Leading Health Authority: Self-Service Kiosks for Patient Feedback


LamasaTech was approached by a leading health authority to complete a consultancy project with the aim of presenting systems and project designs. The purpose of this project was to enable the health authority to collect feedback from people visiting a number of hospitals. The kiosks would need to be designed to specification and include an incentive for those who share their feedback. The information entered into each kiosk would then need to be collated and accessible from a staff member remotely.


  • Increase the level of feedback gathered to in turn improve patient experience
  • Give staff easier access to the results to make an actionable impact


LamasaTech delivered a full consultation and presented a way forward by supplying:

  • Architectural documents
  • System architecture
  • Full rendering
  • Hardware specification

All of the research and documentation were focused on the main aim of the health authority which was feedback collection. Our consultancy encompassed all aspects of what our client was looking to achieve.

The solution includes an incentive in the form of a voucher code which would be printed out once the feedback form was completed. The kiosks benefit from dual screens – the first screen shows the feedback form that the customer fills in, and the second is for advertising and promotional services. All of the feedback information is collated on one system for review, giving the health authority full control and access to the data.

self service kiosk inside a hospital


Finding ways to encourage customers to feedback on your products or services is becoming increasingly difficult. Companies must now look to new methods of engagement in order to gain valuable feedback. By using such a system, the health authority was able to gather feedback more easily and incentivise a bigger audience to provide responses.


Healthcare, Interactive Kiosk

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