times, how far away your business is from the kiosk or even product information. This interaction will help your customers to make purchasing decisions as you are giving them access to helpful information while they are already out shopping.

Find out more ways you could use your digital signage display in this article.

Kiosk Uses
AdvertisingPromote your brand and make use of the digital display to display. Showcase videos and animations to catch the eye and gain the attention of more people.
WayfindingGuide your audience to their desired destination with local maps and routes.
Useful in Malls and shopping centres, business complexes and city environments.
InformationProvide useful information to your target audience, such as:
· Your business operating hours
· Product information
· Stock availability
How you could deploy your outdoor digital kiosk

Non-stop advertisement

Outdoor digital signage displays allow you to continue promoting your brand and products after your premises has closed. Most retail stores, for example, are open between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. Outside of these hours, your indoor digital signage will be ineffective. In order to make sure you are not missing opportunities to communicate with potential customers, you’ll need signage outside of your building.

Digital kiosks are designed to run 24/7, meaning you can constantly present your advertisement content to anyone passing by your kiosk’s location. This provides a reminder of your business to the customers walking by that could encourage them to make a purchase when they get home or to visit your store when it’s next open.

Take a look at our outdoor kiosks today!

The benefit of undertaking this constant advertising method will be seen in your sales, as you could see a 33% increase. As well as this, 55% of those who see this advertising will be able to recall the specific brand message.

outdoor digital signage kiosk at airport
Outdoor advertising kiosk

An additional element that you can include on your outdoor digital signage display is a QR code. Customers could scan this with their mobile device and have the product page of the item being advertised appear. This would allow them to purchase that product there and then even if your store was closed. You’d be able to take advantage of the awareness you had just created immediately by immediately providing a method for the customer to make a purchase.

Targeted adverts

This ties in with the point above. The main reason for installing an outdoor digital signage display is to convince customers to go into your store or make a purchase from you. A lot of the potential customers who walk past your digital kiosk will already have the intention to visit a competitor’s store instead of yours, this is where your targeted adverts are needed.

Advertisements that promote your current sales or that showcase your products as the best in the market will remind the customer that you are an option and help to convince them to visit your store instead of the competitor they intended to go to. These advertisements will raise the potential customer’s awareness levels of your business. As a result, this outdoor advertisement can lead to an increase in purchase consideration of up to 20%.

By utilising your outdoor digital kiosk to promote targeted adverts designed to convince passing customers to visit your store, you’ll be actively taking sales away from your competitors and increasing your own.

Ready to add the benefits of an outdoor digital signage display to your business?

You can find out about our outdoor digital signage kiosks here.

LamasaTech is a leader in digital display technology with over 12 years of experience. We support customers across a range of industries including retail, military and defence, government and public sector, technology, hospitality and education.


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